5 Tips And Tricks For Adjusting Lighting In a Japandi Residence

5 Tips And Tricks For Adjusting Lighting In a Japandi Residence
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Japandi-style interiors now become a trend. The design, which is adapted from a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian styles, combines the philosophy of life of Wabi-Sabi and Lagom which prioritizes efficiency and aesthetics. This design concept is widely adopted in dwellings with limited land because it is very effective in maximizing space so that it becomes more space-saving and multifunctional with a charming impression.

Meanwhile, one of the keys to realizing a Japandi-style residence lies in the lighting element. These elements should be carefully designed in order to highlight the main character, namely simple, functional, and clean.

As an inspiration for those of you who want to realize a comfortable and space-saving residential concept through the Japandi interior style, We have tips and tricks that you can do when adjusting the lighting. So, to find out more, see the following reviews, let’s go!

Maximize Natural Lighting Through Doors

Natural lighting is an important factor to consider when designing a Japandi-style residence. To make this happen, you can maximize natural lighting through a glass door design.

The use of light wood material on the door frame which is very distinctive with the Japandi design is very beautiful when combined with a large glass. That way, natural lighting can penetrate and spread into the room. The house is even homier!

Use Large Windows for Optimal Lighting

Apart from using doors with translucent materials like in the previous example, you can also maximize the lighting through the windows in the house to create a comfortable Japandi design. Meanwhile, the most conventional way to bring natural lighting into the house is to use large window openings.

The natural lighting path can be entered easily because the large window design can maximize natural lighting. That way, the residence will be healthier, brighter, and certainly succeed in accentuating Japandi’s charming designs.

Maximize Space with an Open-plan Concept

Well, apart from going through doors and windows to get natural lighting from the sun, you can also carry an open-plan concept to a Japandi-style residence. This is so that natural lighting is more spread out and makes the room less stuffy.

For example, you can apply the open space concept to combine the living room and dining area or bedroom with the work area. In addition to a more optimal distribution of lighting, the room also seems more spacious. Don’t forget to maximize the space by using multifunctional and space-saving furniture!

Apply Bright Colors

Besides being dominated by multifunctional furniture or light wood material, Japandi’s residence is also synonymous with bright walls. If you feel that white looks very boring, you can add other color accents to the Japandi-style residential wall to maximize the lighting, such as pastel colors with light tones.

The use of this bright color is not only fixed on the wall, but also for the furniture or decorations that you use. For example, beige sofas, white fur rugs, and so on. By applying bright colors to the house, the lighting will be more optimal because the room seems wider and cleaner.

Use Indirect Lighting

To build the mood of the room and strengthen the Japandi design that you want to highlight, you can also use indirect lighting. Yes, the glow that comes from the wall is very effective in giving a luxurious, aesthetic, and spacious impression. Choose lighting lamp shades warm in order to provide a sense of comfort, warmth, and helped to maximize the natural elements of wood contained in the room Japandi.  


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