Want to Install Paving Block? Know These 5 Tips to Be Strong and Durable!

Want to Install Paving Block? Know These 5 Tips to Be Strong and Durable!
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Tips and Tricks for Installing Paving Blocks so that they are durable

The paving block is one of the alternative paving or home yard. This material is also famous for being environmentally friendly because water can still be absorbed through gaps in the paving block arrangement so as to minimize the presence of puddles.

Available in various sizes, colors, or patterns, the installation and selection of paving blocks can certainly be adjusted to your needs. However, the installation requires precision so that the results are neat and strong. Well, for information, we will share some tips on installing paving blocks so that the results are not just neat, but also durable and long-lasting. What are they? Let’s check out the reviews below!

Prepare the Paving Block Installation Land Structure

Do not install paving blocks in a hurry. Make sure you prepare the land well, where the process can start from clearing the land that still has grass or trash, then flatten the mound on the surface of the land or cover the part that contains the hole.

If the land to be installed with paving blocks requires a backfilling process, you can spread the fill material on top of solid soil and then compact it using a roller. In addition, you can also flush the compaction area using water so that the results are more perfect.

Install Concrete Barriers and Supports

So, so that the paving blocks do not shift and can withstand loads, you can also install limiting concrete. There are two types of concrete that you can use, namely molded concrete and cast concrete, where the installation itself can be done by installing a layer of supporting concrete with a thickness of at least 7 cm. Then, install the concrete barrier on top of the supporting concrete, which is still wet.

In this process, you can combine the limiting concrete with a layer of paving blocks using a rope and a watering mouth to function as a drain for rainwater. In addition, this can make the paving block more durable even if it is exposed to wheel friction from the vehicle.

Sand Installation for Block Paving Pads

You must also pay attention to installing sand with a certain thickness as a base for laying paving blocks. You can use coarse sand that has been cleaned of mud or other impurities, and in a dry state with a maximum water content of below 10 percent. Then, spread the sand evenly so that the results of installing paving blocks are more durable and long-lasting.

Install Paving Blocks in One Direction

After you have done the land preparation, you can immediately install the paving blocks. In the installation, it must be done carefully and you should install paving blocks from one direction so that the results are tidier.

However, if you choose a paving block variation, the installation must be done in two directions, then you must pay attention to the angle of the meeting pattern. In addition, you can also use auxiliary threads to make the installation process easier.

Pay attention to the finishing process

After the paving block installation is complete, then please fill in the grout between the paving blocks using rock ash. Don’t forget to do the compaction of the paving blocks using a baby roller so that the paving blocks can lock with each other. Also, clean the surface of the paving block from the rest of the rock ash so that it is clean and ready to use!

You can do some of the tips above so that the results of installing paving blocks are stronger and more durable. Apart from the tips above, you can also find various other interesting information through our website!


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