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Here Are Ways to Take Care Of a Leather Sofa That Remains Beautiful And Durable

Here Are Ways to Take Care Of a Leather Sofa That Remains Beautiful And Durable
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You need to know that how to care for a leather sofa has a slightly different treatment from other types of sofa made from. This type of sofa requires special care so that cleanliness and quality are maintained properly. If not done properly, furniture with leather like this will break down more quickly and look worn.

It is undeniable, leather sofas are able to give an elegant touch to your home decor. However, this luxurious sofa requires a number of treatments that cannot be done carelessly. How to clean a leather sofa that is not right, it can actually damage it in a short time.

How To Take Care Of a Leather Sofa

Here are some ways to care for a leather sofa to keep it durable and you can try it at home.

1. Maintenance regularly and periodically

The first step to making the sofa skin in your home durable is to carry out routine and periodic maintenance. You can clean this sofa every month using a special brush for leather objects. Routine maintenance like this, guaranteed to be able to maintain the original color and texture of your sofa leather.

2. Clean the dirt as soon as possible

You know, the dirt on the leather sofa must be quickly removed. Because, the longer you let it sit, the more dirt will stick to the leather sofa and the harder it is to clean.

Dirt or stains on sofas usually come from dust, mold, sweat, and even spilled drinking water. Usually, the part that is most easily dirty and blackened is the arm of the sofa.

3. Clean the sofa using a soft, damp cloth

Never use water or a wet cloth when cleaning sofa leather. Use a soft, damp cloth to clean any dirt or dust. You can apply a little pressure while wiping the surface of the sofa, then allow it to dry on its own.

But unfortunately, not a few people still clean leather sofas using a wet cloth. In fact, this method actually makes the stains on the sofa even more spread and difficult to clean.

In addition, never dry a leather sofa using a hair dryer or dry it directly in the sun. The reason is, this method can remove moisture from the skin material itself and make the surface chapped. The easiest way to get rid of stains on the leather of this sofa is to use suction paper or absorbent cloth.

4. Clean the sofa using a vacuum cleaner

If the dirt is too stubborn so it is difficult to clean, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush tip. Suction all the dirt and dust on the sofa surface to between and inside. Do this gently and be careful not to scratch the surface of the skin.

5. Avoid using detergents

Using detergents in treating leather sofas is a big mistake. The reason is, detergents contain chemicals such as silicon, oil and wax which are harmful to your favorite sofa. Not that it is getting cleaner, but the quality of the skin will actually decrease.

6. Avoid exposure to sunlight and hot temperatures too high

The next leather sofa treatment is to keep it away from sun exposure and too high heat. Because, sunlight and hot temperatures that are too high can make your sofa skin dull and its texture changes.

We recommend that you place your favorite sofa at least one meter from the heat source to reduce the risk of damage. For example, it is enough to put a leather sofa in the family room rather than in the living room which is often close to the window.

7. Choose a special cleaner for leather furniture

You should not carelessly use cleaning products for leather furniture. This is because genuine leather has a porous texture that absorbs liquid. In addition, using the wrong cleaning fluid can actually trigger the appearance of dark spots on the skin.

There are lots of leather cleaning products available on the market. They come in various forms, from gels to liquids to lotions . Just choose the one that best suits your needs. Then, apply this cleaning fluid using a soft sponge or cloth in a circular motion and immediately lift the dirt.

8. Anticipate the risk of damage to the sofa with upholstery fluid

If you have a new leather sofa, it’s a good idea to cover the sofa first with a special upholstery before using it. But if it’s already been used, you can do a coating after first cleaning it of all dust and dirt.

The leather material basically produces oil to coat and protect the surface from cracking because it is too dry. Well, if it is used for too long, a leather sofa like this will experience a decrease in the production of its natural oil layer so that it is more fragile than before.

To overcome this, you can replace the original oil content using the right oil fluid products.

9. Give a special moisturizer for leather furniture

It is better to use a moisturizer for leather sofa upholstery once every three months. Even though some cleaning products are equipped with a moisturizer, you can still add this product to the entire surface of the sofa evenly. Don’t forget to use a soft cloth when applying this moisturizing liquid.

Moisturizer or what is often called a conditioner functions to restore and maintain the moisture of the sofa skin layer. Because, sofas like this are very susceptible to cracks and breaks because they are too dry. Not only that, this kind of moisturizer can also restore the skin’s unique and distinctive natural scent.

Keep in mind, leather sofa care can also be applied to objects made of genuine or imitation leather. With the right care and products, other leather items that you have at home can definitely last longer.

10. Do not put sharp objects around the sofa

You know, just like human skin, sofa skin can also tear when it is scratched by a sharp object. Well, the scratches that occur on the sofa certainly won’t be able to just disappear.

Therefore, do not place leather sofas in areas near sharp objects, such as the dining room and kitchen. Even in the living room, you still have to use an additional cover on the edge of the sofa to store sharp objects that you might often use, such as nail clippers or sewing tools.

11. Do not carelessly color the sofa

Are you one of those people who like to create rooms by changing colors and furniture at home? If the answer is yes, then you must remember not to change the color of the leather sofa using dyes such as paint or ink.

Paint or ink can clearly damage your sofa skin. The paint that sticks to the sofa skin will slowly absorb and leave unseen stains. Obviously stains like this are very difficult to remove.

If you want to give a variety to the sofa skin, then you can use an alternative in the form of sofa pillowcases and colorful cushions . Apart from avoiding stains, you also don’t have to bother painting your leather sofa and damaging it.

Those are some ways to care for your favorite leather sofa at home so that it is durable. It’s not easy, but if you are careful in caring for it, then your favorite sofa will continue to look charming and durable. Have a good try!