Ways to Arrange a Super Creative Wardrobe in Your Room

Ways to Arrange a Super Creative Wardrobe in Your Room
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How to keep your wardrobe in a tidy condition is not an easy job. You have to have a really good custom setup, but it’s pretty hard to do. Moreover, if you are the type of person who is not really neat in arranging things.

But take it easy, to work around this, you can start by cheating on some of the ways to organize this super creative wardrobe in your favorite room.

1. Arrange Clothes According to Functions

There are many functions of the clothes that you have and it depends on your daily life. For example, your daily activities are studying, relaxing, at home, and hanging out with the closest people, then the function of your clothes will be like that too.

Try to divide your clothes first according to your usual activities. Map out clothes for college and leisure. Then arrange the clothes into the wardrobe in groups such as hanging college clothes and folding home clothes.

2. Clothing based on types and categories

Clothing has many types and categories, including those you have at home. The division according to this type or category can also be various, such as the simplest example is the clothing category of pants, clothes, shoes, ties, accessories, and bags. Then pants can be further divided into jeans, culottes, and sweatpants.

You can also organize clothes in the wardrobe according to the division based on the type of clothes. This way of arranging a wardrobe is effective, because besides the results look tidier, you can also find it easier to find clothes that are needed.

3. Fold clothes that should be folded

One of the effective ways to organize a wardrobe to make it tidier and more beautiful in the room is to fold the necessary clothes. Usually the clothes that need to be folded are everyday clothes and subordinates such as pants, skirts, and so on. Why? Because these clothes give a more neat impression when folded rather than hanging.

Also make sure to fold clothes neatly. If necessary, apply other principles such as classifying clothes by type, function or color. Guaranteed your wardrobe will be pleasing to the eye when the conditions are neat like this.

4. The folds are not neat? You Can Count On Box

Many people have problems folding clothes when arranging their closets. The reason is that the resulting folds always look less neat, so when arranged in a cupboard the results are not satisfactory. For those of you who often experience things like this, you don’t need to worry.

One of the easiest alternatives is to use a box or storage box. The advantage is that your folds are not visible and the wardrobe looks tidier too. You can also use boxes to store clothes that are rarely used and other necessities such as blankets and sheets.

5. Use a wardrobe that is partitioned

This point is important for you to remember when buying a wardrobe. Many of the contents of the wardrobe look less attractive even though the folds and arrangement are good. This can be caused by the space in the wardrobe is too big.

Therefore, choose a wardrobe that, even though it is large in size, has barriers. The existence of this divider can also help you to group clothes. For example, the top shelf for folded clothes, the second shelf for hangers, and so on.

6. Use the drawer to organize everyday clothes

The drawer is also one of the most useful media for organizing clothes in the wardrobe. Its function is not much different from a box for storing clothes and accessories that are not neat if arranged directly on the wardrobe shelf.

If you happen to buy a wardrobe that has drawers, then you can use it to store daily or frequently used clothes. Besides being easier to take, you can also arrange them in a rolled way so that they don’t get messy easily.

7. Arrange Clothes Based on Color and Pattern

There are many different ways of arranging clothes in the wardrobe, some of which have already been mentioned. But you can also try a new atmosphere by arranging them by color or motif. How to arrange this one wardrobe is quite interesting.

Arranging by color or motif will create unity and harmony in the wardrobe. For example, combine dark clothes in one shelf, as well as for bright colored clothes and patterned clothes.

8. Present a different impression with the basket

If you don’t want to use the box as another storage medium, you can use a basket which is certainly much cheaper. There are many types of baskets that you can choose from with unique designs and motifs.

For example, you choose a basket made of this one woven. Besides looking unique, the color also matches the color of your wardrobe. You can make it a medium for storing blankets, everyday clothes, or those that are rarely used.

9. Use the Box to Arrange the Shoes

When buying footwear, it is usually equipped with a box, right? Now, instead of throwing away the box, there’s nothing wrong with using it as a shoe storage medium. That way you will find it easier to organize your shoes in the wardrobe.

You can also use a special shoe storage box and combine it in the wardrobe. A tidier arrangement will certainly not make you confused which one to wear every day.

In addition, the space taken is also more efficient by using a box. Especially if your wardrobe is not equipped with special shelves for storing shoes. Then this alternative will be much more profitable for you.

10. Provide Clear Distribution of Shelves

The way to organize the next wardrobe is to give a clear division on the existing shelves. Applying this method can help you to create a more organized wardrobe.

You can divide it as you wish vertically or horizontally. For example, the top row is for bag storage, the second row is for boxes or baskets, the third row is for clothes, and the bottom row is for shoe boxes.

11. Make sure the wardrobe has enough hanging space

Apart from making sure that your wardrobe has lots of bulkheads, the idea of ​​choosing a wardrobe that has a combination of shelves and hanger sections is also very good. The reason is that not all clothes can be stored folded. Some of them must be hanged.

For example, types of clothing such as shirts, suits, and dresses are more suitable for hanging. That way the clothes will be tidier and easier to pick up. The use of hanging cabinets can also help to minimize the use of space.

12. Provide Push Shelf As Additional Media

It is undeniable that the longer the contents of your wardrobe will continue to grow. If you have enough time, maybe the idea of ​​selecting clothes will be very good. But if not? So one alternative that you can try is by providing a push rack.

The function of the push rack is not much different from a basket or box. It’s just that the impression presented by these three media is different. With a push rack you make it easier to pick up clothes and slide them here and there.

All right, those are super creative ways to organize your wardrobe. Just follow it, and the results will be visible immediately. Of course, you have to be consistent.


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