5 Ideas For Vinyl Wood Application in Japandi Home Designs

5 Ideas For Vinyl Wood Application in Japandi Home Designs
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Inspiration for the Use of Vinyl Wood in a Japandi-Style Residence

Are you looking to create a Japandi interior design concept for your home? There are several things that are closely related to the Japandi theme in the room, namely space-saving, strong wood elements, and soft bright color combinations. Japandi itself is a design concept that leads to a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles.

The Japandi-themed room has almost 70 percent wood elements. This wood element is not only in the furniture, but can also be emphasized in the use of wood vinyl on the floor of the room. Meanwhile, the space-saving concept can be presented through a variety of multifunctional furniture, such as folding beds to hanging shelves that can also be work desks. For a bright and clean impression, the use of white, cream, and pastel colors is suitable to accompany the wood vinyl elements that tend to dominate the floor.

However, actually, the application of wood vinyl for a Japandi-style room is not only for floors, but can also be on walls or even parts of certain furniture. Well, below we have prepared some wood vinyl application ideas to create a strong and varied Japandi impression. Come on, just have a look together!

Vinyl Wood Decorates The Stairs

Many Japandi room concepts only install wood vinyl on the main floors. Meanwhile, on other steps such as stairs, wood vinyl was not chosen to be used. In fact, installing wood vinyl in the staircase area that blends closely with the room can give a strong wood impression as well as a more spacious room. An example is installing wood vinyl on steps that join directly to the kitchen floor.

Walls and Floors Are Not the Same

Vinyl wood for Japandi rooms can also be used on walls! However, there is a small risk that the wood vinyl on the walls and floor of the same color can make the room look monotonous, even narrower.

So, to avoid this, you should give a different wood vinyl color to the floor and wall areas. For the floor, install wood vinyl with a darker hue. As for the walls, wood vinyl with a lighter color is recommended to make the atmosphere of the room brighter.

Wood Vinyl Gradient for Flooring

Vinyl wood in the Japandi concept house often joins one room to another. This is because Japandi’s house tends to carry a space-saving concept without room dividers that give a narrow effect. Using wood vinyl that is only one color will make the floor look boring.

However, you don’t need to worry because you can work around this by choosing wood vinyl that has a lot of grain and has a graded appearance. Usually, the gradation effect is dark to light in color. The floor of your Japandi house will be more dynamic and less boring!

Backdrop Bed of Vinyl Wood

Don’t just stick to the floor for wood vinyl applications at Japandi’s house. You can also install wood vinyl for a folding bed backdrop that is multifunctional and space-saving. The wood element is also strong!

You can choose a vinyl color that is a little old for the bed backdrop. However, don’t forget to also adjust the color of the wooden furniture around it, even including the window blinds and the paint color of the bedroom walls.

Vinyl Wood for TV Backdrop

Vinyl wood can also be used as a TV backdrop material. The wood element from the vinyl will make the TV backdrop look luxurious and of course strengthen the impression of Japandi. Usually, in a Japandi house, the TV room area is joined by other rooms such as the living room to save space. Make sure the backdrop color matches the color of other wood furniture that is multifunctional and supports the room.


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