Tips For Choosing a Cool and Comfortable Living Room Sofa

Tips For Choosing a Cool and Comfortable Living Room Sofa
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An easy thing can turn into something complicated if we don’t know the right way to do it. Like when choosing a sofa for the living room or family room. Even though it’s actually easy if we don’t really master the tips for choosing the right sofa, so the results will be disappointing.

Before buying a sofa, there are a few tips on choosing a sofa to consider. For example: price, color, size, material, shape, comfort level, and so on. It is not surprising then that many people are overwhelmed in making choices.

While there is still time, let’s find out some tips on choosing a living room sofa to suit your needs. Here’s the full review.

1. Aligning the Sofa Model with Home Design

For a super stunning home look, you need to know tips on choosing a sofa so you can match the furniture you are going to buy. Including one of them is the living room sofa. In order not to violate the overall concept, the model and style of the living room sofa that you choose must be in harmony with the design of the house.

A house with a minimalist concept will be more suitable to use a living room sofa that has firm lines and colors that tend to be neutral. Meanwhile, houses with traditional designs and concepts need a living room sofa that has a classic model and muted colors to make it look unified.

2. Choosing the Right Sofa Shape for the Living Room

Not all sofa shapes will be suitable for different types of living rooms. However, L-shaped sofas are the most common and often found sofa shapes on the market.

If the concept of your living room is more open and blends with other rooms in the house, then the L-shaped sofa will be perfect for beautifying your home decor.

However, if you want a more unique and unusual impression in your living room, the perfect sofa choice is a semicircle.

3. Adjusting the color of the sofa with the floor and other furniture

Tips for choosing the right living room sofa next, you can use the help of floor colors and also other furniture colors in the living room.

Use a light, patterned, or neutral color sofa if you want to be safe and don’t interfere with the concept of home decor. But if you want to highlight the sofa and make it a focal point then a sofa with a bright color is the most appropriate choice.

In choosing a sofa color, also pay attention to who are the occupants of the house. If there are small children or pets then avoid choosing white sofas or sofas with bright colors that get dirty easily. Dark colors like maroon, black or dark gray can be interesting alternatives if you don’t want to spend too much on laundry.

4. Pay attention to the size of the sofa that you will buy

Seeing the large living room sofa lined up on the display often makes us tempted to take it home. The luxurious and manly impression that emanates from these sofas is not easy to ignore. Unfortunately, a large sofa is not always suitable for the living room at home, especially if your house is in a small category.

You are advised to take the time to measure the area of ​​the living room and don’t forget to leave a little room to move freely. Make sure you know how much space you want to fill with the sofa and leave room for other decorations in the living room.

With a proportional sofa size, the living room will look extraordinary, no matter whether the living room is large or small.

5. Sofa Should Have a sturdy and Quality Frame

Even though it is a part that is not visible from the outside, the materials that make up the living room sofa frame must be considered carefully. Because a strong and quality frame will guarantee the durability of the sofa. The better the frame material used, the sofa will last for years to come.

Choose a sofa frame made of solid wood because this material is known for being sturdy and durable. But avoid sofa frame material from particle wood board, standard plywood, and density fiberboard because its durability is not tested.

6. Sofa Upholstery Made of the Best Materials

Premium quality materials will ensure the living room sofa will last a long time. However, the negative side of the living room appears to be monotone with the same sofa color from year to year.

If guests are the type of person who doesn’t get bored easily, choosing the best sofa upholstery even at a relatively more expensive price is highly recommended because your main focus is durability and comfort.

Even so, aspects of aesthetics and functionality should never be ignored. Upholstery made of suede, for example, will make the sofa look very elegant but not very functional if the house still has small children and pets.

There are many choices of sofa upholstery materials on the market such as cotton, rayon, linen, velvet, leather, and polyester. Choose a sofa that suits the conditions of your home.

7. Choose a Quality Seat Foam

Furthermore, the tips for choosing a sofa are to provide comfort to every visiting guest. So, the selection of a sofa must be guided by the comfort of the guests. After the upholstery material, the next concern was with the seat foam which was immediately felt by the guests.

Seat foam that is too hard will make the guests uncomfortable and on the other hand, foam that is too soft makes the sofa’s shape quickly change. Therefore, use only the best quality seat foam. Quality foam will ensure the comfort of the living room sofa in the long run.

8. There is no harm in trying before you buy it

The most important part in choosing the right living room sofa is to try it first. By trying a variety of available living room sofas, you will find the sofa that best suits your preferences and the standards you set.

As a reference for checking, try to use a sofa to lean on whether it is comfortable or not, whether the sofa is too high or low so that it makes the feet uncomfortable, and whether the quality of the material can really make guests feel at home. You can get all the answers by trying the sofa that you are going to buy.

Who doesn’t love the beautiful and eye-pleasing living room sofas? Now, with tips on choosing a living room sofa as explained, you certainly feel very helpful and can choose a living room sofa that really suits your needs.

Ready to go on a hunt? Impress your guests with a living room sofa that is not only beautiful but also comfortable and of high quality.


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