12 Minimalist Furniture That Suitable for Studio Apartments

12 Minimalist Furniture That Suitable for Studio Apartments
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Living in a studio apartment requires intelligence in managing a narrow space so that it can accommodate all the furniture needed. Because the size is not large, the necessary furniture must also prioritize its benefits. Here are 12 minimalist pieces of furniture that are suitable for you if you live in a studio apartment.

1. A bed that has a drawer

Use a bed that has drawers when deciding to live in a studio apartment. This will help you later when there are more clothes and space to add to your wardrobe is very limited.

You can use the drawer to store clothes and shoes, even books or other items. So besides functioning as a bed it can also be a place for storing clothes.

2. The Table Hanging on the Wall

The idea of ​​using this furniture is enough to minimize the use of the space you need to put the table. If previously you used a table that is commonly placed on the floor, then try this innovation which is guaranteed not to be much different but has more beneficial value.

You can make a table hanging on the wall as a desk for studying. So on it, you can put notebooks, books, files, and other study or office needs. This furniture is one that you must have.

3. Custom Shelf

The use of custom shelves as furniture in apartments also helps a lot, you know. You can store various furniture, magazines, books, and knick-knacks on this shelf. You can also arrange various displays more freely on it, such as lamps and flower vases.

4. Vertical dresser

Compared to using a large wardrobe that takes up a lot of space, you better choose a vertical dresser. The space needed for this furniture is also not too much, so it is perfect for a studio apartment. You just need to arrange the clothes into the dresser.

5. Folding Sofa

Did you know that the folding sofa has many functional values? Its main function is indeed as a sofa to relax while watching movies, but on other occasions, you can also transform it into a comfortable bed.

Therefore, when choosing a sofa, make sure the material you choose is comfortable to use. In addition, you can also adjust the tilt, adjusting it as needed to feel more relaxed.

6. Small Dining Table

You can choose a small dining table with a stool and a folding table leaf. Place this dining table in the corner of the room so that it doesn’t take up too much space. This option is truly minimalistic and puts more emphasis on function.

So you only need to take out the stool when you want to eat. In addition, choose a table that has drawers so that you can use it as a place to store cutlery such as napkins and so on.

7. Folding Chairs

Folding chairs can also help you if you suddenly need an extra chair in the apartment. Because if you use an ordinary chair, you will also need more space, while the conditions are inadequate. So folding chairs are the most suitable choice.

When used, you can keep things like the television remote in the pocket next to the chair. Meanwhile, if you are not needed you can fold it and store this chair under the bed or in the cupboard. It is intended that its existence is not visible and does not interfere.

8. Ottoman  with Multiple Functions

Living in a studio apartment does require good consideration when choosing furniture. One of the minimalist pieces of furniture that also has great value is the ottoman. Therefore, choose an ottoman that has multiple functions.

For example, the ottoman is equipped with a storage area, so you can use it to store blankets, pillows, or even books. You can also choose an ottoman which doubles as a coffee table or dining table.

9. Corner Hangers

One of the drawbacks of using a vertical dresser is that clothes cannot be hung. But take it easy, you can outsmart it by using a corner hanger instead.

You can arrange this hanger in a vertical row so that less space is taken up. In order to further minimize space, install this hanger in the corner of the room such as near the bed or near the door.


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