Minimalist Garden Tips For Your Home

Minimalist Garden Tips For Your Home
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As the human population increases and land are increasingly limited, the garden becomes more compact, private, but still functions as a means of relaxation, as well as supporting the aesthetics of the surrounding dwellings. We present tips on designing a minimalist garden that is suitable for your home.

Garden type

1. A wet garden is very suitable for residents who like gardening in a relatively large area. The large area makes watering the plants free. This type of garden can be applied on land without a roof so that plants can also get maximum rainwater intake.

2. Dry garden is otherwise suitable for homes with minimalist land areas. This park is very suitable to be side by side with the family area because it can be enjoyed directly from the house. Use white pebbles to accent the soil surface and place the plant in a pot for easier watering.

Additional Tips

For residents who don’t really want a lot of plants, the garden can also be converted into a recreation space. Feel free to add features that make activities in the garden more comfortable, such as do-it-yourself benches made of brick and wood. Or also synthetic grass mat as a place to exercise.

Tips for Choosing Plants

3. Pay attention to the type of garden. Wet gardens that do not have a roof should be filled with thick leafy plants such as hart’s-tongue(Asplenium) and elephant ears. This is because the thicker the leaves, the stronger the plant can withstand sunburn.

4. Pay attention to the environment. A house without a fence or high walls should avoid tall ornamental plants such as Bengal Almond or cypress so as not to appear intimidating. We recommend using short, colorful houseplants such as mini Corymbosa and Myrtus.

5. Pay attention to the shade trees that will be planted in the garden area. This is because some trees have strong roots that can damage the foundation of the house. Choose shade trees with good roots such as cherry trees and red shoots.

6. For those who have a small garden area and don’t have much time, choose plants that are easy to care for, such as Ivory Betel and the Sansevieria.


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