Bright Kitchen Paint Color Ideas Version 2021 Color Trends

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For those of you who like to cook, you definitely want to get a mood booster by having a bright kitchen so that you keep your enthusiasm for a cooking while at home. The most effective way to achieve this is to give a new paint color to your kitchen area.

Several color choices are able to give the impression of a room that is bright compared to other colors. To find the right color to brighten up your kitchen, let’s first check out the idea of a bright kitchen paint color version of the latest color trend in 2021.


Included in one of the 2021 color collections called Rediscover, the paint brand Jotun introduced Crisp and City Shape which are included in the blue color palette. This color choice will be perfect if you want to build a modern vintage atmosphere in your kitchen. Coupled with the newtro trend which is still a steady seller until now, the kitchen not only looks bright but trendy and stylish as well.

Light Brown Color

The Dulux version of the 2021 color trend presents earth tone colors with the collection title, Brave Ground. If you want to create a soothing feel of space while highlighting your favorite cooking utensils in your kitchen, Timeless or light brown is the right choice to be the base color in the pantry area. It looks simple, but it can bring out the adorable accents in the kitchen room.

Dark Brown Color

Still, in the brown color spectrum, a choice of dark brown shades called Earthy Brown from Jotun is suitable if you like natural-style interior products or like exotic Middle Eastern themes. Color choices that tend to be dark like this need special applications to keep the kitchen looking bright. If your house has large floor-to-ceiling windows, this dark brown color will be interesting to apply as an interior accent for the kitchen on the backsplash wall.


An interesting idea to brighten up your kitchen area is to combine two hues that lie between red and purple, such as Burning Sky and African Glow from Dulux’s Color of The Year 2021 collection. Seem soft, these two colors are suitable for kitchens with high ceilings.

White color

Still popular today, white colors like Doff White from Alkycoat Paint are a color choice that will continue to create a trendy impression to use in your kitchen. This color can be applied to the walls and doors of storage shelves located in the kitchen.


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