11 List of Household Woodworking Tools / Equipments That You Must Have At Home

11 List of Household Woodworking Tools / Equipments That You Must Have At Home
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One of the things that do not go unnoticed in the household is our ability to install, repair, or make something ourselves especially for men.

Whether it’s installing or repairing a leaky water faucet, overcoming problems with doors and windows, or trying to make simple furniture in your home.

To do all of this, what we need is ‘war equipment in the house, aka woodworking tools or equipment and utensil.

List of Mandatory Equipment Tools

Without a complete ‘tool of war’, doing some of the things mentioned above would be more difficult. Maybe we can ask for help, but doing everything at home will be more satisfying and of course free of charge.

To help all of you carry out house tasks properly and optimally, here are some lists of woodworking tools or equipment that must be owned in every residence:

1. Drilling Machine

The drilling machine will make it easier for us to make holes in areas such as walls, wood, and so on. The drill that is commonly used for this work is a hand drill.

You can rely on manual hand drills, electric drills, or battery-powered drills. This will make it easier to install and help make the table or the chair by yourself.

2. Hammer

The hammer is one of the most common tools and must be included in every home. As is known, its function is to nail, fix and flatten objects.

Hammers can be relied on in connecting the legs to the tabletop, attaching objects to walls or doors, and attaching photo frames.

3. Screwdriver

A screwdriver is useful in making bolt tightening easier. Around the world, there are several types of screwdrivers, the most common type of screwdriver is the Philips model, aka + and – screwdrivers.

4. Pliers

Pliers help hold objects. It can also make it easier to twist, remove nails or even cut wires and cables.

5. Wrench

Judging from the name, the origins of naming the wrench are quite interesting. This object called the adjustable spanner is popular in Europe as the English key.

The wrench itself functions to remove or install nuts or bolts that can be adjusted narrowing or widening according to their size.

6. Chainsaw

For cutting objects such as wood, iron, or pipes. Chainsaw is the main equipment. The saw itself is divided into wood saws and iron saws.

7. Steel Scissors

In contrast to regular scissors, mild steel scissors can cut objects that are tougher and thicker. It can be relied on for cutting zinc, wire, and others.

8. Nails

Nails are available in several types depending on their function. In general, there are three types of nails. Namely wooden nails, concrete nails, and thumbtacks.

Of course, wooden nails are used to connect wooden furniture. Concrete or wall nails to attach or attach objects to the wall.

Meanwhile, zinc nails or so-called tacks are used to attach wide but thin objects such as zinc and ensure they do not move.

9. Screws and Bolts

Bolts and screws are two different things that a lot of things may go wrong with. Both have different forms and functions.

The bolt has an incomplete thread and the head is usually hexagonal in shape. The bolt is also equipped with a nut.

While the screw thread is full and the head has a stroke for a plus or minus screwdriver. Unlike bolts, screws are not attached to nuts.

10. Iron Ruler

For material measurements, a metal ruler can be relied on to make lines or patterns on the wood for the legs of the table for precision. That way, cutting it using a saw can be more scalable.

11. Curve Ruler

A curve ruler has a function similar to a ruler but can span a longer scale. The shape is also compact because the zinc tape will roll inward, making it easy to use.

By completing the list of woodworking tools or equipment above, repair or installation jobs, as well as making furniture at home can be done more practically and without excessive effort.


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