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These 7 Minimalist Desks Are Ready To Update The Interior Of Your Home!

These 7 Minimalist Desks Are Ready To Update The Interior Of Your Home!
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Unique Minimalist Table Model that Space-saving

Lately, do you feel that the interior of your house looks monotonous? Perhaps one of the causes is an outdated table model that does look boring. Well, this is a good time to update the interior feel by changing the old table to a minimalist table.

Minimalist tables generally have a unique design, charming, and space-saving. What kind of table is suitable for your home? Check out our inspiration below!

1. Spacious and Practical Work Desk

When working, we need a large desk area to make it more comfortable, especially if there are many things that are needed. Starting from computers, books, stationery, important documents, to decorations to encourage work. Well, the minimalist table model can be an option for you!

The minimalist table has its own charm. It could be a computer desk as well as a work area, the design that floats or sticks to the wall adds to its uniqueness. The shape is rectangular, but the edges are curved. From the looks alone, it is able to make the interior of the house look fresher.

Uniquely, this minimalist table has a feature space-saving, where the bottom of the table can be pulled out to expand the work area. This is certainly very useful for those of you who need a large work desk in a tiny house!

2. Japandi Table Model in the Dining Room

The concept of Japandi, or a combination of Japanese-Scandinavian, has recently skyrocketed. The nuance contains elements of simplicity and nature, like this dining room with a minimalist table. The shape is rectangular with legs that form a triangle. The use of wood material makes it look natural.

This minimalist table is simple, but you don’t need to worry that the interior will look monotonous. The reason is, a simple design is easier to combine with various accents, for example, the table runner that you can change every week. Different table runners, different nuances you get. So, it’s not easy to get bored!

3. Coffee Table with “U” Shape Legs

Apart from iron, minimalist furniture is also synonymous with simple wood material. Even though this material is classified as difficult to form, in fact, there are design tricks that make it anti-monotonous. You can prove it yourself with a minimalist table that has a leg with a “U” shape. Put this minimalist table model in the living room and it is guaranteed that everyone who visits your house will be amazed by its uniqueness!

4. Elongated Design, Suitable for Bedrooms

The bedroom space is usually square in shape. If there is a bed, automatically the remaining space is only about 70%. It must also be filled with cabinets and tables. Well, so that the interior of the room does not feel cramped and looks monotonous, just use a minimalist table that is elongated in shape.

Apart from being space-saving, this minimalist table is also multifunctional because at the bottom of the table surface there is storage to increase the storage area. In fact, when opened by lifting the surface of the table up, there is a mirror so that this table can be converted into a dressing table.

The table itself uses light brown wood material with tight fibers. Thus, this space-saving minimalist table model is suitable for use in any interior concept, from Japanese, modern, to contemporary.

5. Multifunctional Dining Table

The dining table should be comfortable to use to enjoy the dish. However, of course, you can also look attractive so that the interior looks more attractive. This minimalist table model for two people is equipped with a shelf on the side so that the table is multifunctional. You can use this shelf as a place to store cutlery or simply display decorations to enhance the interior of the house.

6. Attractive Triangular Table

In general, tables are square and rectangular. Is your old table like that too? If so, try updating the interior of your home by using an anti-mainstream table model, such as the minimalist triangle table.

This table position can be changed at will so that there will always be a new atmosphere. The black color makes it a perfect match with colorful furniture. You can also add a soft fur rug under the table for a homey impression. 

7. Marble Table Looks Minimalist and Luxurious

Finally, there is a minimalist table made of marble material that is anti-monotonous even though the times have changed. The color is jet black with a white hue. The frame is made using a matching colored minimalist iron.

At the bottom of the table, there is a surface made of dark mirror material. You can use this area to place various items, such as magazines or snack jars. Very multifunctional and space-saving, right? This minimalist marble table can be left without decoration to exude its luxury.

The seven minimalist table models are ready to update the interior of your home. Just adjust it to the design and the needs and conditions of the room. Which minimalist table will you choose?

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Outdoor Bathroom Design Inspiration

Outdoor Bathroom Design Inspiration
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The appearance of the bathroom as it is may make the activity of cleaning yourself in the house a bit boring. But now, the design of an open or outdoor bathroom like in a villa is becoming a trend. You can just try to design this open-air style bathroom at home. But there are a few tips that must be considered first!

Customize Design Concepts With Occupancy

If you want to make a bathroom in an open style, it’s definitely fun. But before you give this idea to the architect, try to see if it is possible to make an outdoor bathroom at home. Don’t worry, the architect must have a solution for that. Even though it’s not completely open, making a wide opening in the ceiling can also give a different outdoor feel.

Pay attention to tenant privacy

It’s okay to make a bathroom with outdoor nuances, but don’t let it be a public spectacle! The bathroom is the part of the room in the house that must be kept private. Therefore, when you want to create an outdoor bathroom, pay attention to the environment around the residence. Utilizing lush types of plants such as bamboo or shrubs to cover an open bathroom can also be a solution besides the main wall, of course. If it’s still not possible, you can use frosted glass to cover part of the bathroom area so that natural light can still enter freely.

Bathroom Area Not Reached by Public

Well, there are several areas that can actually be used to create an outdoor bathroom. One of them is the very top of the house or the rooftop. But, once again make sure if the top floor of your house is not accessible to the neighbors’ view! If you feel safe, you can design a very pleasant outdoor bathroom. For example, place the bathtub in an area that juts out a little so you can soak while looking at the stars. Or, you can just bring the Jacuzzi outside the bathroom to pamper yourself.

Use Ornamental Plants

If your outdoor bathroom is finished, what do you feel is lacking? Ornamental plants, of course! There are several types of ornamental plants that really like being in humid areas, such as types of philodendrons or alocasia. If the bathroom in your house is rather spacious and open, maintaining large leafy plants such as monstera or gloriosum can be a beautiful choice so that the tropical nuance is so strong in the bathroom. Good luck!

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What are the plans for 2021? For those of you who are building a house or planning renovations, it may have been delayed since the 2020 pandemic. Now, it’s time to run all the pending plans again for the sake of realizing the dream home. But, before making a house that suits you, we will provide color tips for home interiors that will become a trend in 2021.

Home interior color trends this year appear in a variety of color choices. However, the nuances remain in the same thread, namely tropical nuances. Interior color inspiration also comes from natural elements such as the colors of the islands, beaches, mountains, forests, sunset skies, to coral colors. Let’s take a look at interior color choices that make your house even more attractive to your neighbors!

Monochrome Color

Monochrome color trends are arguably the color trends that will remain timeless. The monochrome color choice is the easiest and most flexible choice with any interior style. The definition of monochrome color is the choice of colors in one space, usually consisting of one color, a maximum of two colors. If you want a clean and airy room atmosphere, you can combine black and white for the interior with the furniture.

Tropical Colors

Tropical colors will still be an option in the interior trend in 2021. This color inspiration comes from the beauty of the charm of islands across the Equator. Imagine that you are on an island with blue water beaches, white sand, and trees around it. The richness of color is still added by the exoticism of underwater biota such as colorful coral reefs and covered with a lavender tinge on the western horizon. The collection of natural colors is then poured into interior elements which are also a trend this year.

Natural Color

After the enchantment of island colors, there are still other color inspirations that come from nature. Nature in the context of choosing this color is mountainous nature with lush green tropical forests. Therefore, choosing this natural color can provide a cool nuance as well as a masculine touch to your home. A dark moss green color or a cool palette of descended greens will give your home a different look.

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Bright Kitchen Paint Color Ideas Version 2021 Color Trends

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For those of you who like to cook, you definitely want to get a mood booster by having a bright kitchen so that you keep your enthusiasm for a cooking while at home. The most effective way to achieve this is to give a new paint color to your kitchen area.

Several color choices are able to give the impression of a room that is bright compared to other colors. To find the right color to brighten up your kitchen, let’s first check out the idea of a bright kitchen paint color version of the latest color trend in 2021.


Included in one of the 2021 color collections called Rediscover, the paint brand Jotun introduced Crisp and City Shape which are included in the blue color palette. This color choice will be perfect if you want to build a modern vintage atmosphere in your kitchen. Coupled with the newtro trend which is still a steady seller until now, the kitchen not only looks bright but trendy and stylish as well.

Light Brown Color

The Dulux version of the 2021 color trend presents earth tone colors with the collection title, Brave Ground. If you want to create a soothing feel of space while highlighting your favorite cooking utensils in your kitchen, Timeless or light brown is the right choice to be the base color in the pantry area. It looks simple, but it can bring out the adorable accents in the kitchen room.

Dark Brown Color

Still, in the brown color spectrum, a choice of dark brown shades called Earthy Brown from Jotun is suitable if you like natural-style interior products or like exotic Middle Eastern themes. Color choices that tend to be dark like this need special applications to keep the kitchen looking bright. If your house has large floor-to-ceiling windows, this dark brown color will be interesting to apply as an interior accent for the kitchen on the backsplash wall.


An interesting idea to brighten up your kitchen area is to combine two hues that lie between red and purple, such as Burning Sky and African Glow from Dulux’s Color of The Year 2021 collection. Seem soft, these two colors are suitable for kitchens with high ceilings.

White color

Still popular today, white colors like Doff White from Alkycoat Paint are a color choice that will continue to create a trendy impression to use in your kitchen. This color can be applied to the walls and doors of storage shelves located in the kitchen.
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Don’t be Underestimated! These Easy Tips to Organize Laundry Room

Don't be Underestimated! These Easy Tips to Organize Laundry Room
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If you are designing a residence, what areas will be the main concern? Maybe your answers vary, from the living room, kitchen and dining room, bedroom area, or even the garden area. However, often when designing a house, the service area is underestimated, such as the laundry room or laundry area.

The laundry room is a service area that is often overlooked. Usually, this area is placed behind the house or integrated with the bathroom. We provide tips for arranging the right and easy laundry room for your home, let’s see the tips!

Pay attention to plumbing and electrical lines

The laundry room is identical to washing activities, both washing manually by hand or using a washing machine. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the lines of water and electricity lines so that water does not stagnate which can cause fatal hazards.

Make sure the power socket is on top and not near the water source to avoid a short. In addition, it is important to arrange the water outlet so that it does not flow to other areas.

Size matters!

When creating a laundry area, how much space do you need to set aside? The answer depends on you. Usually, the laundry room consists of a washing machine, drying machine, detergent storage area, ironing area, and drying area. However, it all comes back to your needs.

If you have a two-tube washer, it is important to leave an area of ​​at least 60 cm wide for movement. If you want to increase the ironing area, add an area of ​​at least 120 cm for the ironing board. So, the size in the laundry area is important to consider, huh!

Take advantage of dead space

Take a look around your house, is there a narrow area that doesn’t seem feasible to be used as a functional area? Take advantage of the dead area or dead space to become a laundry area! You can store the washing machine tub vertically.

Make sure it is not less than 60 cm wide so you can still open the washing machine door and walk. You can also place a clothesline on it. Taking advantage of dead space can also prevent the area from becoming cluttered and dysfunctional.

Laundry room in the kitchen, why not?

Want to place a washing area but limited land at home? You can integrate the laundry room with the kitchen area. Usually, this method is commonly done in residential apartments or houses with a compact design.

Placing a laundry area in the kitchen is legal because of the plumbing line that can be joined to the kitchen plumbing. The washing machine can be placed under the countertop or stacked vertically and stored in the cabinet. With this, the functionality of the laundry area is maintained without having to make the kitchen look messy.

Take advantage of the transition area

If in the house there is a transition area that is still empty, you can work around this by placing the laundry area on the transition line. Make sure there are adequate electrical and plumbing lines to place the laundry room in the area.

Blending in with the bathroom?

Storing washing kits in the bathroom may sound dangerous. However, it turns out that this method is effective to save space. You just need to make sure the power socket doesn’t splash with water. Use a partition or barrier to the washing area with wet areas, especially the shower area, to reduce the risk of shorting.

Laundry area upstairs

If usually the upstairs area only functions as a drying area, you can keep the laundry area close to the drying area. This makes it easier for you after washing clothes to dry them immediately. This can also apply if you have an ironing area close to it.

Create a special room

Another thing you can do to design a laundry area is to create a special laundry room. Inside the room, complete with a washing machine, dryer, water and electricity source, drying area, ironing area, and storage for storing washing utensils and some clothes.

From the tips above, which one will you try in your home? Hopefully inspired!

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8 Paint Color Options For Small Living Room

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Having a small living room probably makes most people assume that they can’t choose paint colors freely. Even so, actually having a small living room actually gives you more flexibility to choose paint colors on the walls.

Why is that? Certain paint colors can create an atmosphere that is too broad and excessive when applied to a living room that is too large, while a small living room can minimize this.

Here, we present 8 paint color choices for a small living room that you can use as inspiration.

1. Gray Wall Paint Color

This gray, which tends to fade, is a great color for vintage and retro ambianceAt first glance, this wilted-looking color has a hint of a subtle blue hue.

This color will blend well when combined with colors with natural and moody tones such as hunter green or cool purple.

2. Off-White Wall Paint Color

Color off-white or off-white is the color that has been frequently applied, not only on the walls of the living room but the entire room in the house.

If you want to create a natural room atmosphere, this color is the right color for you to choose. The soft warm impression of this color will make your living room homier.

3. Pink Wall Paint Color

For a more feminine and refined living room, you can choose the pink color. This color will give your living room a strong character without being overwhelming.

Presenting furniture and displays with curved shapes can also enhance the character of your living room.

4. Black Wall Paint Color

Applying black to the living room wall can be the right choice if you want to create an elegant living room atmosphere.

You can match the black color to the walls by placing furniture or displays with a touch of gold. This will bring a luxurious and elegant impression to the room.

5. Red Wall Paint Color

This bold color is no less beautiful as a color choice for your living room walls. Choosing red as a wall color can make your living room look fresher and more festive.

You can display some of the paintings with calmer colored frames to compensate for the vivid reds.

6. Light Blue Wall Paint Color

As a calm color, light blue will bring a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere to the room.

If you want to create a bolder room, you can match this color with a touch of gold. The gold color that is present in the middle of the blue color will present a more character impression.

7. Dark Blue Wall Paint Color

Choosing dark blue or navy as the color for your living room walls is the right choice. The presence of this color will create a room atmosphere that seems relaxed and peaceful.

You can add a light color like white or cream to balance out the dark navy.

8. Peach Wall Paint Color

The peach color is the color with a pretty distinctive character. Using this color as a wall color for your small living room will make the room look fresh.

You can also combine peach with darker colors like dark green or dark blue to create an elegant accent.

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5 Tips And Tricks For Adjusting Lighting In a Japandi Residence

5 Tips And Tricks For Adjusting Lighting In a Japandi Residence
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Japandi-style interiors now become a trend. The design, which is adapted from a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian styles, combines the philosophy of life of Wabi-Sabi and Lagom which prioritizes efficiency and aesthetics. This design concept is widely adopted in dwellings with limited land because it is very effective in maximizing space so that it becomes more space-saving and multifunctional with a charming impression.

Meanwhile, one of the keys to realizing a Japandi-style residence lies in the lighting element. These elements should be carefully designed in order to highlight the main character, namely simple, functional, and clean.

As an inspiration for those of you who want to realize a comfortable and space-saving residential concept through the Japandi interior style, We have tips and tricks that you can do when adjusting the lighting. So, to find out more, see the following reviews, let’s go!

Maximize Natural Lighting Through Doors

Natural lighting is an important factor to consider when designing a Japandi-style residence. To make this happen, you can maximize natural lighting through a glass door design.

The use of light wood material on the door frame which is very distinctive with the Japandi design is very beautiful when combined with a large glass. That way, natural lighting can penetrate and spread into the room. The house is even homier!

Use Large Windows for Optimal Lighting

Apart from using doors with translucent materials like in the previous example, you can also maximize the lighting through the windows in the house to create a comfortable Japandi design. Meanwhile, the most conventional way to bring natural lighting into the house is to use large window openings.

The natural lighting path can be entered easily because the large window design can maximize natural lighting. That way, the residence will be healthier, brighter, and certainly succeed in accentuating Japandi’s charming designs.

Maximize Space with an Open-plan Concept

Well, apart from going through doors and windows to get natural lighting from the sun, you can also carry an open-plan concept to a Japandi-style residence. This is so that natural lighting is more spread out and makes the room less stuffy.

For example, you can apply the open space concept to combine the living room and dining area or bedroom with the work area. In addition to a more optimal distribution of lighting, the room also seems more spacious. Don’t forget to maximize the space by using multifunctional and space-saving furniture!

Apply Bright Colors

Besides being dominated by multifunctional furniture or light wood material, Japandi’s residence is also synonymous with bright walls. If you feel that white looks very boring, you can add other color accents to the Japandi-style residential wall to maximize the lighting, such as pastel colors with light tones.

The use of this bright color is not only fixed on the wall, but also for the furniture or decorations that you use. For example, beige sofas, white fur rugs, and so on. By applying bright colors to the house, the lighting will be more optimal because the room seems wider and cleaner.

Use Indirect Lighting

To build the mood of the room and strengthen the Japandi design that you want to highlight, you can also use indirect lighting. Yes, the glow that comes from the wall is very effective in giving a luxurious, aesthetic, and spacious impression. Choose lighting lamp shades warm in order to provide a sense of comfort, warmth, and helped to maximize the natural elements of wood contained in the room Japandi.  

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7 Inspirational Color Palettes That Blend Perfectly in Home Interiors

7 Inspirational Color Palettes That Blend Perfectly in Home Interiors
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Color Palette Ideas for Interior Design

Did you know that the color palette in the interior design is closely related to the mood of the occupants? Starting from creating enthusiasm, relaxing, feeling at home, and comfortable in the house. The color palette concept can also beautify the interior design of the house in its own way, be it in a Japandi house, minimalist, or classic.

Well, in this article, we will provide ideas for applying a color palette with a beautiful combination and guaranteed to make your home feel even homier Come on, just take a peek at the inspiration for the color palette below!

Natural Fresh in the Room

Natural colors like green are one that must be considered so that the house feels more comfortable. The combination of the green palette is easy to apply with other natural colors, ranging from soft cream, gray, or natural shades of wood, as in the Japandi house above.

This fresh color palette is perfect for living rooms, lounges, or other gathering places. So that the natural impression is more real, add decorations in the form of indoor ornamental plants in a strategic spot or point in the room. Don’t forget to also beautify it with furniture that is multifunctional and space-saving!

Simple Color Palettes Supporting Each Other

In the spirit of a natural color palette, soft tones of brown colors such as from wood materials are also fit combined with gray style Scandinavian. If you want to be consistent with a color palette that tends to be the same, that’s fine. You can also add various instagramable wall hangings and hanging shelves so that the room looks more alive. Do not forget, the room will feel more leverage if you have access to natural lighting through a window, glass window and glass door.

Cozy Feel, But Still Full of Energy

Putting together a color palette can have a cozy effect that you never expected! The proof is in the inspiration above which shows a blend of soft and comfortable grayish blue with a touch of brown from natural wood. This color palette manages to blend perfectly and create a very welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, there is modern, multifunctional white furniture, such as coffee tables and space-saving  TV shelves that make you more excited.

The Blend of Color Palettes in the Open Space Concept

One of the challenges in presenting an attractive interior design with a color palette is a matter of continuity from one room to another, especially if the occupancy carries the concept of interconnected open space. Still referring to the cozy color palette, gray and white color choices can be easily combined with simple or modern wooden furniture in an open space

Using a Smart Color Palette

For apartment owners who need solutions in maximizing space to make it more space-saving, the color palette technique can be one of the supporting ways that give a different feel to the residence. Through the application of a color palette consisting of blue, yellow, white, brown, and gray, there will be a calming impression on the interior design.

The color palette application does not have to be in the main area, but it can also be through a touch of the right decoration. For example, through wall hangings, soft sofa cushions, plus a selection of textures that reminds us of a natural atmosphere, such as the beach. 

Super Homey Warm Shades

Neutral color palettes are not always boring. With a color palette that carries a warm theme, such as the combination of brown from natural wood and ivory from modern furniture, the interior design will feel very homey, making all residents feel at home.

Now, to maximize the warm nuance, you can also take advantage of natural lighting access plus the use of decorations with slightly contrasting colors, but still the same as brick red. Green plant decorations at certain points will blend perfectly with the color palette that is usually used in this Japandi-style residence.

Mutual Balancing Synergy

The uniqueness of the combination of the right color palette can also be felt in rooms that are usually difficult to maintain neatness, such as in the workspace or in the children’s room. The dynamics and busy activities can still feel ease by choosing a color palette that tends to be neutral, for example between white and minimalist gray combined with a touch of wood that brings a calming impression. 

So, are you ready to play with color palettes to create a slick interior design for your home? Don’t get stuck with the same monotone colors, but try to be creative with a color palette that can create various nuances that you never expected before. Enjoy applying your favorite color palette to your home!

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Everything About Glass Blocks That You Need To Know

Everything About Glass Blocks That You Need To Know
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If you want to make the house appear brighter in the morning and during the day even without lights, you can consider using glass blocks. Glass blocks can be used like glass, which can make the room appear brighter without lights, but not really transparent so that privacy is still maintained.

Read this article to find out more about glass blocks and what they do. 

What Is a Glass Block?

Glass block or it can be called glass brick is a building material made of thick glass and can be used to create architectural structures such as partition walls or screen walls in various rooms of the house, which can create natural lighting in the house during the morning and during the day. 

Even though it is made of glass, the glass block is not transparent so that your privacy will be maintained. Glass blocks have various sizes, colors, shapes, and textures that you can customize according to the needs and concepts of your home. But generally, glass blocks have a square shape with a size of 20×20 centimeters and a thickness of up to 11 centimeters. This is what makes glass blocks stronger than ordinary glass building materials.

The Function of Glass Block

As previously stated, one of the main functions of using glass blocks is to maximize natural lighting in various rooms in the house during the morning and during the day, so as to save electricity consumption. 

Not only that, but glass blocks can also function as an aesthetic element in the room, because this building material is available in various colors and motifs, which can provide a beautiful light bias effect to the room. Glass block has good insulation benefits, by reducing noise and heat from outside the house so that it helps the house feel cooler.

Currently, the use of glass blocks is not only limited to partition walls or screen walls, but also to floors. 

Glass Block Installation And Maintenance

Unlike the glass material installation process in general, glass block is very easy, because it does not require a lot of supporting materials such as wood or aluminum frames.

For glass block maintenance, it’s easy, really! The dusty part of the glass block, just clean it using a damp cloth. If you want your glass block to be clean and shiny at the same time, use a special liquid glass cleaner or abrasive cleaner. 

Are you interested in using glass blocks for your home?

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Are You Planning To Change Your Home To A Smart Home? Follow This Tips!

Are You Planning To Change Your Home To A Smart Home? Follow This Tips!
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In the digital era that is increasingly developing like today, we certainly get a lot of convenience and comfort in various aspects of lifestyle, including where to live. 

Currently, many residences are starting to apply the concept of a smart home to make it easier and provide maximum comfort for their residents. One of the most prominent features of housing with the smart home concept is the use of household appliances that cannot be separated from the internet base or known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

What is a smart home?

Quoted from Build, a smart home is a house that uses the latest electronic and computerized technology to control or automate various aspects of the house. In other words, a smart home is a home concept that refers to a comfortable home setting, where appliances and devices can be controlled automatically remotely using a mobile device or other network devices with an internet connection.

Home appliances and devices such as door locks, televisions, temperature controllers, home monitors, lights, and even washing machines can be controlled through a single connected home automation system that can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Applying the Concept of a Smart Home to Residential


Installing a smart home technology system certainly provides convenience, comfort, and safety for residents of the house. Residents of the house can control all household appliances and devices using one device, usually a smartphone or tablet.

Since the home device is connected to the household’s smartphone or tablet, it can provide an alarm or notification in case of a problem at home. For example, a smart doorbell allows residents to see and even communicate with people who come to their house even when they are not at home. Residents can also set and control temperature controls in the house, lighting, and home appliances.


Security risks (hacking) and bugs are very likely to be experienced by owners of the smart home concept. This of course can disturb and harm the residents of the house. Therefore, it is important to protect smart equipment and devices with strong passwords, use encryption where available, and only connect smart devices to a trusted network.

Apart from those already mentioned earlier, the cost of installing smart technology is arguably quite expensive. Not only the cost of installation, the cost of maintaining and repairing technology is also quite expensive.

Having a smart home means you have to learn how to use technology in your home. For tech-savvy families, a smart home will certainly help get comfortable, but for others, it will require learning (maybe not easy) to use technology at home.

Well, if you are interested in applying the smart home concept to your home, that doesn’t mean you have to build a new house because you can turn your old house into a smart house. In order to turn the old house into a smart home, you need to replace some of the home devices can be technology-based home devices.

Use Smart Door and Smart Doorbell

To create a residence with a smart home concept, the first thing you need to do is replace ordinary door hinges with fingerprint-based locks or a PIN system. You can also install a smart doorbell to find out who the guests are visiting your house. Thanks to technology, this door will certainly be more difficult to open for strangers.

Even so, you still have to be careful because when the system breaks down, this can actually endanger and harm the residents of the house. For that, use a smart door that is not only based on a fingerprint or PIN system but is also accompanied by a manual key.

Using Internet-Based Television (Smart TV)

Using a smart television or smart TV can support the application of a smart home to your home. Usually, smart TVs can access videos from Youtube and streaming services.

Using Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the smart devices that must be present in a dwelling with the smart home concept. Smart lighting is lighting that you can easily adjust, turn the lights on and off, via a smartphone or tablet. In fact, with smart lighting, you can set a schedule for when you want the lights to turn on or the lights off. Later, this smart light will turn on and off automatically according to the schedule you have set. This certainly can help simplify and improve the quality of life for residents of the house.

Smart Security

The security system should not be missed in a smart home. You can use the CCTV connected to your smartphone or tablet. That way, you can check the state of the house anytime anywhere, especially when you are not at home.

Use Technology-Based Cleaning Tools

Keeping the house clean is a must. For a smart home concept house, you can use a technology-based cleaning tool such as a robot vacuum, where you only need to press the power button, then the vacuum robot will sweep and suck the dust along the floor automatically. When it is finished or the battery will run out, the robot vacuum will return to the docking station. That way, you can keep your house clean while you do other tasks.

Replace Smart Washing Machine

Smart washing machines can help simplify your homework, in this case washing clothes. This is because the smart washing machine can be connected and accessed via a smartphone with an internet connection with certain applications. Generally, smart washing machines have a laundry planner feature where you can set a schedule for when you want the washing machine to work washing clothes. This means, even if you are not at home, the homework is still done!