These 10 Steps Make a Small Living Room Look Spacious

These 10 Steps Make a Small Living Room Look Spacious
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Having a neatly arranged residence is everyone’s dream, no matter how big it is. Every room is always designed to give the impression you want, including the living room. Unlike the family room, the living room certainly represents the personality of the owner of the house.

The impression that is displayed must also be strong and felt by them, both residents and visitors. In the living room, you are free to express yourself through the existing order. A warm and homey impression is usually often chosen for the impression of this one space.

Tips for Making the Living Room Wider

Now you can create a homey impression even though you have a small living room. The area of ​​the living room is not an obstacle for you to arrange it as attractive as possible. There are many ways to get around a small living room. The design of each corner determines the appearance of the living room of your house. You can do the following tricks.

1. Use neutral colors

A mistake in the design of a small living room is the choice of dark colors. Using dark colors, especially on the walls, will make the living room narrower. For that, try to use neutral colors for every item in the room. So that a wider impression can radiate. Colors like white, light gray, and beige can be an option.

This concept can be expressed in sofa furniture, wall colors, curtains, and carpets. In addition to looking spacious, the design of this living room can give a warmer impression. So that the living room is more comfortable and makes visiting guests feel at home!

2. All-white

Being a neutral color group, you can also apply white in the living room. Maybe this is a quite classic way, but it’s really powerful to present a wider impression of a living room.

Of course, thanks to the white color that can reflect light and reflect unlimited space, you can apply this color to walls, sofas, tables, and curtains. In order not to look flat, you can mix and match with wooden furniture so that the living room is more lively.

3. Use a wide window

Basically, the function of windows in the house is so that the air in the house continues to change so that the house is healthier because the air circulation is good. But for a small living room, having a large window has more benefits than that.

The wide window design in the living room can give a wider impression. This can be supported by placing furniture such as sofas. Try placing the sofa facing the window. This position also gives the impression of being more comfortable, because you can sit while enjoying the view outside.

Besides that, you can also take advantage of the light that comes in from the window. Letting in the sunlight makes the room feel more spacious and open, you know.

4. Beautify with unique furniture

The layout and shape of the furniture that we use also determine the ideal living room design. Even though it’s small, you can still design a simple and attractive living room. One of them is by using attractive furniture.

Place furniture such as a table in the middle, the goal is to always be the center of attention. Don’t forget to choose a unique coffee table design, then adjust the concept to the existing sofas and carpets.

5. Install a mirror to give a broad impression

Do you often see a lot of mirrors in several cafes or coffee shops? In fact, the existence of a mirror is not just a mere wall decoration. A large mirror makes the room seem more spacious.

Try installing a mirror in the living room. Place a mirror on the wall facing the window. This layout is not without purpose. A mirror facing a window can reflect light from outside, especially during the day. So that light can easily enter, do not block the window by using dark curtains.

In addition, the mirror function on the wall can also help so that it does not overlap with different wall colors.

6. Use the built-in furniture

A small living room doesn’t mean you can’t have a minimalist living room design. The use of furniture as needed plays an important role. Avoid using furniture that is too large, just adjust it to your space and needs.

Instead, try using built-in furniture. Because the design is adjusted to the layout and seems to blend with the wall. Built-in furniture can be in the form of bookshelves, which are also designed not only to store books but some decorations or photographs.

In this way, the room looks organized from any angle. Besides that, having a built-in can also be a long-term investment. Because built-in shelves are usually more sturdy and multifunctional.

7.Stacked wall shelves

If you have a lot of items you want to put but unfortunately space is limited, you can take advantage of the wall shelf. Besides being able to put wall shelf items, it can also be a decoration. Especially now that there are many wall shelves with unique shapes.

Now, if the wall color is dominated by beige, wooden shelves can be an option. The living room will look neat and minimalist. Using wall mount shelves is a design idea that combines both visual and functional value.

8. Add greenery

You can add greenery to the living room. Even though the space is limited, the addition of green plants will create a beautiful atmosphere. If you look at the living room, you can see a small garden around it.

To do this trick, don’t forget to choose a suitable plant, that is, a plant that is waterproof and doesn’t wither easily. In this case, you can count on a peace lily plant. This plants flowers even indoors. Its function is also very influential on health which can clean the room from VCOS substances that are released by wall paint. Other plants that can also be added to the living room are orchids, chrysanthemums, lavender, snake plants, cacti, and others.

9. Install the carpet without a motive

A spacious room can also be created by selecting the appropriate carpet color. In this case, avoid using patterned rugs in the living room. Plain rugs can give the impression of a wider living room. But don’t cover the entire living room floor with a carpet, this will actually reduce the aesthetics of the living room design.

10. Limit the use of large furniture

As mentioned earlier, don’t get the wrong choice of furniture for the living room. Even if you want to present large furniture, just select the type of furniture that is reasonable if it is large in size. For example a sofa. Using a single long sofa can be the right choice. But choose a sofa that is the same length as the living room of your house.


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