No Need To Remodeling, Just Use This 11 Tips to Expand Your Apartment!

No Need To Remodeling, Just Use This 11 Tips to Expand Your Apartment!
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In big cities, studio-type apartments are still the main choice. Not only affordable for those who have just barely enough money, but this type of apartment is also suitable for those of you who live alone. However, some problems arise when you have to divide the limited space for all your activities at home. With this limited space, you need to be smart in dealing with the rest of the space, such as applying tips on expanding the apartment that fits your unit’s space.

The reason is, not all residents are able to organize the room properly. As a result, the apartment is stuffy and uncomfortable to live in. Luckily, you can apply the following 11 tips to expand the version of the apartment.

Tips for Expanding Apartments

Some of the actions you can take start from zoning, giving boundaries, applying the right wall paint to disposing of unused items.

1. Make a zoning plan area or division of the room

Before dismantling the studio apartment room, make a clear first plan. Do the division of the room or zoning areas, which ones are for resting places and which ones are for relaxing.

The zoning Area should be made simple and not too much space. You can also combine two room functions into one, for example, the kitchen and dining room or living room and TV room.

2. Determine the choice of massive room divider or open space

After planning the zoning area, decide on the type of apartment if you want to make a massive barrier or have an open space style. If possible, it is better to make an open space because it will look wider without a massive barrier in the form of a wall.

Or you can also use massive walls but not full to the ceiling, so they don’t seem closed, full and narrow. There are many choices of room divider ideas.

3. Selection of wall paint colors

Even though color and size are different things, in fact, the choice of wall paint color really influences the impression of the room and even the psychology of the occupants. And of course, the choice of paint is included in the tips for expanding the apartment that you must pay attention to.

The wall paint should be bright in color to give it a clean and spacious impression, like a combination of white and cream. While dark colors are recommended for the use of only one or two sides of the wall.

4. Application of Colors and Materials to Ceiling and Ceramics

In addition to walls, ceilings also give influence and impression on the room, it’s better to use bright colors. Bright colors will give the impression of being spacious, clean, and comfortable. Then, the color and floor material are also important to pay attention to.

Use materials that are not easily dirty and colors that are not too dark. For example, white ceramics or other bright and plain colors, ceramics with lively motifs can be placed in one corner or a certain room.

Or you can also use wooden floors, which are more comfortable and easy to clean.

5. Selection of simple and functional furniture

We recommend that you avoid using too much furniture because it will give the impression of being crowded and the room looks cramped. Choose furniture that is simple, flat, and doesn’t have too many carvings so it doesn’t seem heavy.

In addition, pay attention also in terms of function, use multifunctional furniture. The choice of furniture color is also very important, white and brown domination colors will give a clean impression and when placed in the room will not damage the spacious impression of the room.

6. Multipurpose shelf will be very helpful

This is what is needed most in every home. There is no end to the goods, especially when it comes to booking collections, photo albums, and so on.

If you have collectibles, it’s better to take advantage of one corner of the room for multipurpose shelves. Make a shelf that can be filled with lots of items, don’t use small racks because later you will definitely need additional shelves.

Just make a large shelf or one that has many floors but in one corner of the room. So it won’t disturb other areas.

7. Adjust the position of the furniture in the corner of the room

The position or location of the furniture can also have an influence on the impression of the size or space of the room. Tips for expanding the apartment are to place furniture towards the corner of the room so that in the middle of the room it looks empty and spacious.

For example, a sofa is placed against the corner of the room, then the TV is attached to the wall next to it.

8. Take advantage of the magic storage idea

The magic storage idea can be done by everyone, think if there is any unused space and start using it as storage. For example, like a bedroom that has under the bed.

So far, there is no use under the bed, but it can be used to store items that are not used very often.

9. Use of a large or wide mirror

One of the most powerful apartments expansion tips to give the room a broad impression is to use a large or wide mirror.

Just one mirror has a big effect. Place it on one side of the apartment wall, either in a vertical or horizontal position. The mirror will reflect the room so that it looks wider.

10. Use a basket/bucket instead of hanging clothes

Hanging clothes usually cannot be avoided, because often they will still be reused. Like a jacket, which is impossible to wear directly into the laundry.

But you can use a basket or a basket as a place to store clothes or jackets that you want to wear again. So it looks neater than hanging in a corner or behind a door

11. Discard or Donate Unused Items

If the items in the apartment start to get a lot and full, it’s better to sort out the unused items and donate them. Besides making the room look wider, this also trains the social mentality to always care for others

Those are 11 tips for expanding an apartment that of course, you can apply without major renovations. Don’t forget to pay attention to the cleanliness of the room so that it is comfortable to live in.


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