Are You Planning To Change Your Home To A Smart Home? Follow This Tips!

Are You Planning To Change Your Home To A Smart Home? Follow This Tips!
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In the digital era that is increasingly developing like today, we certainly get a lot of convenience and comfort in various aspects of lifestyle, including where to live. 

Currently, many residences are starting to apply the concept of a smart home to make it easier and provide maximum comfort for their residents. One of the most prominent features of housing with the smart home concept is the use of household appliances that cannot be separated from the internet base or known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

What is a smart home?

Quoted from Build, a smart home is a house that uses the latest electronic and computerized technology to control or automate various aspects of the house. In other words, a smart home is a home concept that refers to a comfortable home setting, where appliances and devices can be controlled automatically remotely using a mobile device or other network devices with an internet connection.

Home appliances and devices such as door locks, televisions, temperature controllers, home monitors, lights, and even washing machines can be controlled through a single connected home automation system that can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Applying the Concept of a Smart Home to Residential


Installing a smart home technology system certainly provides convenience, comfort, and safety for residents of the house. Residents of the house can control all household appliances and devices using one device, usually a smartphone or tablet.

Since the home device is connected to the household’s smartphone or tablet, it can provide an alarm or notification in case of a problem at home. For example, a smart doorbell allows residents to see and even communicate with people who come to their house even when they are not at home. Residents can also set and control temperature controls in the house, lighting, and home appliances.


Security risks (hacking) and bugs are very likely to be experienced by owners of the smart home concept. This of course can disturb and harm the residents of the house. Therefore, it is important to protect smart equipment and devices with strong passwords, use encryption where available, and only connect smart devices to a trusted network.

Apart from those already mentioned earlier, the cost of installing smart technology is arguably quite expensive. Not only the cost of installation, the cost of maintaining and repairing technology is also quite expensive.

Having a smart home means you have to learn how to use technology in your home. For tech-savvy families, a smart home will certainly help get comfortable, but for others, it will require learning (maybe not easy) to use technology at home.

Well, if you are interested in applying the smart home concept to your home, that doesn’t mean you have to build a new house because you can turn your old house into a smart house. In order to turn the old house into a smart home, you need to replace some of the home devices can be technology-based home devices.

Use Smart Door and Smart Doorbell

To create a residence with a smart home concept, the first thing you need to do is replace ordinary door hinges with fingerprint-based locks or a PIN system. You can also install a smart doorbell to find out who the guests are visiting your house. Thanks to technology, this door will certainly be more difficult to open for strangers.

Even so, you still have to be careful because when the system breaks down, this can actually endanger and harm the residents of the house. For that, use a smart door that is not only based on a fingerprint or PIN system but is also accompanied by a manual key.

Using Internet-Based Television (Smart TV)

Using a smart television or smart TV can support the application of a smart home to your home. Usually, smart TVs can access videos from Youtube and streaming services.

Using Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the smart devices that must be present in a dwelling with the smart home concept. Smart lighting is lighting that you can easily adjust, turn the lights on and off, via a smartphone or tablet. In fact, with smart lighting, you can set a schedule for when you want the lights to turn on or the lights off. Later, this smart light will turn on and off automatically according to the schedule you have set. This certainly can help simplify and improve the quality of life for residents of the house.

Smart Security

The security system should not be missed in a smart home. You can use the CCTV connected to your smartphone or tablet. That way, you can check the state of the house anytime anywhere, especially when you are not at home.

Use Technology-Based Cleaning Tools

Keeping the house clean is a must. For a smart home concept house, you can use a technology-based cleaning tool such as a robot vacuum, where you only need to press the power button, then the vacuum robot will sweep and suck the dust along the floor automatically. When it is finished or the battery will run out, the robot vacuum will return to the docking station. That way, you can keep your house clean while you do other tasks.

Replace Smart Washing Machine

Smart washing machines can help simplify your homework, in this case washing clothes. This is because the smart washing machine can be connected and accessed via a smartphone with an internet connection with certain applications. Generally, smart washing machines have a laundry planner feature where you can set a schedule for when you want the washing machine to work washing clothes. This means, even if you are not at home, the homework is still done!


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