Similar But Not the Same! Get To Know The Difference Between an Air Purifier, an Air Humidifier And an Air Diffuser

Similar But Not the Same! Get To Know The Difference Between an Air Purifier, an Air Humidifier And an Air Diffuser

Many people think that an air purifier, an air humidifier and an air diffuser are the same three things. However, you need to know that these three objects are indeed similar, but have very striking differences.

Starting from the main function, benefits, usage, speed of evaporation, water requirements, and how to work. Due to complete ignorance of the three types of objects, many people end up buying the wrong thing because they think they are the same.

In fact, if examined more deeply, each object has a function that focuses on different things. In the following, we will review the differences between air purifier, air humidifier and air diffuser.

The main function

The most important difference between the three objects is their main function. Air Purifier has the main function of purifying and cleaning the air so that it is safe from bacteria or viruses.

Meanwhile, the air humidifier has the main function of humidifying the air and avoiding allergies. While the Air Diffuser functions to clean the air, spray fragrances, and make breathing more relaxed.


Because of their different functions, of course the benefits of these three objects are different. Following, the benefits of each of these three objects:

  • Air purifiers provide benefits such as the surrounding air to be pure, clean and free from bacteria and viruses.
  • Air humidifiers provide benefits in the form of a more regular humidity level even without fragrances and help asthma sufferers who are allergic to air temperature conditions.
  • Air diffuser provides benefits to make breathing more relaxed and inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria.


The difference between an air purifier, an air humidifier and an air diffuser can be seen from their use. Air Purifier is used in environments that have poor air quality. Air Humidifier used in air-conditioned and dry room. Meanwhile, the Air Diffuser used in the bedroom that is quite small.

Air Purifiers are only recommended in rooms with poor air quality such as rooms full of cigarette smoke. This tool will filter the air and remove the odor from the cigarette smoke. Thus, the air in the room becomes clean again.

Air Humidifier is suitable for use in air-conditioned, dry, and large enough rooms. It is better if the air humidifier is not installed in a room that is quite humid, because it will make it easier for mold to grow.

Meanwhile, the Air Diffuser is suitable for use in a small room such as a bedroom. So that the room smells good and the smell that is sprayed can last longer.

Evaporating Speed

The difference between Air Purifier, Air Humidifier and Air Diffuser can be seen from the speed of the three objects in the evaporation process. Air Purifier does not require other liquid and can clean the air in 30 minutes to 120 minutes. Air Humidifier requires a special liquid and evaporation time depends on room temperature. Meanwhile, the air diffuser also requires certain fluids and evaporation occurs faster.

The air purifier does not require other liquids because it only sucks in the surrounding air, filters it, then re-releases the air through a filter that is used to bind bacteria or viruses. Because it does not require liquid, there is no process of evaporation from liquid to gas by this tool. On average, an air purifier can clean the air for 30 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the size of the room.

Air Humidifier and Air Diffuser require liquid so that the evaporation process occurs. The time required for the evaporation process is very temperature dependent. The higher the temperature, the faster the evaporation process will occur. Air Diffuser is faster in the evaporation process than air humidifier because it has a narrower space.

Water Requirement Level

Furthermore, the difference between an Air Purifier, an Air Humidifier and an Air Diffuser can be identified through the needs of these three objects for water. To distinguish easily, Air Purifier: requires no water, Air Humidifier requires water up to 3 liters, and Air Diffuser: requires about 300 ml to 500 ml of water.

Air humidifier requires more water, even up to 3 liters because it has to keep a large enough room in a humid state. In contrast to the air diffuser which only requires a small amount of water because the room is relatively very narrow. In fact, there are some water diffuser products that don’t need water at all, but only use essential oils to scent the room.

How the Air Purifier Works

The mechanism of the Air Purifier, Air Humidifier and Air Diffuser is also very different. The way the air purifier works is by absorbing air and removing it again in a clean state. An air humidifier works to humidify the air by producing warm steam. Meanwhile, the air diffuser works by spreading essential oils into the air in the form of droplets and fine mist.

Actually, the working mechanism of the three products is quite simple according to their function. The air purifier will start working by absorbing the existing air and then removing it again in a cleaner air than before. Before being removed, the air has been filtered with a filter made by the manufacturer, so that the dirty air will be cleaner when it is removed again.

How the Air Humidifier Works

Air humidifier has 4 ways of working, namely the steam system, electronic wave system, evaporation system, and hybrid system. In more detail, here’s an explanation of how it works:

  • In a steam system, the air humidifier will work to humidify the air so that it is heated by heating the water to produce very warm steam.
  • In an electronic wave system, the air humidifier will work by breaking down the water and turning it into sufficient water vapor.
  • In the evaporation system, the air humidifier works by using a paper humidifier by using the wind to pass through a filter containing water and steam. This system is likened to drying a wet towel in a room, so that it will feel more humid in the room.
  • In a hybrid system, the air humidifier works by combining steam and evaporation systems. So, the way it works in a hybrid system is a combination of a steam system and an evaporation system.

How The Air Diffuser Works

Meanwhile, the Air Diffuser has 3 ways of working, namely the ultrasonics diffuser, the heat diffuser, and the steam diffuser. In an ultrasonic diffuser, the frequency of water and electricity is used to spread the essential oil into the air in the form of droplets and fine mist.

Heat Diffuser is a way of heating essential oils and causing them to gradually evaporate into the air. As for the steam diffuser, the Air Diffuser will work by utilizing the air flow such as a fan to blow air through the filter so that the essential oil will cross the room.

Now you know the difference between an Air Purifier, Air Humidifier and Air Diffuser? Which one is the most suitable for your needs?


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