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Tips To Take Care of a Refrigerator That You Should Do

Tips To Take Care of a Refrigerator That You Should Do
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One of the household appliances that must be available at home is a refrigerator. This one tool has a very important role, especially for storing food and vegetables so they last a long time. Unfortunately, we often find a refrigerator that breaks down quickly.

Even though if cared for properly, the refrigerator can be long lasting and durable. It can even last up to 19 years. Of course how to care for the refrigerator must be correct. Should not be careless. There are rules for cleaning and managing the electricity.

How to Maintain the Correct Refrigerator

So how about taking care of the refrigerator that you have been doing so far, is that correct? Here’s the guide:

1. Put The Refrigerator In a Cool Place

First about laying, avoid putting the refrigerator in a hot place, next to the stove, for example. The heat coming out of the stove will mix with the cold of the refrigerator. This can cause the refrigerator to break down quickly.

We recommend that you place the refrigerator in the dining room, away from objects that give off heat. Putting the refrigerator in a hot place, also requires the refrigerator to work hard. Of course the electricity used is also increasingly wasteful.

2. Do Not Store Hot Water In The Refrigerator

It is the same as the stove that emits heat. Hot water is also not good if you store it directly in the refrigerator. The heat can make the refrigerator quickly damaged.

It’s best to wait until the water is cool enough, at least at room temperature. And then you can stored in the refrigerator. For those of you who have this one habit, you should more careful.

3. Fill The Refrigerator Sufficiently

Each refrigerator has its own capacity. Do not overfill the refrigerator to its capacity. Fill with food and drink to taste.

If it is too heavy, it can make the refrigerator container cracked, even broken. For example, the shelf or drawer. Heavy drinking bottles or bowls can also cause cracks.

4. Refrigerator Must Always Be Closed

If the refrigerator is too full, sometimes the door won’t close tightly. This should be avoided. Always keep the refrigerator tightly closed so as not to waste electricity.

In addition, the quality of the food in it will be well preserved. The food inside will not be contaminated with air or any dirt from the outside.

5. Provide Space Between The Refrigerator And The Wall

Behind the refrigerator is a condenser that emits heat. So that this heat can come out properly, then give space between the refrigerator and the wall.

Position the refrigerator about 15 to 20 cm away from the wall. In this way, the air circulation will run smoothly. The refrigerator can also work better.

6. Set The Refrigerator Temperature According To Its Contents

If you have food items such as fish and chicken in the refrigerator, it’s best to lower the temperature so that it is cooler. The goal is to avoid these food ingredients becoming spoiled.

But if there are only fruit or vegetables, for example, the temperature may be increased. So that it doesn’t get too cold. This not only makes electricity more efficient, but also maintains the quality of fruits and vegetables.

7. Avoid Using The Refrigerator When The Power Goes Out

When the power goes out, especially for a long time, the refrigerator does not cool down. Avoid opening and closing the refrigerator too often. Because this will make the air from outside enter into the refrigerator.

Some foods spoil quickly because of this. When the power fails, food can last for 24 hours if left closed in the refrigerator.

8. Mandatory Unplug When The Power Goes Out

It is highly recommended to unplug the refrigerator when the power goes out. After turning it back on, wait for 5 minutes, then plug the cable back in.

This is done so that the compressor is reset to the initial position. Non-resetting electricity can cause the refrigerator to break down more quickly. But this does not apply to power outages for a long time.

9. Clean The Inside of The Refrigerator

To be durable, of course, the refrigerator must be cleaned periodically. Can be 3 months or 6 months, depending on the cleanliness of each refrigerator.

Be sure to unplug before cleaning. Then take out all the contents of the refrigerator, while sorting it, who knows if there is expired food.

Remove all components inside the refrigerator, clean it with spins and soap. Clean the inside thoroughly with a homemade cleanser. Can use apple cider vinegar mixed with water. Avoid chemical liquids as they can leave odors that the food will absorb later.

10. Clean The Outside of The Refrigerator

The next way to care for the refrigerator is to clean the outside of the refrigerator. Clean the door and side body with a sponge and cleaning fluid until it is clean so that it looks good. For the outside, you can use ordinary chemical cleaning fluids.

11. Clean The Freezer

To clean the freezer, you can use a toothbrush. Mainly for cleaning frost or frozen food spill stains. Brush it gently. If it’s hard to get rid of, try using white toothpaste.

Avoid using tools to clean frosts and stubborn stains. Moreover, sharp objects. This can cause scratches and even cracks in the freezer.

12. Clean the Condenser on the Back of the Refrigerator

The dirt that has accumulated from the dust must be lodged in the back of the refrigerator over time. Therefore, make sure to clean it regularly too.

If it is free from dust, then the heat that comes out of the condenser will not be obstructed. The refrigerator works better. Conversely, if left for too long, dirt and dust can build up in the condenser.

13. Don’t Leave the Refrigerator Empty

Just as a refrigerator is too full, an empty refrigerator is no good either. The refrigerator continues to cool according to the set temperature. If the refrigerator is empty, it will make an extra effort to maintain the temperature. This can be wasteful of electricity.

Therefore, if there is no food stored in the refrigerator, you should unplug the refrigerator. If you want to keep it lit, keep bottles filled with drinking water. So that the refrigerator does not work too hard, it will save electricity.

14. Know the Shelf Life of Food and Beverages

Avoid storing food or drinks in the refrigerator for too long. Stale food creates odors that other foods can absorb. In addition to making other food conditions less enjoyable, the refrigerator will also smell.

Know the shelf life of food. Fish usually lasts only 1-2 days, while chicken meat is 4-5 days. Fruits and vegetables can last 3-4 days, eggs about 2 weeks. While cheese is usually around 1 month.

15. Avoid Setting the Refrigerator Temperature Too Low

Often this happens when making ice cubes. In order to make it fast, the temperature is lowered to very low. Or when storing ice cream in the freezer. A temperature that is set too low will make the refrigerator go the extra mile. This can waste electricity. If done too often it can also damage the refrigerator.

Refrigerators are fragile electronic items. Because it takes several ways to care for the refrigerator so that it can last a long time, even though it is as good as any brand of refrigerator you have. Good luck with the tips above.


Vacuum Cleaner Robot, House Cleaning Activity Will Be Faster And Hassle-Free!

Vacuum Cleaner Robot, House Cleaning Activity Will Be Faster And Hassle-Free!
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Cleaning the house becomes an activity that is sometimes troublesome and tiring. Not surprisingly, some people leave this task to household assistants. However, using household assistants services recently has actually made the monthly budget swell.

Not without reason, the services of maids or household assistants also require large costs.

Apart from expensive cost, sometimes there are also homeowners who do not want their privacy to be disturbed if a household assistant lives in their house.

Wow, if that’s the case, we need the right and efficient solution for cleaning the house. Don’t worry, in this fast and practical modern era, you can rely on the Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner As A Solution For Cleaning The House

The vacuum cleaner is a device that really helps with household chores as a substitute for a broom. With this tool you don’t have to bother carrying dirt and herding it on a dustpan.

A vacuum cleaner is a device that uses an air pump system and how it works by sucking dust and dirt on floors and carpets. In fact, this tool already has a “ Wet and Dry ” function, which can suck on dry or wet floor surfaces.

However, when using it you have to go around all the rooms with this machine. In fact, you also have to do other things. Not to mention the shape that is not flexible and quite difficult to reach certain areas such as under sofas, tables, chairs, cabinets, and so on. So, even though it can really help your work that is no longer using household assistants, a vacuum cleaner is still not effective enough because it still requires additional energy.

Switch to Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner is an innovation that can work on its own without needing to be directed and is equipped with several sophisticated features. In some designs, this home cleaning robot has a brush on both sides that can rotate to grab dust adhering to the sides and corners of the room.

If the vacuum cleaner can only suck dust, the robot vacuum cleaner has three functions at once, namely sweeping, sucking, and mopping. In fact, now there are those that provide five functions at once, namely sweeping, sucking, brushing, mopping, and drying.

Because it is programmed independently and on a scheduled basis, the robot is also equipped with anti-fall and anti-crash features. With these two features, this tool will not hit walls or furniture and will not fall when it encounters stairs.

The robot vacuum cleaner has a sleek and compact design, so it can easily fit under a sofa, table, chair, or bed. Thus, all the dirt can be totally bulldozed and nothing is overlooked. In fact, to all corners of the room and around the legs of the furniture which are difficult and very troublesome to clean.

Along with the development of technology, this home cleaning robot is increasingly innovative and modern and is able to provide the best solution for homework. It is not impossible, if this device will later become a basic necessity every day.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features

The vacuum cleaner robot is very interesting to use because of its presence, which is equipped with several features that make it easy to use. Following, some of these features.

  • Smart navigation sensor that supports smart self-work.
  • The Stair Avoidance Detector feature which functions so that the vacuum cleaner robot will rotate to avoid stairs so that it does not fall and risk damage.
  • Virtual wall feature that will send infrared and order the robot not to pass through the room you want to clean.

How to Use a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This tool is very efficient and very easy to operate. To use it, all you have to do is press the power button, and watch how it sweeps and sucks dust along the floor automatically.

When the work has been completed or the battery will run out, Robot vacuum cleaner will return to his home ( docking station ). When the connectors on the robot and the docking touch, the engine will automatically shut down and perform auto-charging .


Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the best solution for those of you who no longer use ART services. This tool is very easy to use with the advantages of the features used. The advantages include:

  • Can sweep and mop floors at one time
  • Will automatically work even if no one is home.
  • It is a smart device, because it only takes one tap
  • Give more free time
  • No need for cables milling about
  • Equipped with advanced features such as virtual wall and virtual stair so you don’t hit the wall and fall down the stairs.
  • Can clean hidden areas such as under sofas, cabinets, shelves, and so on.


Every tool that is made is not always superior with all of its features. Likewise with the robot vacuum cleaner. Although this tool is fairly sophisticated, it still has some drawbacks. Here are the drawbacks of this tool.

  • Has a small storage, unlike ordinary vacuum cleaners that have a large enough storage tool.
  • Less flexible because it can only work indoors.
  • Cannot reach dust and dirt that land on the top corner of the wall like a spider web because it cannot be lifted up like a normal vacuum cleaner.
  • Cannot climb stairs

The vacuum cleaner and the robot vacuum cleaner have the same function even though they are very different. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a vacuum cleaner can be lifted to clean cobwebs on a wall surface whereas a robot vacuum cleaner cannot. On the other hand, a robot vacuum cleaner can clean the floor under the sofa, whereas a normal vacuum cleaner cannot.

Even though this tool is the latest generation of vacuum cleaners, there are still many people who still decide to use this tool for various reasons. All according to individual tastes and decisions. However, the presence of these two tools is a solution for those who are afraid and do not believe in household assistants services.


Artistic Sink Design Ideas For Contemporary Style Homes

Artistic Sink Design Ideas For Contemporary Style Homes
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The washbasin or what we often know as the sink is one of the main elements in a house. Based on the function and place, the sink is divided into two, namely, kitchen sink and bathroom sink.

As the times evolve, the sink design must be able to integrate with the overall design of the house. This adjustment is made so that the room looks more beautiful and comfortable.

So if your sink design is out of date, it’s time to give it a touch. Trust me, a little change in the shape of the sink will give it a fresh new look. Here are some ideas that you can apply.

1. Cast glass sink design

This first sink design is made of cast glass or cast glass which forms a basin so that it looks very elegant. Cast glass washbasins are usually decorated with artistic patterns inspired by some world-class art.

At first glance, this beautiful sink resembles a luxurious, clear swimming pool. Of course, a cast glass sink is useful for adding an artsy impression to your home bathroom. Its guaranteed, the design will make the bathroom the center of attention.

2. Floating sink

For those of you who like a minimalist concept, this sink design will be suitable for application at home. This sink that looks as if it hangs a wall can enhance the appearance of a room.

You only need to add a few other objects, such as mirrors and simple lamps to enhance your appearance.

3. Standard sink modification

This semicircular or basin-shaped sink is the simplest standard model. This sink design is usually affixed to the wall with a drain pipe attached as well.

A standard sink like this is the most suitable for a minimalist bathroom with limited space and size. The modification lies in the faucet and drain pipe which have different colors so that this model sink looks artistic and attractive.

4. Glass bowl-shaped washbasin with a natural feel

The bowl-shaped sink is a unique sink model that is quite popular with many people. This model is shaped like a large plate or bowl that can be placed on a table. A bowl-style sink base is usually a wooden board or table to add a natural impression in the bathroom.

An elegant basin based on glass with charming ornaments, makes the beauty of this sink cannot be denied. Especially when you get lighting from above which makes the bottom part of the glowing beautiful light pattern on the surface of the glass.

5. Standing sink

The next sink design is a leg model or commonly known as a standing sink. The sink of this model is designed at the same time with its hidden water drain. If you look closely, the sink leg is a drain that is wrapped in the main sink material, namely ceramic.

A design like this aims to make the sink look more attractive than the standard model that shows the plumbing. If you are bored with a standing sink in general, you can choose a design with legs that resembles a giant vase.

6. Washbasin design from wooden countertops

Among the many designs, this one sink is the most unique. The reason is, the base is flat like a table. In fact, it looks even more beautiful and attractive with a basin made of stainless.

You need to know, a sink like this never fails to show an artistic side and seems natural and classic.

7. Multifunctional washbasin

This cool sink design integrates with a cutting board as well as a vegetable slicer. Not only beautiful, the sink that is suitable to be applied in this minimalist kitchen is also multifunctional.

However, don’t forget to pay attention to the position of the sink. It would be nice, if you place it not too far from the kitchen to save on the cost of installing plumbing materials.

8. Sink cabinet

If you want a sink with an anti-mainstream model, then you can consider a cabinet sink. Apart from being artistic, a sink like this is classified as multifunctional because the bottom part can be used to store other objects.

Usually, this sink has a built-in character or all of its parts are in the cabinet. This sink certainly looks tidier because the drain pipe is hidden in the countertop cabinet. It looks very fashionable, modern, and minimalist at the same time.

9. Washbasin design from natural stone

If you prefer a natural look, you should choose a sink made of natural stone. Usually, a sink with materials like this is unique and attractive.

In fact, it could be that the shape between one tub and another is different because of the material used. A model like this is most suitable for use in a minimalist room with a limited area and size.

10.  Washbasin with deep sink concept

For those of you who have a hobby of cooking, definitely have a pile of dirty furniture after cooking and dining with friends and family. That way, you definitely need a sink with a deep sink design.

This deep sink concept prevents piles of furniture from falling and prevents water from splashing in all directions. The design is always simple and sleek, so it fits perfectly in a clean kitchen in a modern minimalist style.

11. Design a stylish sink rustic

The design of the sink from brass material may not be as popular as ceramic or stainless steel material because it looks shabby. However, a sink like this will look suitable for a rustic style house .

The shape is round and combined with wooden planks. The results are simple but still stunning.

12. Washbasin with geometric design in bright colors

The use of monochrome colors on the sink, such as black and white, is likely to get bored easily. However, you can try to solve it by combining the right combination of bright colors.

You can combine a white sink with a Tosca geometric ceramic wall so that the minimalist impression still stands out without being monotonous.

13. Anti-mainstream wood sink

Who says wood can’t be used for a bathroom sink? In fact, a minimalist sink made of wood actually looks unique and attractive.

In fact, this one sink can last quite a long time if cared for properly. We recommend that you use solid wood materials such as mahogany and teak so that the sink is not easily damaged even though it is exposed to water every day.

14. Beautiful ceramic sink

Some people prefer to play it safe when choosing a sink. They generally prefer white sinks because they are easier to match with simple decorations.

However, if you are bored with designs like this, then there’s nothing wrong with trying to choose a sink with bright colors and attractive patterns like the ceramic sink. Believe me, simple touches like this can make a bathroom with a minimalist design feel more alive.

So, those are some artistic sink designs that you can use as a reference for a contemporary style house. There’s nothing wrong if you want to be a little creative with the sink at home.


Trellis Door Model: Its Not Just Aesthetic But Also Safety Guaranteed For Your Residence

Trellis Door Model Its Not Just Aesthetic But Safety Guaranteed For Your Residence

Even though we have relied on door locks, the residential security system is actually still not completely secure. In order to provide multiple layers of security, the use of door trellis is highly recommended.

Usually the trellis is used only for windows. But even for doors, using additional security like this is not a bad idea. Of course the risk of theft can be minimized thanks to this dual security system.

Best Door Trellis Model

Currently, the door trellis model has many variations. Starting from the classic style to modern minimalist. Materials that are generally used as door trellises are very diverse.

Generally, people like to use iron and steel because of their unquestionable strength also durable. However, the use of aluminum has become increasingly prevalent for trellis. The following is a complete reference for the door trellis model.

1. Oriental Trellis Door

The new nuance of your home will be very visible with an oriental model like this. The trellis model is so unique because it carries an oriental nuance. Besides that, the application of dark brown color also makes the nuance more attractive.

This oriental trellis model will also create a magnificent impression on the main door. Of course, besides being magnificent, the home security system is even more guaranteed with the commonly used iron or steel material.

2. Wooden Trellis Door

If you want to get the impression of a natural residential feel, a wooden trellis is suitable for you to choose. Indeed, apart from steel, iron, or aluminum, wood is another attractive material choice for trellis.

You can apply the wooden trellis model to the sliding door and main door models. Make sure the wood material selection is the best.

Because, a fragile type of wood will make it easy for termites to eat so it doesn’t last long. Don’t forget to combine the right paint color with the exterior of the house so that the appearance of the house is more attractive.

3. Aluminum Model

If steel or iron trellis has a high cost, the selection of aluminum trellis can be another alternative option. Even though the price is more affordable, the protection provided by this material is not inferior to iron or steel. In addition, the design variations are also very diverse.

This is because aluminum is one of the most malleable materials due to its flexible nature. Apart from the attractive model, in terms of durability it is fairly good. You also don’t need to pay extra for maintenance.

4. Classic Doors

Classic trellis doors are generally made of iron. This is because iron has a good thickness, so it is considered safer. Moreover, classic door models are generally used in luxury homes.

However, the trellis model with this unique carving is also suitable to be applied to a small house. So that the appearance of the doors and trellis is still pleasing to the eye, mix the color of the trellis with the exterior appearance of your home.

5. Laser Cut Trellis

This one door model is made with a laser cut technique which is of course different from other designs. For those of you who crave a modern-style residence, this choice of trellis is perfect to try. Because it is made by a laser cut process, you can choose various kinds of motifs according to your taste.

The material is quite varied. Available GRC material, metal, wood, to iron. Everything can be adjusted to your budget plus the level of security you want.

6. Vertical Cross Door

This one model trellis door will make the door look more solid. Of course, thieves will be lazy to infiltrate your house. The appearance is also so charming with a combination of crosses and vertical lines.

The combination of this vertical cross will also make it difficult for your hands to reach the door hinges. No wonder because of its proven safety, vertical cross trellis models are often applied to warehouse doors to luxury homes.

7. Thin Trellis Doors

At first glance the thin door trellis looks ordinary. However, the thin model is able to minimize the movement of people when opening the door hinges. Of course uninvited guests will find it difficult to enter with this trellis model. In designing it, you just need to play with the distance between the vertical lines to be tighter.

You can ask for this trellis door design with a distance of each line that is only the width of the index finger. The aesthetic impression can still be seen with the minimalist and modern model.

8. Iron Trellis Door

Apart from steel, iron is another material option that you can use for trellises. The characteristics of the malleable iron make it easy to form into various models. Of course, besides being guaranteed safety and strength, you will get a variety of attractive trellis models.

Besides being able to be used on doors, you can also match iron trellises with windows so that the outside appearance of the house will be even more beautiful.

9. Minimalist Trellis Doors

For lovers of minimalist designs, there is no need to worry because the trellis model can be designed simply but still modern. The simple trellis appearance can be seen from the lack of carvings and ornaments. However, in terms of strength, it is not inferior to other trellis models.

Generally, this trellis model has neutral colors. Like white or black. You can also choose a black vertical trellis to make it look more modern and luxurious.

10. Modern Door Trellis

Not only classic and minimalist, door trellis can also be designed with various modern models. For example, with the shape of leaves, flowers, or even just a simple vertical line. In addition to security guarantees, the use of a trellis also serves to add to the aesthetic appearance of the house.

Because of its modern and varied shape, generally the use of this door model adopts a material that is easy to forge. Starting from steel, iron, even aluminum. In terms of price, it is quite flexible because it depends on the material you will choose.

11. Trellis Door Light Color

Door trellis are not only neutral or dark colors. If you want to look more different, try using light colors on the door trellis. For example, a combination of white and yellow, orange, green, to red. Don’t worry, the light color will interfere with the aesthetics of the house.

Because, if combined with the right color, of course the appearance of the house will be more attractive. In addition, different colors will make the residential feel look more modern and not monotonous.

12. Horizontal Door Trellis

You can design not only a vertical model or a vertical cross, you can design a door trellis with a horizontal model like this. This one trellis model is indeed very simple because it only relies on the horizontal concept from top to bottom. For those who are happy with simple concepts, this horizontal trellis option is suitable to try.

From a security point of view, it is fairly good. Because, you can close the trellis lattice so that other people will have a hard time reaching the doorknob. Material suitable for this trellis model can be iron or steel.

So, there are several choices of door trellis models that are not only cool in terms of model, but home security will be guaranteed. Hopefully useful and inspiring.


Hanging Kitchen Cabinets Designs Of Various Materials, Suitable To Save Space

Hanging Kitchen Cabinets Designs Of Various Materials, Suitable To Save Space

In addition to the bedroom and family room, the kitchen is an important room in the dwelling. It is in the kitchen that food is served on the dining table after cooking. It often becomes a space to tell each other. Therefore, we try to make the kitchen space as comfortable as possible.

The problem is when we only have limited kitchen space. For example, if you live in an apartment. Now to get around this problem, we can choose a hanging kitchen cabinet. Besides being able to make the kitchen tidier, this method also really saves the kitchen space of your apartment.

Space-saving tactics with hanging kitchen cabinets

When choosing kitchen cabinets, there are several tactics that you can apply so that the room doesn’t look cramped. Especially about the placement and choice of color.

  • Use the space above the stove and sink. So the space used is parallel to the place for cooking and washing, it does not take up other space. It will be especially useful in studio or residential units with small kitchens.
  • Choose a cabinet with sliding doors or upward opening. So that when you open the door it doesn’t feel like it takes up space, choose a cupboard with a sliding or upward opening.
  • Choose a Neutral Color. Neutral colors like light brown are indeed the safest because they don’t make the room cramped. Better yet, if the color can be similar to the walls. The kitchen will feel roomy and less partitioned.

Hanging Kitchen Cabinets Design

If you have a location where the kitchen cabinets will be placed, we can choose several hanging cabinet designs as follows:

1. Hanging Kitchen Cabinets With Dish Racks

For studio or 1 bedroom apartment units, there is usually only a small amount of space left in the kitchen. Owners usually avoid various kitchen utensils. At most, only the equipment used to serve simple food. Including glassware.

To store dishes, you can choose a small wooden hanging rack. This type of shelf is mounted on the wall. There are narrow dividers that can be used as a place to store plates and various other glassware.

2. All-White Cabinet, Wide Viewing Space

White is one of the favorite colors in the kitchen, because it looks clean. In addition, white is also very suitable for use in kitchens that are not too big. This color gives the effect looks wider.

You can choose a white kitchen cabinet with a minimalist design to save space. This kind of hanging cabinet material is made of MDF particle board that can be assembled and disassembled. There are also those made of wood.

3. Choose a Color That Match With the Wall

Another way to keep your tiny kitchen from looking overcrowded is to play with colors. Choose a kitchen cabinet with the same color as the walls of the house, so it doesn’t seem too crowded and the kitchen becomes tidier.

The colors don’t have to be exactly the same, but they match. This gives the effect of a wider room. Even eating and cooking utensils can be stored neatly and not messy.

The material chosen is usually made of MDF or wood board. This design is perfect for a small kitchen in an apartment.

4. Choose Metal Material If You Like A Modern Look

Do you like the modern look of a professional kitchen in a restaurant? This view can be applied at home, you know. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is tiny, because it can be tricked by using a hanging cupboard.

To get a modern impression, choose a metal cabinet. You can choose stainless steel or aluminum. Apart from being futuristic, the choice of cabinet with a door will also make your interior look neat.

5. Metal Hanging Kitchen Cabinets Open Up

Still for those of you who like modern kitchens, hanging kitchen cabinets that can save space are also made of metal. The difference is, the door opening is not to the side like a cupboard in general, but upward.

This type of door opening upwards can save space so that the kitchen does not seem crowded. Especially if there are 2 or more people in the kitchen at the same time. The door that opened upwards would not interfere with the movement of other people.

6. Cupboard and Kitchen Set on One Side

One way to save space in the kitchen is to center the kitchen on one side of the wall. So the kitchen hanging cabinets and all kitchen sets, stoves and other cooking utensils are placed on one side of the wall. This will save kitchen space and take up less space.

If you choose this design, you will have flexibility in choosing colors. Including using bright and colorful colors. But if you prefer soft colors like pastels, that’s fine too. The cabinets used can be made of MDF board or wood.

7. Hanging Kitchen Cabinets Corner

If you have a narrow kitchen space, don’t choose furniture that takes up space. Make the best use of space so you can save space and the kitchen still feels spacious.

One way is to use a kitchen cupboard that hangs in the corner. The cabinet is designed to take advantage of the side of the wall, so that no space is wasted. The elbow part of the wall can still be used as a storage area. So save space, right?

You can choose bright and eye catching cabinet colors, dark colors, or pastels. All can be adjusted according to individual tastes. Usually this corner hanging cabinet is made of MDF board or wood.

8. Kitchen Cabinets with Mirror Layers

Kitchen cabinets can save space because all eating and cooking utensils are neatly stored in one place. By storing utensils without a cupboard, the risk is that it is easier to get dirty and even takes up space. The kitchen will look messy and unsightly.

For a small kitchen in a studio apartment unit, for example, choose a hanging kitchen cabinet whose exterior is covered with mirrors. Mirrors are known to make a room appear wider. Items are stored neatly and can save space, the kitchen is also clean and orderly.

9. Hanging Kitchen Cabinets in the Middle of the Room

If the side of the kitchen wall is full but still there are cutlery and cooking utensils left, how do you fix it? Adding a cabinet will definitely take up space.

No need to panic first, because there is a solution, you know. you can install a hanging kitchen cabinet in the middle of the room. That way, it won’t take up space and make the kitchen look full.

Choose a cabinet whose color matches the entire kitchen set. Or choose a color that matches the wall. If possible, also choose a cupboard that is partially open or just a shelf. So the view towards the kitchen is not completely obstructed.

Hanging kitchen cabinets can indeed be the right choice for those of you who have limited kitchen space. But not just like that, the design must also be right. So, which one is your favorite?


Multifunctional Wooden Table Designs That Are Suitable For You To Put In An Apartment

Multifunctional Wooden Table Designs That Are Suitable For You To Put In An Apartment
source: pinterest

Living in an apartment that is relatively closer to the place of activity is currently the choice of many people. Especially for those who live in big cities, this method is considered the most effective way to avoid congestion on the road as well as to save time. The quality of life is getting better.

For those who are living in an apartment for the first time, maybe not used to its size, which tends to be smaller when compared to a landed house. Furniture selection is often not the same as home furniture.

Especially for tables, you should choose one that is multifunctional so you don’t take up space. Want to know the design of a multifunctional wooden table that is suitable for an apartment? Come on, see some examples.

1. Combining table with drawers

If you live in an apartment unit type 2BR or 3BR, there must be a separate family room or TV room. For this room, choose a wooden table design that is medium in size and has drawers.

The drawer can be 1 large drawer or it can consist of several drawers. So the table does not only function as an ordinary table, but can also be used as storage. For example, to store magazines, newspapers, TV remote, and others so that the room looks tidier.

2. Wooden table with shelves underneath

If you prefer an open table but can still function as a storage area, you can choose a table with a shelf under it.

This table can be placed in the TV room and has the same function as the first table. But remember, because the storage space is open, things that are stored on the shelf must be neatly arranged, huh.

This type of table is suitable for fairly spacious apartments, with 2 or 3BR which has a separate TV room.

3. Wooden folding table

For those of you who live in studio apartment units, the size is indeed much smaller than other units. Choosing and placing furniture in a studio unit is also tricky.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the table, you know. If your studio unit uses the concept of sitting on the floor without a sofa, choose a folding table that can be used to sit on the floor.

This table can be used while eating or for work, whether writing or using a laptop. You can also use this table on the bed. When it’s finished using it, just fold it and set it aside on the edge of the wall. Practical and does not take up space, right.

4. Wooden table and sofa together

Still want to have a wooden sofa and table in the studio unit? Yes you can if you choose this multifunctional table. Uniquely, this folding table can be used as a dining table or work table to sit on the floor.

But if you want to watch TV comfortably on a soft sofa, all you have to do is open the table top, and the table changes its function to become a comfortable sofa. Practical and can be adjusted to your needs.

5. Dining Table Design with Shelves and Drawers

Living in an apartment, the dining room is often removed to save space. Even though you can still choose a multifunctional dining table, so that you and your family can still eat comfortably and you can still get the warmth of the family when eating together.

Choose a dining table with a size that is not too big. Underneath there is storage space such as shelves and drawers that can be used to store cutlery and other items.

Instead of taking up space, this wooden table design is actually very useful. Make sure there is enough legroom when sitting. This table is suitable for apartment units with 2 or 3 bedrooms. It could also be an option if you want a minimalist dining table design.

6. Wooden Table Design on the Wall

Living in a studio unit can also have your own dining table that doesn’t take up space. If you don’t like sitting on the floor, you can choose a wall table or often called a hanging table.

The wall table can not only be used for eating, but also for study or work. Install a wall table in front of the window. So when you eat or work, you can see the scenery outside.

If you want to save more space, choose a foldable wall table. So after use, it can be folded and takes up no space.

7. Multifunctional and Artistic Wood Table

Having a multifunctional table doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the artistic side. You can still choose a table with a unique and artistic model. This wooden table can be used as a sitting table and can also be tilted to the other side and used as a regular table where you can sit on a chair. So you want to sit on the floor or sit on a chair, everything is possible.

This table that can be used as a dining table or work table is suitable for use in studio units and can only be used for one person.

8. Folding table as well as a wall shelf

Do you want to have a wall shelf and dining table at the same time, but the area of your apartment unit doesn’t allow you to have both? The solution is to choose a wall shelf where the door can be opened and functioned as a folding table.

When you want to eat or work using a table, open the shelf cover and position the shelf cover into a table. When finished using, close the door again as before. Space saving and multifunctional, perfect for studio units or 1 bedroom apartments.

9. Multifunctional Dressing Table

Living in an apartment with a limited area does not mean you have to sacrifice a dressing table. Especially if everyday you are used to or required to wear make up.

Surely you have a lot of make up supplies and need storage. So so you don’t take up space, choose a dressing table with a small size that has storage space.

The storage area can be in the form of a drawer under the table. You can also choose a folding dressing table that can be opened at the top. Once opened, there is storage space as well as a mirror for makeup. When finished, the table can be closed and used as a regular table, it can be used for eating or working. Wow, very useful, right.

This wooden table design is suitable for studio apartment units and 1 bedroom units. The table can be placed in the room or TV room.

10. Folding Iron Table

Don’t like your clothes wrinkled? When on the move, wrinkled clothes can also make you feel not confident. Therefore, you need an ironing board. But ironing boards that are sold in the market take up enough space, not enough for a studio unit.

Well, you can choose this wooden folding dining table. When closed it looks like a wall shelf with a mirror. But when the door is opened, it can be used as an ironing table. The shelf in it functions as a place to store irons and various accessories.

Well, that’s a multifunctional wooden table that should be in your apartment. Which wooden table do you already have?