12 Types of Modern Cookware That Must Be Owned and Their Functions

12 Types of Modern Cookware That Must Be Owned and Their Functions
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The kitchen is one of the important rooms in the house. Especially for women, where a kitchen is a place for housewives to spend their daily time preparing food.

If we talk about the kitchen, of course, it will relate to the tools in it. Cooking activities are certainly supported by complete kitchen utensils. Especially in modern times like now, there are many cooking tools that make the cooking process easier.

There are so many types of kitchen tools that Toppers must have and know about. Here are the various cooking utensils and their functions for the modern household!

Types of Modern Cookware and Functions

1. Wok/Skillet

The function of the skillet is to cook and sauté food ingredients. When choosing a frying pan, choose a non-stick skillet. Have at least two pans minimal for your kitchen.

2. Spatula

The function of the spatula is to stir the ingredients in the pan, so if you have a frying pan but don’t have a spatula, don’t forget to buy it, guys!

3. The pot

The pans have varying sizes. The function of the pot in the kitchen is widely used for cooking vegetables, steaming, and boiling water.

In an emergency, the pan can also be used to cook rice. This can be done if it does not have an automatic rice cooker rice cooker ) or being damaged.

4. Whisk

Whisk is a whisker that can be used to beat eggs or cream, mix fine ingredients, it can also be used like a spatula, which is to stir sauces and the like.

Most whisks consist of a long, narrow handle with a series of wire ties at the end.

5. Knives and Chopping Boards

Knife and cutting board are inseparable pairs. Knives and cutting boards are needed before you prepare food ingredients before cooking, such as vegetables, onions, and others.

With a knife and a cutting board, you can precisely cut spices and ingredients to the size you want. You must have at least two types of knives, small and medium.

The small knife can be used to peel onions, peel fruit, and fillets. While a medium knife is used for cutting, chopping, peeling large food items, such as watermelon, papaya, and others.

6. Food Basin

Next, there is a basin, this tool is really needed in the kitchen and it looks very simple but has many functions.

The basin can be used as a container to hold food ingredients. The basin can also be used for the container of vegetables that have been cut when washing the vegetables to completion.

Make sure to choose a bowl that is of good quality and not easily broken. Because the function of the basin is very useful when you prepare food ingredients while cooking.

7. Cheese Grater

A cheese grater is a kitchen tool used to grate food into fine pieces such as cheese when we buy spaghetti. Using a cheese grater can save time better than chopping with a knife.

8. Food Tongs

Food tongs are used to turn the fry upside down so that the hands are not hot. The size of large and small dishes can also be adjusted with this tool.

9. Kitchen Gloves

This one material is small and is often forgotten by people in the kitchen, even though kitchen gloves are very helpful so that the hands do not overheat.

This will protect your hands when you remove the pan, pot from the stove, or food from the microwave. So that safety when cooking is more guaranteed.

10. Scoop Cook

The scoop is used to remove the fry from the pan, it is also quite important so that the fry can be separated from the pan and wait for the oil from the fried food to decrease before eating.

11. Blender

The function of a blender is to break food into different consistencies, such as liquids, purees, food processing or cutting, and grinding. This can be done in just a few minutes.

12. Measuring Cup and Measuring Spoon

For those of you who are still confused and have to approximate when measuring water or food ingredients, you must have a measuring cup and measuring spoon. In this way, the dose of spices in making food is more precise.

Well, that’s the type of kitchen appliance and its function. Which ones do you already have? If not, let’s complete everything for your kitchen!


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