8 Paint Color Options For Small Living Room

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Having a small living room probably makes most people assume that they can’t choose paint colors freely. Even so, actually having a small living room actually gives you more flexibility to choose paint colors on the walls.

Why is that? Certain paint colors can create an atmosphere that is too broad and excessive when applied to a living room that is too large, while a small living room can minimize this.

Here, we present 8 paint color choices for a small living room that you can use as inspiration.

1. Gray Wall Paint Color

This gray, which tends to fade, is a great color for vintage and retro ambianceAt first glance, this wilted-looking color has a hint of a subtle blue hue.

This color will blend well when combined with colors with natural and moody tones such as hunter green or cool purple.

2. Off-White Wall Paint Color

Color off-white or off-white is the color that has been frequently applied, not only on the walls of the living room but the entire room in the house.

If you want to create a natural room atmosphere, this color is the right color for you to choose. The soft warm impression of this color will make your living room homier.

3. Pink Wall Paint Color

For a more feminine and refined living room, you can choose the pink color. This color will give your living room a strong character without being overwhelming.

Presenting furniture and displays with curved shapes can also enhance the character of your living room.

4. Black Wall Paint Color

Applying black to the living room wall can be the right choice if you want to create an elegant living room atmosphere.

You can match the black color to the walls by placing furniture or displays with a touch of gold. This will bring a luxurious and elegant impression to the room.

5. Red Wall Paint Color

This bold color is no less beautiful as a color choice for your living room walls. Choosing red as a wall color can make your living room look fresher and more festive.

You can display some of the paintings with calmer colored frames to compensate for the vivid reds.

6. Light Blue Wall Paint Color

As a calm color, light blue will bring a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere to the room.

If you want to create a bolder room, you can match this color with a touch of gold. The gold color that is present in the middle of the blue color will present a more character impression.

7. Dark Blue Wall Paint Color

Choosing dark blue or navy as the color for your living room walls is the right choice. The presence of this color will create a room atmosphere that seems relaxed and peaceful.

You can add a light color like white or cream to balance out the dark navy.

8. Peach Wall Paint Color

The peach color is the color with a pretty distinctive character. Using this color as a wall color for your small living room will make the room look fresh.

You can also combine peach with darker colors like dark green or dark blue to create an elegant accent.


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