Everything About Glass Blocks That You Need To Know

Everything About Glass Blocks That You Need To Know
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If you want to make the house appear brighter in the morning and during the day even without lights, you can consider using glass blocks. Glass blocks can be used like glass, which can make the room appear brighter without lights, but not really transparent so that privacy is still maintained.

Read this article to find out more about glass blocks and what they do. 

What Is a Glass Block?

Glass block or it can be called glass brick is a building material made of thick glass and can be used to create architectural structures such as partition walls or screen walls in various rooms of the house, which can create natural lighting in the house during the morning and during the day. 

Even though it is made of glass, the glass block is not transparent so that your privacy will be maintained. Glass blocks have various sizes, colors, shapes, and textures that you can customize according to the needs and concepts of your home. But generally, glass blocks have a square shape with a size of 20×20 centimeters and a thickness of up to 11 centimeters. This is what makes glass blocks stronger than ordinary glass building materials.

The Function of Glass Block

As previously stated, one of the main functions of using glass blocks is to maximize natural lighting in various rooms in the house during the morning and during the day, so as to save electricity consumption. 

Not only that, but glass blocks can also function as an aesthetic element in the room, because this building material is available in various colors and motifs, which can provide a beautiful light bias effect to the room. Glass block has good insulation benefits, by reducing noise and heat from outside the house so that it helps the house feel cooler.

Currently, the use of glass blocks is not only limited to partition walls or screen walls, but also to floors. 

Glass Block Installation And Maintenance

Unlike the glass material installation process in general, glass block is very easy, because it does not require a lot of supporting materials such as wood or aluminum frames.

For glass block maintenance, it’s easy, really! The dusty part of the glass block, just clean it using a damp cloth. If you want your glass block to be clean and shiny at the same time, use a special liquid glass cleaner or abrasive cleaner. 

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