6 Effective Ways to Adjust the AC Temperature to Maximum Cool

6 Effective Ways to Adjust the AC Temperature to Maximum Cool
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How to Adjust AC Temperature –  Air Conditioner (AC) is an electronic device that functions to keep the room temperature cool and comfortable.

Air conditioning uses a temperature control system with remote AC provided in the sales package when buying the air conditioner.

However, to get the maximum cold temperature, you need to pay attention to several things, especially in regulating the AC temperature using the remote. The following is how to adjust the air conditioner temperature so that it is cooler!

How to Set the AC Temperature to Maximum Cold

1. Determine the Right Standard Temperature of AC 

The first way to set the air conditioner temperature is to determine the most appropriate standard temperature for your room. Adjust the temperature to the temperature conditions outside the room. Usually, the standard temperature of air conditioning is around 22-25 degrees Celsius (° C).

2. Lower the AC Temperature Gradually

If you feel that the AC temperature is not optimal, you can gradually lower the temperature until you find the right temperature. Move down one degree lower until you find the right temperature.

3. Make sure the air conditioner is in cool mode

Next, make sure your AC is in cool mode. Because this mode allows the air conditioner to work to cool the room more optimally. Typically, the mode marked with the symbol “❆” or cool mark. This mode can quickly cool the indoor temperature.

4. Set Fan Rotation To Maximum

The next way to adjust the AC temperature is to maximize the AC fan rotation. By adjusting the AC fan rotation at the highest level, cold air is evenly distributed throughout the room.

However, you have to pay attention to the direction of the air conditioner so that it doesn’t hit the body which can cause health problems.

5. Use Swing Mode on the AC

In the indoor AC unit, there is a grid section that is useful for adjusting the direction of the AC wind blast.

Well, you can maximize the room temperature by utilizing this AC grid, namely by using the swing mode found on the AC remote.

Swing mode is useful for moving the AC grid up and down continuously so that the air conditioning wind is more even and the room temperature cools quickly.

6. Don’t Force the AC to Work Harder

One of the mistakes that AC users often make is forcing this device to touch a temperature that is not ideal when the weather conditions are hot.

For example, the temperature during the day is so hot that it is more than 30 ° C, but you force the air conditioner by setting the temperature at 18 ° C.

This will only make the air conditioner work harder, while the temperature it can actually provide won’t get that low.

So, when the weather is hot, especially during the day, as much as possible do not set the AC temperature below 20 ° C. You better set the temperature around 24-25 ° C.

7. Choose an Air Conditioner with Appropriate Cooling Capacity

To ensure optimal cooling, it is important to select an air conditioner with the appropriate cooling capacity for the size of the room. The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) or in tons (1 ton equals 12,000 BTUs). A higher BTU rating or tonnage is required for larger rooms, while smaller rooms require a lower capacity. Choosing the right capacity ensures that the air conditioner can effectively cool the room without overworking or underperforming.

8. Keep Doors and Windows Closed

To maintain a cool temperature in the room, it is essential to keep the doors and windows closed while the air conditioner is running. Open doors and windows allow hot air from outside to enter the room, making it harder for the air conditioner to cool the space effectively. Ensure proper insulation and seal any gaps or cracks around doors and windows to prevent warm air infiltration.

9. Utilize Curtains, Blinds, or Shades

Using curtains, blinds, or shades can significantly help in regulating the temperature inside the room. During hot weather, keep the curtains or blinds closed to block the sunlight and prevent it from heating up the room. This reduces the heat load on the air conditioner and allows it to cool the room more efficiently. Alternatively, on cooler days or during the evening, opening the curtains or blinds can let in natural breezes and reduce the reliance on the air conditioner.

10. Regularly Clean and Maintain the Air Conditioner

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning of the air conditioner are essential for its optimal performance. Dust and debris accumulation on the air filters, coils, and vents can hinder the airflow and reduce cooling efficiency. It is recommended to clean or replace the air filters every one to two months, depending on usage. Additionally, scheduling professional maintenance at least once a year ensures that the internal components are clean, lubricated, and functioning correctly.

11. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Consider installing a programmable thermostat for your air conditioner. This allows you to set specific temperature schedules throughout the day, adjusting the cooling levels according to your needs. For example, you can program the thermostat to increase the temperature slightly when you’re not at home or during nighttime when cooler temperatures are more comfortable. By utilizing a programmable thermostat, you can optimize energy usage and maintain a comfortable temperature without constantly adjusting the settings manually.

12. Reduce Heat Sources

To help the air conditioner cool the room more effectively, minimize the presence of heat-generating appliances or sources. Incandescent light bulbs, electronics, and cooking equipment produce heat that can increase the room temperature. Consider switching to energy-efficient LED bulbs, turning off unnecessary electronics when not in use, and avoiding cooking during the hottest parts of the day. By reducing heat sources, you can lighten the load on the air conditioner and enhance its cooling performance.

Remember, adjusting the temperature of an air conditioner is a personal preference, and it’s important to find a balance between comfort and energy efficiency. Experiment with different settings and techniques to discover what works best for your specific needs and climate conditions.

So, here are some easy ways to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to be cool.

In addition to the method above, there are other ways to make your room cool more optimally, namely by choosing an AC with a large PK that matches the area of ​​the room.


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