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Are You Planning To Change Your Home To A Smart Home? Follow This Tips!

Are You Planning To Change Your Home To A Smart Home? Follow This Tips!
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In the digital era that is increasingly developing like today, we certainly get a lot of convenience and comfort in various aspects of lifestyle, including where to live. 

Currently, many residences are starting to apply the concept of a smart home to make it easier and provide maximum comfort for their residents. One of the most prominent features of housing with the smart home concept is the use of household appliances that cannot be separated from the internet base or known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

What is a smart home?

Quoted from Build, a smart home is a house that uses the latest electronic and computerized technology to control or automate various aspects of the house. In other words, a smart home is a home concept that refers to a comfortable home setting, where appliances and devices can be controlled automatically remotely using a mobile device or other network devices with an internet connection.

Home appliances and devices such as door locks, televisions, temperature controllers, home monitors, lights, and even washing machines can be controlled through a single connected home automation system that can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Applying the Concept of a Smart Home to Residential


Installing a smart home technology system certainly provides convenience, comfort, and safety for residents of the house. Residents of the house can control all household appliances and devices using one device, usually a smartphone or tablet.

Since the home device is connected to the household’s smartphone or tablet, it can provide an alarm or notification in case of a problem at home. For example, a smart doorbell allows residents to see and even communicate with people who come to their house even when they are not at home. Residents can also set and control temperature controls in the house, lighting, and home appliances.


Security risks (hacking) and bugs are very likely to be experienced by owners of the smart home concept. This of course can disturb and harm the residents of the house. Therefore, it is important to protect smart equipment and devices with strong passwords, use encryption where available, and only connect smart devices to a trusted network.

Apart from those already mentioned earlier, the cost of installing smart technology is arguably quite expensive. Not only the cost of installation, the cost of maintaining and repairing technology is also quite expensive.

Having a smart home means you have to learn how to use technology in your home. For tech-savvy families, a smart home will certainly help get comfortable, but for others, it will require learning (maybe not easy) to use technology at home.

Well, if you are interested in applying the smart home concept to your home, that doesn’t mean you have to build a new house because you can turn your old house into a smart house. In order to turn the old house into a smart home, you need to replace some of the home devices can be technology-based home devices.

Use Smart Door and Smart Doorbell

To create a residence with a smart home concept, the first thing you need to do is replace ordinary door hinges with fingerprint-based locks or a PIN system. You can also install a smart doorbell to find out who the guests are visiting your house. Thanks to technology, this door will certainly be more difficult to open for strangers.

Even so, you still have to be careful because when the system breaks down, this can actually endanger and harm the residents of the house. For that, use a smart door that is not only based on a fingerprint or PIN system but is also accompanied by a manual key.

Using Internet-Based Television (Smart TV)

Using a smart television or smart TV can support the application of a smart home to your home. Usually, smart TVs can access videos from Youtube and streaming services.

Using Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the smart devices that must be present in a dwelling with the smart home concept. Smart lighting is lighting that you can easily adjust, turn the lights on and off, via a smartphone or tablet. In fact, with smart lighting, you can set a schedule for when you want the lights to turn on or the lights off. Later, this smart light will turn on and off automatically according to the schedule you have set. This certainly can help simplify and improve the quality of life for residents of the house.

Smart Security

The security system should not be missed in a smart home. You can use the CCTV connected to your smartphone or tablet. That way, you can check the state of the house anytime anywhere, especially when you are not at home.

Use Technology-Based Cleaning Tools

Keeping the house clean is a must. For a smart home concept house, you can use a technology-based cleaning tool such as a robot vacuum, where you only need to press the power button, then the vacuum robot will sweep and suck the dust along the floor automatically. When it is finished or the battery will run out, the robot vacuum will return to the docking station. That way, you can keep your house clean while you do other tasks.

Replace Smart Washing Machine

Smart washing machines can help simplify your homework, in this case washing clothes. This is because the smart washing machine can be connected and accessed via a smartphone with an internet connection with certain applications. Generally, smart washing machines have a laundry planner feature where you can set a schedule for when you want the washing machine to work washing clothes. This means, even if you are not at home, the homework is still done!

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7 Gray Color Applications For Your Residential, Luxury and Classy!

7 Gray Color Applications For Your Residential, Luxury and Classy!
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Inspirational Ideas for Using Gray Color for Home

For those of you lovers of gray color, you can be proud, because this color, which is a mixture of black and white, is one of the most recommended by interior experts, including professional apartment design service providers for a long time. Gray color always has an elegant and relaxed impression, plus it can be applied to various residential styles, from Japanese, minimalist, modern, to futuristic.

Thanks to its unique color, it’s no wonder that many people are competing to design their houses in gray. Well, here we have 7 inspiring residential rooms in luxurious and classy gray. What are you curious about? Wondering what it’s like? Let’s take a peek with us!

Scandinavian Industrial  style Space-Saving Living Room

For those of you who crave industrial and Scandinavian designs, you can combine the two with soft gray as the unit. The interior design team utilizes a combination of these two styles with a space-saving concept that maximizes space through the use of multifunctional furniture according to the needs of modern society.

With the dominance of raw, aka raw-style walls in the staircase area, the gray color comes with a relaxed, but classy look with a combination of wood and ceramics. Meanwhile, the other wall areas simply use white paint.

Modern Minimalist Bedroom

The gray in the bedroom is definitely worth a try! This color is synonymous with calm and effectively provides luxury, even for a small room like an apartment. The impression of modern minimalism is also present in this inspiration.

Its application is also not difficult because you can simply paint one of the wall surfaces with gray color. After that, add some bedroom complements with the same and matching colors, such as gray sheets and blankets, white curtains, or black bed lights. You can replace furniture with gray, such as on beds and chairs. So, you don’t have to use apartment or house design services to get luxurious results.

Bar Table In Gray Color

There is another concept that maximizes kitchen space to make it more space-saving and flexible with the dominance of Scandinavian -style gray in the kitchen setThis project focuses on the needs of a modern kitchen that remains aesthetically pleasing, where a multifunctional bar table that can also be used as a work area is made with natural marble, plus wrapped in gray to match the bar stools.

Well, behind the bar counter there is also kitchen set cabinet or kitchen cabinet covered in the same gray color. In addition, this kitchen area is also equipped with a wall shelf at the bottom of which there is a lamp that gives a warm and luxurious feel.

Modern and Luxurious Apartment Interior

Not only houses can be designed with various concepts, but you can also change your apartment’s appearance as you wish, whether it’s with the help of apartment design services or not. Well, the inspiration for this apartment carries a modern theme with a dominant touch of gray on the floor area, minimalist sofa, and refrigerator.

The apartment, which also applies the open space concept, has also been enhanced with several other color combinations. There is a grayish blue color on the kitchen set, carpet and sofa cushions, white color presented through wall paint, backsplash, and kitchen cabinets, and brown color on the dining table and coffee table sets. Not to forget, the touch of green from the plants in the corner of the room also manages to blend perfectly with the luxurious gray color.

Stay Neutral for the Children’s Room

There are many parents who gravitate towards one color for their children, but many also like the concept of keeping it neutral. Well, if you are the one who holds this concept, gray can be an option for your little one’s room. Thanks to its neutrality, gray can also be adjusted or combined with other colors.

In addition, you can adjust the color tones to create the mood, ranging from super soft to darker for a bold impressionAnother advantage of the gray interior is timeless!

Artistic Aesthetics for Apartments

The apartment design with the Artistical Scandinavian theme, which is leaning towards modern style, has succeeded in creating a maximum comfortable atmosphere. The use of gray is combined with a contrasting yellow color so that the appearance is even more glowing when exposed to the dim incandescent lights. The consistency between these two colors is indeed suitable because gray is also suitable to be combined with a more cheerful color.

Gray Color to Accompany Activities in the Kitchen

The choice of gray is a favorite because it is very suitable to be applied in any area, such as in the kitchen set above. Kitchen set using style approaches that save space or space-saving models shaped “L”.

The gray color itself covers the entire cabinet surface, while for the kitchen table surface, white is used as a counterweight so that it is not monotonous. The kitchen looks more spacious and classy.

Gray color can create a luxurious and elegant impression on a residence. You also don’t need to bother thinking about other color combinations because gray is neutral so it can be combined with any color furniture or decorations.

Lastly, make sure you use furniture that is multifunctional and efficient in your home so that the room becomes more space-saving. Remember, a home is a place where beautiful moments begin. So, make your home as comfortable as possible so that the moments with your family will be more memorable!

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Want to Install Paving Block? Know These 5 Tips to Be Strong and Durable!

Want to Install Paving Block? Know These 5 Tips to Be Strong and Durable!
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Tips and Tricks for Installing Paving Blocks so that they are durable

The paving block is one of the alternative paving or home yard. This material is also famous for being environmentally friendly because water can still be absorbed through gaps in the paving block arrangement so as to minimize the presence of puddles.

Available in various sizes, colors, or patterns, the installation and selection of paving blocks can certainly be adjusted to your needs. However, the installation requires precision so that the results are neat and strong. Well, for information, we will share some tips on installing paving blocks so that the results are not just neat, but also durable and long-lasting. What are they? Let’s check out the reviews below!

Prepare the Paving Block Installation Land Structure

Do not install paving blocks in a hurry. Make sure you prepare the land well, where the process can start from clearing the land that still has grass or trash, then flatten the mound on the surface of the land or cover the part that contains the hole.

If the land to be installed with paving blocks requires a backfilling process, you can spread the fill material on top of solid soil and then compact it using a roller. In addition, you can also flush the compaction area using water so that the results are more perfect.

Install Concrete Barriers and Supports

So, so that the paving blocks do not shift and can withstand loads, you can also install limiting concrete. There are two types of concrete that you can use, namely molded concrete and cast concrete, where the installation itself can be done by installing a layer of supporting concrete with a thickness of at least 7 cm. Then, install the concrete barrier on top of the supporting concrete, which is still wet.

In this process, you can combine the limiting concrete with a layer of paving blocks using a rope and a watering mouth to function as a drain for rainwater. In addition, this can make the paving block more durable even if it is exposed to wheel friction from the vehicle.

Sand Installation for Block Paving Pads

You must also pay attention to installing sand with a certain thickness as a base for laying paving blocks. You can use coarse sand that has been cleaned of mud or other impurities, and in a dry state with a maximum water content of below 10 percent. Then, spread the sand evenly so that the results of installing paving blocks are more durable and long-lasting.

Install Paving Blocks in One Direction

After you have done the land preparation, you can immediately install the paving blocks. In the installation, it must be done carefully and you should install paving blocks from one direction so that the results are tidier.

However, if you choose a paving block variation, the installation must be done in two directions, then you must pay attention to the angle of the meeting pattern. In addition, you can also use auxiliary threads to make the installation process easier.

Pay attention to the finishing process

After the paving block installation is complete, then please fill in the grout between the paving blocks using rock ash. Don’t forget to do the compaction of the paving blocks using a baby roller so that the paving blocks can lock with each other. Also, clean the surface of the paving block from the rest of the rock ash so that it is clean and ready to use!

You can do some of the tips above so that the results of installing paving blocks are stronger and more durable. Apart from the tips above, you can also find various other interesting information through our website!

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Home So Natural With Water Bamboo, Here’s How to Cultivate it!

Home So Natural With Water Bamboo, Here's How to Cultivate it!
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Water bamboo is classified as an ornamental plant. It looks the same as bamboo in general, except that it is small in size and can grow with water media. The end of this bamboo stick is tapered.

Water bamboo is often used to decorate a minimalist garden, be it around a pond or a fence. There are also those who put bamboo water in the dwelling on the basis of FengShui knowledge, where this plant is believed to bring happiness and prosperity to its owner.

Water bamboo plants will not lose prestige amid the popularity of other plants. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with presenting this type of bamboo at home. The residential atmosphere will be more natural and aesthetic. Well, instead of buying it, it’s better to just cultivate it yourself at home. Come on, find out how to cultivate water bamboo with us below!

Characteristics of Bamboo Water

Before discussing how to cultivate it, you first need to know the characteristics of water bamboo. This bamboo plant can grow to a height of three meters. The leaves are slender and grow in the area of ​​the tube ring. The original habitat of this ornamental plant is in swamps and river banks, even sand that contains water. It is not surprising that this type of bamboo can be planted in water as well as soil. 

Water bamboo plants are classified as strong plants. This means that they are resistant to viruses, plant diseases, and also pests. As a result, maintenance is easier.

3 Easy Ways to Cultivate Bamboo Water

Basically, water bamboo can be cultivated by three methods, namely by using water media, soil media, and cutting methods. These three methods certainly require different tools and materials. Instead of being curious, just check each method in detail below:

1. Planting Bamboo Water with Water Media

First, let’s discuss how to grow water bamboo with water media. Even though you use water, that doesn’t mean you can put it in the pool. This plant can actually rot if it gets too much water. 

The right way is to prepare plant pots without holes whose purpose is to maintain the amount of water. Arrange the gravel and coral in the pot, then stick the water bamboo between the gaps of the rock so that it stands firmly. Then, pour the water 2-3 cm high.

2. Planting Bamboo Water with Soil Media

Well, for a method that uses soil media, you need to choose healthy water bamboo broodstock and fresh green stems. In addition, prepare the soil, compost, and a pot with a small hole. 

And then, place the planting medium into the pot that has been prepared, then plug the bamboo water at a distance of 3 cm from each other. Water this plant regularly and make sure the soil moisture is well preserved!

3. Cultivation by means of cuttings

It’s time to cultivate water bamboo plants from your collection by means of cuttings. The best time to do cuttings is during the rainy season. This is because bamboo has a high moisture content.

First of all, make sure the age of the broodstock is in the range of one to two years. After that, choose a healthy stem and cut it 30 cm long. If so, dip it in plant hormones, then cover the top with wax and leave it for 24 hours.

While waiting, prepare a polybag filled with soil and compost. So, if it’s been 24 hours, put the bamboo pieces of water into the planting medium. Water every day until sprouts appear. However, don’t remove the shoot immediately. Let the shoots be in the polybag for one year. This is to ensure that the roots are fully grown and can continue to grow when transferred to a new pot.

Bamboo Water Treatment

Water bamboo planted using soil media needs to be watered every day. However, don’t overdo it because it can make it rot. If you grow it using a water medium, be sure to change the water every week. This is done to keep the water clean and prevent the presence of mosquito larvae

If you find water bamboo culms that are drying or rotting, immediately remove the stems to prevent transmission to other culms. Don’t forget to put this plant in an area with sufficient sun exposure, OK!

How, it’s not difficult, right, cultivating bamboo water yourself at home? In order to appear more aesthetic, you can choose patterned or antique-shaped ceramic pots. Good luck and feel the natural and aesthetic residential atmosphere!

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Minimalist Garden Tips For Your Home

Minimalist Garden Tips For Your Home
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As the human population increases and land are increasingly limited, the garden becomes more compact, private, but still functions as a means of relaxation, as well as supporting the aesthetics of the surrounding dwellings. We present tips on designing a minimalist garden that is suitable for your home.

Garden type

1. A wet garden is very suitable for residents who like gardening in a relatively large area. The large area makes watering the plants free. This type of garden can be applied on land without a roof so that plants can also get maximum rainwater intake.

2. Dry garden is otherwise suitable for homes with minimalist land areas. This park is very suitable to be side by side with the family area because it can be enjoyed directly from the house. Use white pebbles to accent the soil surface and place the plant in a pot for easier watering.

Additional Tips

For residents who don’t really want a lot of plants, the garden can also be converted into a recreation space. Feel free to add features that make activities in the garden more comfortable, such as do-it-yourself benches made of brick and wood. Or also synthetic grass mat as a place to exercise.

Tips for Choosing Plants

3. Pay attention to the type of garden. Wet gardens that do not have a roof should be filled with thick leafy plants such as hart’s-tongue(Asplenium) and elephant ears. This is because the thicker the leaves, the stronger the plant can withstand sunburn.

4. Pay attention to the environment. A house without a fence or high walls should avoid tall ornamental plants such as Bengal Almond or cypress so as not to appear intimidating. We recommend using short, colorful houseplants such as mini Corymbosa and Myrtus.

5. Pay attention to the shade trees that will be planted in the garden area. This is because some trees have strong roots that can damage the foundation of the house. Choose shade trees with good roots such as cherry trees and red shoots.

6. For those who have a small garden area and don’t have much time, choose plants that are easy to care for, such as Ivory Betel and the Sansevieria.

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12 Types of Modern Cookware That Must Be Owned and Their Functions

12 Types of Modern Cookware That Must Be Owned and Their Functions
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The kitchen is one of the important rooms in the house. Especially for women, where a kitchen is a place for housewives to spend their daily time preparing food.

If we talk about the kitchen, of course, it will relate to the tools in it. Cooking activities are certainly supported by complete kitchen utensils. Especially in modern times like now, there are many cooking tools that make the cooking process easier.

There are so many types of kitchen tools that Toppers must have and know about. Here are the various cooking utensils and their functions for the modern household!

Types of Modern Cookware and Functions

1. Wok/Skillet

The function of the skillet is to cook and sauté food ingredients. When choosing a frying pan, choose a non-stick skillet. Have at least two pans minimal for your kitchen.

2. Spatula

The function of the spatula is to stir the ingredients in the pan, so if you have a frying pan but don’t have a spatula, don’t forget to buy it, guys!

3. The pot

The pans have varying sizes. The function of the pot in the kitchen is widely used for cooking vegetables, steaming, and boiling water.

In an emergency, the pan can also be used to cook rice. This can be done if it does not have an automatic rice cooker rice cooker ) or being damaged.

4. Whisk

Whisk is a whisker that can be used to beat eggs or cream, mix fine ingredients, it can also be used like a spatula, which is to stir sauces and the like.

Most whisks consist of a long, narrow handle with a series of wire ties at the end.

5. Knives and Chopping Boards

Knife and cutting board are inseparable pairs. Knives and cutting boards are needed before you prepare food ingredients before cooking, such as vegetables, onions, and others.

With a knife and a cutting board, you can precisely cut spices and ingredients to the size you want. You must have at least two types of knives, small and medium.

The small knife can be used to peel onions, peel fruit, and fillets. While a medium knife is used for cutting, chopping, peeling large food items, such as watermelon, papaya, and others.

6. Food Basin

Next, there is a basin, this tool is really needed in the kitchen and it looks very simple but has many functions.

The basin can be used as a container to hold food ingredients. The basin can also be used for the container of vegetables that have been cut when washing the vegetables to completion.

Make sure to choose a bowl that is of good quality and not easily broken. Because the function of the basin is very useful when you prepare food ingredients while cooking.

7. Cheese Grater

A cheese grater is a kitchen tool used to grate food into fine pieces such as cheese when we buy spaghetti. Using a cheese grater can save time better than chopping with a knife.

8. Food Tongs

Food tongs are used to turn the fry upside down so that the hands are not hot. The size of large and small dishes can also be adjusted with this tool.

9. Kitchen Gloves

This one material is small and is often forgotten by people in the kitchen, even though kitchen gloves are very helpful so that the hands do not overheat.

This will protect your hands when you remove the pan, pot from the stove, or food from the microwave. So that safety when cooking is more guaranteed.

10. Scoop Cook

The scoop is used to remove the fry from the pan, it is also quite important so that the fry can be separated from the pan and wait for the oil from the fried food to decrease before eating.

11. Blender

The function of a blender is to break food into different consistencies, such as liquids, purees, food processing or cutting, and grinding. This can be done in just a few minutes.

12. Measuring Cup and Measuring Spoon

For those of you who are still confused and have to approximate when measuring water or food ingredients, you must have a measuring cup and measuring spoon. In this way, the dose of spices in making food is more precise.

Well, that’s the type of kitchen appliance and its function. Which ones do you already have? If not, let’s complete everything for your kitchen!

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Solar Panel: Know The History And Its Advantages Before Deciding To Install It

Solar Panel: Know The History And Its Advantages Before Deciding To Install It
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For years humans have been dependent on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels or mineral fuels are natural resources that contain lots of hydrocarbons such as coal, natural gas to petroleum.

However, unfortunately, the use of fossil fuels cannot be recycled. That is, if it is used continuously, this resource will be depleted.

You know, if there is no energy source, it means the electricity is totally black, and gasoline and oil will also be scarce? Wow, how can we survive?

So, my friends, to prevent and overcome the scarcity of natural resources, researchers have found various alternative sources of alternative energy. One of them is solar panel technology.

To find out what solar panels are, how they work so that they benefit our daily lives. Check out the full review of the following solar panels!

The Origin of Solar Panels

Before discussing how solar panels work and the benefits of solar panels for life, we must first understand what is meant by solar panels. And, what is the short history like?

  • Understanding Solar Panels

A solar panel is a device or system consisting of solar cells designed to allow converting sunlight into electrical energy.

  • The forerunner of Solar Panel Technology

Solar panel technology was first discovered by a physicist, Alexandre Edmund Becquerel in 1839.

As the name suggests, solar panels are devices that absorb solar energy and then convert it into electrical energy that can be used for everyday life.

However, the electricity produced by Becquerel’s device was not strong enough or produced only a small electric charge.

  • Patented Solar Panel Tool

Then in 1904, after Grylls Adam and his student, Richards Evans proved the truth that electrical energy can be produced from light energy.

Historical scientist Albert Einstein also participated in researching the power of the solar cell, which later inspired Russell Ohl to create a device capable of capturing solar energy and converting it into modern electric power.

The technology was then patented by Russell as the Solar Cell or solar panel as we know it today.

  • Solar Panels as a Source of Future Energy

The advancement of solar panel technology is a bright spot to overcome the scarcity of fossil fuels which is predicted to experience a crisis in 2060.

Another advantage, solar panels are considered more environmentally friendly than any fuel because they produce less waste material. Japan has even used solar panel technology since the 1980s.

Several office buildings, power plant companies, and private homes have installed solar panel technology as a source of daily energy production to power electronic equipment.

How Solar Panels Work

In short, solar panels work by absorbing solar energy and then storing the energy that has been transformed into a battery. What’s the process like?

  • Utilization of Solar Energy to Electricity

The energy that is transformed in the battery allows the solar panels to be used even when there is no sunlight such as when it is cloudy, rainy, late in the evening, or at night.

This battery is then connected to a cable installation that is directly connected to the electricity sources in the house.

Technical Work Process of Solar Panels

While the process is more detailed, the solar panel consists of two layers of silicon which have to capture negative (N) and positive (P) charges. The result of the meeting of these two charges is what produces an electric field.

The solar panels are also equipped with an anti-reflective coating that prevents the sun from bouncing back or what is commonly called a photovoltaic system. There is also a battery installed which functions as a backup for electricity due to the excess charge generated.

  • Effective Places to Install Solar Panels

Then, where is the most effective place to install solar panels for homes?

Generally, solar panels are installed in an open area that allows the panels to be exposed to direct sunlight, such as on the roof of a house. We recommend that the solar panels be placed on tiles with an inclination of 30-40 degrees.

This is so that the sun that is captured can be maximized. Also make sure that there are no obstructions such as trees, large branches, or buildings that can get in the way around the solar panels.

Advantages / Benefits of Solar Panels

It is very interesting to know the history of the origin of solar panel technology and how it works. Now we discuss what are the advantages or benefits of installing solar panels:

  • Energy sources

The most important benefit of solar panels is that they produce energy that can be used for daily needs ranging from household needs to country scale.

As long as the tool is in good condition and is able to capture sunlight optimally, the energy generated by the solar panels can be used at any time without any usage restrictions. Great, right?

  • Save on Monthly Electricity Expenses

Apart from providing unlimited energy, using solar panels is also cheaper. You can save cost up to 50% on expenses.

This is due to the fact that solar panels are an independent source of energy so they will not experience an increase in electricity rates every year.

  • Environmentally friendly

This renewable energy alternative is predicted to be an environmentally friendly technology that can preserve nature. Research shows that solar panels do not emit exhaust emissions that cause global warming.

Apart from not causing air pollution, solar panels also do not cause noise and soil pollution due to excessive land exploitation.

  • Easily Adapt to Various Climatic Conditions

Using solar cell technology in your house has many advantages. The solar panel also has tough performance because it can withstand all conditions, such as rain or snow.

Before deciding to install solar panels at home, you should learn more about how to care and the costs required.

Maybe you will be surprised by the installation price. However, it is important to remember that this technology is much more efficient in the long term and environmentally friendly than petroleum or coal.

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Create Your Own Furniture to Save Costs at Home

Create Your Own Furniture to Save Costs at Home
source: thepennyhoarder

Are you bored with the appearance of furniture at home? Or you have just started your household life and want to have attractive furniture and make you feel at home? Of course you have to be ready to spend enough to get a good piece of furniture.

But what if the financial situation does not support the desire to decorate the house to make it look good? Well, the best way is to use your creativity to make DIY furniture at home. No need to worry, we inspires DIY furniture to make it look much nicer and pleasing to the eye even though the price is not expensive.

1. Make a table from an aluminum frame

The long, perforated aluminum that is usually used to make shelves can also be used to make tables. You can join this aluminum to form a cube or block frame. Then you can place a polished wooden plank or clear glass. Put some decorations such as flower vases so that the artificial table looks more attractive and the living room of the house automatically looks more beautiful.

2. Use a wooden door to make a table like this

If you have a used door that is not used, you can remodel the door into a living room table.. You can ask your regular carpenter to add some wood so that it can be used as an adhesive for the table legs and glass to make it look beautiful. Of course, the wood used is polished first to make it look more shiny.

3. Make a unique doormat from river stones

This next idea can be interesting for one of your home appliances. All you need to do is buy strong glue, some black river stones and a grip liner. Then stick the stone over the grip liner using strong glue. Let stand a few moments until the stone is really tightly attached to the grip liner. Besides looking unique, the natural aura will be felt through the river stones.

4. Use used wood for the bed frame

With used wood, you can make a bed frame to support your mattress. Make it form a bed frame and use strong wood as a base so that the mattress you place does not make your bed frame damaged. If your bed frame has a cavity or empty space, you can use it to make a drawer under the bed.

5. Make your own lamp hanger

Try making DIY furniture using used wood for the ceiling lamp hanger. Make a rectangular ceiling frame first. Then attach the lights to each of the wooden planks. If it’s a bit difficult, you can use rattan wood to decorate the house lights that have been installed. To make it easy enough, first blow up the balloon which will be used as a mold. Apply glue so that the balloon doesn’t pop, then cover the surface of the balloon with rattan wooden rope. Once formed, pop the balloon with a needle and remove the balloon from the frame.

6. Make tables and chairs from pallet wood

You can feel the rustic impression when you make tables and chairs from pallet wood. Make it resemble a table and you can give paint, or varnish so that the table looks brighter and the fibers on the wood can be seen. As with chairs, just nail each piece of wood to make it look like a chair. Then varnish or coat it to make it look brighter. Add pads as decoration to make it look more attractive.

7. Make a seat out of bricks and wooden blocks

First, place the pile of bricks on two parts and use cement as an adhesive so that the blocks do not move. Then connect this pile of blocks with several wooden blocks through the holes in the blocks. Paint the block (do it before the wood is put through the block) and coat the wood to make it look brighter and more attractive.

8. Make a drawer from used suitcases

If you have a broken drawer and want to replace it with a new one, you can try this method. You only need a used suitcase and a table leg. How to make it, you need to prepare plywood and cut it according to the shape of a suitcase. Punch holes in the plywood in each corner so that later the table legs can enter. After that, connect the table leg to the connecting plate on the suitcase.

9. File storage from cardboard

No need to buy, you can make your own file box from unused cardboard. Choose a cardboard that is thick and rather strong so that your file box is not easily damaged. You can start by cutting the cardboard according to the shape of the file box in general, then give it color paint or wrapping paper to make it look more attractive. To strengthen the file box, put a weight at the bottom of the file box so that later your file box can accommodate documents and books.

10. Make shoe racks, clothes hangers, and flower racks from used wood

Still with used wood, you can make some furniture from used wood. So you don’t need to buy additional furniture. You can make a shoe rack by collecting some used wooden boxes. With used wood, you can also make clothes hangers. Just nail the board to form a base and paint it to make it look unique. Then give nails or tools to hang the clothes later. The planks nailed to form a base can also be used for plant racks. Of course, give a gap so that the plants can later be placed on the flower shelf.

Those are some inspirations for DIY furniture that you can do at home. Even though it is the result of your own creation, it doesn’t mean that the furniture you will make looks unattractive and fails. In fact, it will have its own essential when you succeed in making it. Let’s be creative!

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11 Steps To Designing a Girl’s Bedroom According to Her Development

11 Steps To Designing a Girl's Bedroom According to Her Development
source: thespruce

For those of you who are married and have children, designing children’s bedrooms is certainly something that must be applied. This aims to make the child feel comfortable and his eyes pampered by an attractive appearance. Especially for girls, usually, the designs displayed are not far from bright colors and fun characters. Apart from this, there are other things that should be paid attention to applying the design of a girl’s bedroom.

There are two aspects that must be considered when designing a girl’s bedroom. First is what they like, then second is good for their growth and development. These two aspects must complement each other so that the child is guaranteed to grow and develop in the right environment. Therefore, let’s pay attention to some things that you should pay attention to before designing a girl’s bedroom:

1. An interesting cartoon character or theme

Create a fun character. You can apply thematic designs to children’s rooms. To find out what kind of room character the child likes, you can first find out what the child’s interests and tastes are. So that the bedroom will later become a comfortable zone for the child’s rest.

The most important thing you have to realize, children see things in their own way. It’s different from the way you see things. Therefore, do not ever force your will on children just because you see it as the best for children. Try wisely.

You can see the inspiration for thematic room designs for children from the everyday life of children. What they like to try to apply to the room. Whether the rooms are cartoon design, Scandinavian, minimalist, or a beach feel. You can also present your child’s favorite animal or character graphics. For example, a headboard in the form of a cat, bear, butterfly, or barbie character.

It’s just like that, for cartoon or barbie characters that he likes, just apply it in certain areas but not too much. Because it could be that at any time the child gets bored with these characters.

2. Soft colors to make it easier for children to sleep

Most parents choose bright colors. And it is true, under the subconscious of children, they are more attracted to bright colors like blue, red, and yellow. It’s just that, this kind of color is actually more suitable for a playroom. Because bright colors and contractions can stimulate a sense of being active.

For the bedroom, children need more color with a calm character. For example, you can choose pastel colors that can help children feel calm and relaxed. Suitable for “sending” them to sleep. You can apply bright colors to the furniture, bedding, or decoration section.

You can choose a calm color from the character or room theme that you have previously chosen. For example, girls like unicorns or rainbows, then the walls can use several paint color combinations. But if girls are in 5th grade, they will most likely prefer neutral colors like blue, white, or cream.

3. Present a bunk bed

There’s nothing wrong with making a girl’s bedroom design with a double bed or an additional extra bed. At least as anticipation when a child’s friend is staying overnight.

Meanwhile, for your siblings’ bed, you can get around it by using a tiered system or loft. The important thing is you just make sure the railing is strong.

4. The room is dressed in a beautiful and organized manner

In order to teach children to choose their own clothes, you can design a room to dress in a beautiful and orderly way. Also prepare a study table and storage cabinet that children can use for all their needs.

If the child’s bedroom has a large enough room, you can make a special dressing room. Put the mirror as the most important interior element to look in the mirror and choose his favorite clothes. The ability of children to wear their own clothes can increase their self-confidence and independence.

5. Small bedroom solutions

Meanwhile, if the girl’s bedroom is quite small, you can be creative by presenting multipurpose furniture that can save room space. For example, by presenting a bunk bed where at the bottom you can allocate it to a study table, then at the top it becomes a bed.

6. Provide a growing wall

Provide a blank wall that can be used as a wall of fame for your little one. This is what is meant by a growing wall. On the wall, children can put pictures, posters of their favorite characters, or photos with family and school friends.

Apart from being an expression, the existence of a blank wall with posters is intended for us to change as our children grow. So, if you are bored with the image, you can replace it with an image that you like at your age again.

7. Choosing a lamp with good lighting and healthy

Whatever design you apply, good and healthy lighting must be fulfilled. Whether it comes from lights or sunlight. Choose the type of lamp that can illuminate all corners of the room. In addition, provide a light sleeper with a dimmer color.

Sleep light is important for the child’s eyes and nerves to rest well. You can choose an adorable-shaped light sleeper, like a cloud, flower, star, or heart.

The lighting must also come from sunlight to help kill germs and bacteria in the room. However, it is better not to place the bed too close to the window. Because the area has a warmer temperature and will cause the child to dehydrated.

8. Tidy toy storage space

Don’t forget to teach children to tidy up their own things from an early age by providing a place to store toys in their room.

You can introduce how to learn discipline from simple things. For example, tidying up toys after playing, tidying up the bed after waking up, and put the trash in its place.

9. Imaginative but safe furniture

You can present a girl’s bedroom design with children’s furniture that makes children imagine. For example, coming from fairy tale characters, namely presenting furniture in the form of puppet lamps that can be played, swinging stools, and chairs that resemble animals.

The application of bright colors remains the main key to the allure of attractive furniture designs. Most importantly, all the furniture is safe for children to play with.

10. Small Tent for Children’s Play Area

Think of this furniture as a child’s privacy area. The privacy that is meant here is of course for the little one who wants to play without being disturbed by anything. You can present a small tent with a collection of cute pillows according to your little one’s taste. Furthermore, you can also add some of the child’s favorite toys to it so that the child can feel at home playing inside. That way, you also don’t have to worry about your little one hanging around the house.

11. Furniture that can also educate children

The last important point that you should not forget is to decorate a child’s bedroom with something educational. Adjusting the design to the child’s taste is fine, but there must be an education filled in. You do this by putting things they can use for learning.

Presenting the right girl bedroom design for them means ensuring that they grow and develop properly.

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11 List of Household Woodworking Tools / Equipments That You Must Have At Home

11 List of Household Woodworking Tools / Equipments That You Must Have At Home
source: Pinterest

One of the things that do not go unnoticed in the household is our ability to install, repair, or make something ourselves especially for men.

Whether it’s installing or repairing a leaky water faucet, overcoming problems with doors and windows, or trying to make simple furniture in your home.

To do all of this, what we need is ‘war equipment in the house, aka woodworking tools or equipment and utensil.

List of Mandatory Equipment Tools

Without a complete ‘tool of war’, doing some of the things mentioned above would be more difficult. Maybe we can ask for help, but doing everything at home will be more satisfying and of course free of charge.

To help all of you carry out house tasks properly and optimally, here are some lists of woodworking tools or equipment that must be owned in every residence:

1. Drilling Machine

The drilling machine will make it easier for us to make holes in areas such as walls, wood, and so on. The drill that is commonly used for this work is a hand drill.

You can rely on manual hand drills, electric drills, or battery-powered drills. This will make it easier to install and help make the table or the chair by yourself.

2. Hammer

The hammer is one of the most common tools and must be included in every home. As is known, its function is to nail, fix and flatten objects.

Hammers can be relied on in connecting the legs to the tabletop, attaching objects to walls or doors, and attaching photo frames.

3. Screwdriver

A screwdriver is useful in making bolt tightening easier. Around the world, there are several types of screwdrivers, the most common type of screwdriver is the Philips model, aka + and – screwdrivers.

4. Pliers

Pliers help hold objects. It can also make it easier to twist, remove nails or even cut wires and cables.

5. Wrench

Judging from the name, the origins of naming the wrench are quite interesting. This object called the adjustable spanner is popular in Europe as the English key.

The wrench itself functions to remove or install nuts or bolts that can be adjusted narrowing or widening according to their size.

6. Chainsaw

For cutting objects such as wood, iron, or pipes. Chainsaw is the main equipment. The saw itself is divided into wood saws and iron saws.

7. Steel Scissors

In contrast to regular scissors, mild steel scissors can cut objects that are tougher and thicker. It can be relied on for cutting zinc, wire, and others.

8. Nails

Nails are available in several types depending on their function. In general, there are three types of nails. Namely wooden nails, concrete nails, and thumbtacks.

Of course, wooden nails are used to connect wooden furniture. Concrete or wall nails to attach or attach objects to the wall.

Meanwhile, zinc nails or so-called tacks are used to attach wide but thin objects such as zinc and ensure they do not move.

9. Screws and Bolts

Bolts and screws are two different things that a lot of things may go wrong with. Both have different forms and functions.

The bolt has an incomplete thread and the head is usually hexagonal in shape. The bolt is also equipped with a nut.

While the screw thread is full and the head has a stroke for a plus or minus screwdriver. Unlike bolts, screws are not attached to nuts.

10. Iron Ruler

For material measurements, a metal ruler can be relied on to make lines or patterns on the wood for the legs of the table for precision. That way, cutting it using a saw can be more scalable.

11. Curve Ruler

A curve ruler has a function similar to a ruler but can span a longer scale. The shape is also compact because the zinc tape will roll inward, making it easy to use.

By completing the list of woodworking tools or equipment above, repair or installation jobs, as well as making furniture at home can be done more practically and without excessive effort.