Make Your House Cool, Do You Want To Choose Wall Air Conditioning or Portable Air Conditioning?

Make Your House Cool, Do You Want To Choose Wall Air Conditioning or Portable Air Conditioning?
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For families who have babies or toddlers, of course, having air conditioning can be a complement to the comfort of the children. Well, on the market today it is easy to find two variants of the popular AC model. Namely, wall air conditioners and portable air conditioners.

Even though they both offer a cool and warm feeling in the room of the house, they are worth considering from a functional side. AC itself stands for Air Conditioner in the room.

Wall air conditioner, as the name implies, is affixed to the surface of the upper wall of the room with a permanent location. Meanwhile, portable AC is generally a type of sitting air conditioner that can be moved as needed.

Before buying an air conditioner that suits your needs, let’s first identify the difference between wall air conditioning and portable air conditioning below.

Characteristics of wall air conditioners

Wall air conditioners are often found in offices, bedrooms, minimarkets, and so on. Many people choose wall air conditioners because they can provide a long-lasting function and cooler airflow throughout the room.

Wall air conditioners also have less noise pollution because of that, suitable if placed on the wall of a child’s bed, baby, toddler, or main room.

Advantages of Wall AC

For more details, let’s explore one by one, the advantages of wall air conditioners are as follows:

1. Minimal Noise Pollution

Wall air conditioners offer smoother, less noisy engine sounds. In fact, the sound of wall air conditioners can be considered as ‘white noise’ which makes babies fall asleep even more.

By using wall air conditioners, the occupants of the room can sleep or rest more quietly and comfortably because there is minimal engine noise pollution.

2. High Durability

When compared between the difference between wall air conditioners and portable air conditioners, it can be seen clearly in terms of functional durability. Wall air conditioners generally last longer, are more durable, and are not complicated in terms of maintenance.

This is because the wall air conditioner is only placed against the wall surface permanently. And only turned on when needed. So that the wall air conditioner will last longer because it has never been moved like a portable air conditioner which is more at risk of being dropped or damaged.

3. Efficient Electricity Consumption

Currently, there are many wall air conditioners that offer features for electric power efficiency. Wall air conditioners use very little electrical power, especially the first time they are turned on.

After the operation runs, and the room temperature begins to stabilize, the electric power will be even more economical. For those of you who are often worried about power surges at home because you use AC, you can rely on wall air conditioners instead of portable air conditioners.

Weakness Wall AC

Apart from their advantages, wall air conditioners also seem to have several drawbacks. Among others:

1. Can only be placed in one location

Placing wall air conditioners, in general, can only be in one particular location permanently and cannot be moved at will. This is why there are some people who sometimes place the wall air conditioner right in the middle of the room so that the cool air temperature can spread throughout the house or office.

2. Difficult Installation and Need Expert Support

When you first buy an air conditioner, you have to spend to install or install wall air conditioning in the room. The reason is, wall air conditioners have a fairly complicated installation process and require special wall air conditioners or experts.

Not to mention, there are several compartments and supporting equipment that must be installed outdoors. In fact, not infrequently, a small hole must be made by dismantling the walls of the house. Well, of course, this will take several days for the wall air conditioner to be used properly

3. Expensive Budget

When compared to portable air conditioners, wall air conditioners do have a higher price. However, it is worth the functionality and long durability it has to offer.

Portable Air Conditioner Characteristics

Are you interested in having a portable air conditioner? From a functional and budget perspective, portable air conditioners might deserve to be your target. Especially, if you want to always feel comfortable and cool in different rooms.

Portable air conditioners can be easily carried or used in any room occupied by residents. Whether it’s in the bedroom, TV room, study room, and so on.

At first glance, a portable air conditioner is like a sitting fan that can be moved as needed.

The advantages of portable air conditioning

As a consideration before buying a portable air conditioner, let’s first consider the advantages of portable air conditioners below.

1. Easy to move and compact in size

As the name implies, portable air conditioners are indeed easier to carry or move with a compact size.

This high flexibility of portable air conditioners makes many people like and choose it for air conditioning.

2. Without installation process

Using a portable AC is very easy. Simply plug it into electricity, and turn it on, portable AC can be used. Almost the same as other household electronic devices. Such as TV, refrigerator, fan, etc.

3. Save budget

With a more compact shape and size, portable air conditioners are certainly lighter in your pocket. Portable AC prices, which are relatively more affordable than wall air conditioners, are an alternative choice if you want your house to be cooler without spending a large budget.

Weaknesses of Portable AC

The following are some of the weaknesses of portable air conditioners that you need to look at.

1. Make a sound

The weakness of portable air conditioners that users often complain about is the sound that is quite loud and noisy. This is generally due to the portable AC compressor that is integrated or build-in with other compartments.

2. High Risk of Damage

Because it is easy to carry and move according to user needs, it is not uncommon for portable air conditioners to break down quickly. Not to mention, when hit, fall, or damage due to other flexible mobility.

3. Wasteful of Electricity Consumption

Anyone who wants to use portable air conditioning must also prepare for an increase in monthly electricity bills. This is because portable AC power consumption tends to be higher, especially when it is first turned on.

In fact, the use of portable air conditioners can reach at least 300 watts during its operation.

Which is ideal, a wall air conditioner or a portable air conditioner?

Basically, no one can determine for sure which is the best of wall air conditioners or portable air conditioners.

Everything depends on the needs and functionality that the user wants. If you want to buy air conditioning that is flexible and cheap, portable air conditioners can be the best choice.

However, if you want to use the air conditioning that lasts for years, wall air conditioners are worth investing in.


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