Minimalist Sofa Design Ideas For a Small Living Room at Home

Minimalist Sofa Design Ideas For a Small Living Room at Home
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When choosing a sofa that is suitable for a small living room, usually several problems will arise. For example, the sofa size is too large to be placed in the living room. Looking for a sofa model for a small living room is indeed very difficult, especially if you have to look for the model, type, and style you want.

A minimalist sofa design can be an alternative to choosing a sofa that is suitable for a small living room. Minimalist sofa design prioritizes function rather than aesthetics, but that does not mean eliminating the aesthetic altogether. A minimalist sofa for a small living room can be another way to get around the lack of available space in a small room.

Usually, a minimalist sofa will be added with the presence of a coffee table that also has the right model and design. The use of this furniture will create a positive atmosphere into the house.

In general, minimalist sofa designs are quite simple, clean, flexible, elegant, and reflect a modern lifestyle. In the following, we recommends choosing a minimalist sofa design for a small living room or family room.

Single Minimalist Sofa

The single minimalist sofa design is one of the essential minimalist furniture that is suitable for homes with small living rooms. With a beautiful and sturdy shape, the single minimalist sofa is quite popular with the younger generation who likes comfort. In addition, this single minimalist sofa is easy to move because of its non-rigid shape.

This single minimalist sofa only allows one person to sit. So, for the living room, you need at least 2 single sofas. To put it is also quite simple, you can arrange side by side with a table in front of it.

Or arrange face to face with separated tables. In addition, you can arrange side by side by placing a table between the two sofas.

A single minimalist sofa is suitable to be combined with a coffee table, especially those that are not too large. Moreover, if the coffee table still emphasizes the natural touch of wood material, it will make the combination of furniture in the living room more elegant.

Minimalist Sofa with Side Table

This minimalist sofa with a side table design is quite cool, so it is suitable to be placed in a small living room to add warmth to the house. This minimalist sofa design is perfect for studio or 1 BR apartment units with an area between 25 to 45 square meters.

This sofa style is quite simple and elegant. You can beautify the sofa with a minimalist side table. Besides functioning as a complement, the side table serves as a place to put the items needed. The side table is not very big, so it is easy to move.

When choosing a minimalist sofa design with a side table, you must pay attention to color and layout choices. Colors that work well for this design are fairly dark colors like dark blue or brown. Furthermore, in the layout, you can place it on one side of the room, but not facing the main door. Place the side table on the left when not in use. Furthermore, when there are guests coming, you can move the table to the front of the sofa.

Minimalist Sofa with Coffee Table

This minimalist sofa design with a coffee table is equipped with soft pads so it is very comfortable to use. This sofa is specially designed so that it can be placed in a fairly small living room or family room. For a more elegant look, you can combine it with the beauty of the coffee table .

A minimalist sofa with a coffee table is a combination of furniture sets that is perfect for the living room and family room. This minimalist sofa design is devoted to two adults and one child. So, this minimalist sofa with a coffee table is suitable for those of you who are married and have a child who is still of school age.

So that you can still feel the aesthetics of the design, then you have to choose a sofa color that is in harmony with the color of the walls of the room. Next, choose a coffee table that emphasizes the color of the material, usually wood. So, you can choose a coffee table color like brown or black. You also have to pay attention to the length of the coffee table so that it doesn’t fill the room space and causes the room to become narrower.

Minimalist Sofa Shape L

The minimalist L-shape sofa design is very unique so that it makes you always feel at home sitting on it. The L-shaped minimalist sofa is designed for 2 people plus 1 person on the L section. Usually, L-shaped sofas are accompanied by soft fabrics and very soft cushions. You can use a sofa like this for the living room and family room because besides being comfortable, you will definitely save space. The L-shaped minimalist sofa is also suitable for lying down.

The L-shaped minimalist sofa will further provide aesthetics for a small living room with the addition of a minimalist table. You can choose the type of table with drawers to store certain objects. The choice of table size is the length and width that does not exceed the inner side of the two dividers or sofa handles.

For a more attractive appearance, you can put a long sofa on one of the walls of the room, but don’t face the main door of the house. Furthermore, for a small part (1 sitting) you can put it on one side. If possible place it facing the door. However, if the room doesn’t support it, you can put it on the other side, which is next to the door.

Sofa Bed

A sofa bed can not only decorate the living room, but is very flexible because it can be used as a bed, aka a bed. Sofa bed has been very popular to bring comfort in a place to live.

This minimalist sofa design is very flexible because it doesn’t have armrests. For residents of minimalist apartment units, sofa beds can be the best choice because they don’t waste a lot of space and save on furniture usage.

Minimalist Sofa with Low Armrest

Types of sofas with low armrests can also beautify the aesthetics of your living room. Especially for those of you who like a look that is not rigid and flexible, then you can choose this type of minimalist sofa. This sofa looks more minimalist and has a more youthful spirit, because its shape is not rigid. No need to worry, this sofa is very sturdy even without armrests.

Small Sofa for a Vintage Look

Vintage design is never ending and almost penetrates all types of furniture. One of them is for a minimalist sofa, available with a vintage design too. This vintage minimalist sofa slightly adapts the vintage structure and color palette. A vintage minimalist sofa design will make a small living room more homey.

Recommendations for choosing a sofa color are black, beige, or brown. For a combination with a table, you have to choose a table with a vintage design as well to make it match and harmony.

Choosing a sofa with too many details can be one of the causes for a small living room to feel more crowded. However, placing a minimalist sofa with a simple design will really help you. Not only it can make the living room feel more spacious, but the right minimalist sofa design will be useful in terms of functionality and in harmony with the concept of housing.


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