List Of Household Electronic Devices That You Should Buy To Make Life Simplier And Also Easier

List Of Household Electronic Devices That You Should Buy To Make Life Simplier And Also Easier
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Owning your first residence or when you are moved out to a new house, there are definitely many needs that you must fulfill. Starting from furniture, such as beds, wardrobes, dining tables, sofas, and many more. Not to mention the various electronic devices. There are lot of things that you must buy !

It is undeniable that the need for household electronics is quite cost a lot. But it can’t be helped, because electronic devices are important. Can make daily activities easier, especially for those of you who are often busy with various household activities or working every day.

It’s not everything you should buy, because it will cost you a lot of money but also need a place to store. Not to mention that if they are not used often, these household electronic devices are very likely to be damaged. It would be better if you only had what was really important. For example:

Household Electronics

1. Refrigerator

Either you are the type who likes to cook yourself at home, or prefer to buy food outside to make it more practical. The refrigerator is very important to be available in your home. For those who like to cook, its function is clear to store a variety of fresh food ingredients. Vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, to some herbs.

For those of you who like to buy food outside or via delivery order, the refrigerator is also useful for storing leftovers. Some ready-to-eat foods will also last a long time in the refrigerator. For example bread, cereal, and milk. So, having a refrigerator is very essential.

Now when you buy this one household electronic device, make sure you choose one that is durable and has the capacity as needed. The problem is the refrigerator usually requires a large electricity intake, so it is very wasteful if you buy a large refrigerator while you only live alone. Choose a small, practical and simple and economical.

2. Rice Cooker

This household electronic device is almost impossible for you to leave. Rice cooker really makes your life easier. Just put in clean rice, add water according to the amount, and cook using electricity. Done. Very simple and must-have for every household.

Not just for rice, rice cookers can also be used to cook porridge or steam. For example potatoes, cassava, yams, and even some simple cakes.

3. Blender

Especially for those of you who like to cook, having a blender at home is very important. With a blender, we can grind cooking spices easily. Tired of grinding spices? There’s no need anymore. The blender will do all the heavy lifting. Cooking has become much easier. The taste is almost certainly owned by every household.

4. Juicer

If you and people at home regularly drink juice, even consume it daily, you should have a juicer. Blender and juicer need to be differentiated if you consume them frequently. Because the blender is more often used for cooking spices and also for mashing meat.

Of course you don’t want the smell of cooking spices in your juice or smoothie, do you? You might lose your taste for juice because of an unnecessary aroma. Therefore, you should have these two electronic devices if you often cook and drink juices.

5. Dispenser

Because water is an absolute necessity in everyday life, having a dispenser at home is also very important. There are various dispensers that you can choose from. Starting from a portable dispenser or a small table dispenser. There is also a gallon dispenser on top. The simplest is the bottom gallon dispenser.

You don’t need to lift heavy gallons. So you can replace the gallon yourself if it runs out. The thing to remember in choosing a dispenser with a gallon below is to choose one with a safe, protected hose.

6. Microwave

This electronic device is not really important for some people. However, if you are the very busy type and don’t have much time to cook, a microwave can be very reliable.

With a microwave, you can bake or just heat food very simply. Preparing a quick breakfast for family members can really help if you use the microwave.

7. Oven

Actually, some functions of the oven can also be obtained from the microwave. However, if you like baking cakes, of course the results will be better if you use the oven. Some pasta-based foods such as lasagna, baked macaroni, etc. can also be made in the oven.

Happy family with delicious food is indeed important. So, if you like to cook, having an oven is certainly important and makes life simpler.

8. Air Fryer

The cooking tool that is currently being hit has a lot of advantages. Safe to use because it does not use oil, healthier because it produces foods that are low in fat. In addition, the air fryer is also simple and easy to use and clean. Anyone can use it.

The air fryer is also multipurpose. Not only for frying, but also for steaming and baking. Life is healthier and simpler? Definitely.

9. Machine Wash

Therefore, having a washing machine is very important. The washing machines with the front drum are currently the easiest to live in. The laundry dries immediately, regardless of the dry season or the rainy season. But if your funds are limited, having an upper opening washing machine is also very helpful for your daily life.

10. Iron

The clothes are clean, definitely need ironing too, right. Especially if it’s clothes are going to worn outside by you, like going to school or going to work. Choose an iron with a non-stick plate. If you like to use additional steam, it is heavier and more expensive. Don’t forget to choose the one whose cable is securely protected.

If you have a lot of clothes with soft materials and need more attention like silk, you can also use a steamer. Smoothing clothes with a steamer is indeed easier and less tiring as when ironing. But the price is certainly more expensive and the electric power required is also more.

11. Air Conditioner (AC)

With air conditioning, guaranteed to be more comfortable. Especially if you just had a baby. In order to sleep comfortably and the baby is not fussy, the air in the house must be kept cool.

12. Vacuum Cleaner

This electronic device is important, especially if the floor of the house is carpeted. Dust on carpets is usually difficult to remove, but it will be easier to use a vacuum cleaner. The air in the house will definitely be cleaner, right. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean ordinary floors.

In addition to floors and carpets, there are also vacuum cleaners that are smaller in size. It is very practical to use for cleaning sofas, beds, blankets, etc. A house with minimal dust and cleaner air, is definitely more comfortable for you and other family members.

Tips for Buying Electronic Equipment

Having a line of electronic devices at home is indeed important. Moreover, its function can make daily activities easier. However, there are a number of things that must be considered when buying an electronic device.

1. Learn Electronic Device Functions

Know for sure, what is the function of the electronic device that you are going to buy. Don’t have two electronic devices that have the same function. Apart from being a waste of money, it can also take up space at home.

2. Don’t Buy Just Because of the Trend

Just like fashion and gadgets, electronic devices also come and go. Some of them are often a trend. Consider first, whether you need that tool at home. Don’t just buy because everyone around you buys the tool.

3. Choose Energy Efficient

Minimizing expenses every month is definitely important, right? Choose electronic devices that use low power. Don’t forget to also adjust the power capabilities in your home. Do not exceed it, because it becomes unused.

4. Choose from Trusted Brands

Buying an electronic device is closely related to safety at home, because it uses electricity. So it is very important to pay attention to safety standards. Choose an electronic device from a trusted brand to make it more secure.

It doesn’t have to be expensive brands or imports from abroad. There are many brands that are good and meet the standards. So, which household electronic device will you buy for the first time to complete your home?


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