How to Make Your Home Look Beautiful with Stained Glass Panels

How to Make Your Home Look Beautiful with Stained Glass PanelsAre you considering giving your interiors a makeover that won’t break the bank but still looks great? To liven up your living space, you should experiment with stained glass texture panels or mirror glass. Consider how beautiful the stained-glass windows in traditional cathedrals are. Similar to how little glass panels in a variety of forms instantly breathe new life into any room in your house.

Where should glass panels be added?

They can be installed anywhere in your house to give it a unique touch. These goods come in a huge variety of hues, designs, and sizes. Choose the patterns you believe will improve the appearance of your room. They will produce a captivating impression when light passes through them and penetrates the space.

Living Area: Since we spend a lot of time here, it makes sense to decorate with a theme that appeals to everyone’s taste. Your family or ancestry may be symbolized with a Celtic or Gaelic motif. This will complement the furnishings and the family portraits hanging on the walls.

Children’s Room: Children adore everything vibrant and colorful. You can try out many different themes, including those that are related to sports, fantasy, nature, animals, and the environment. You can experiment and have fun with the redesign because there are so many different pattern alternatives.

Patio or Garden Area – If you have a patio or greenhouse, you can use panels with a natural theme to decorate the space. You can pick artwork featuring paintings of various creatures, birds, flowers, plants, and more. Utilizing hues like orange, blue, red, and pink will complement your garden’s green backdrop.

Corners – If your favorite spot in the house is not near any natural areas, you can utilize the colorful panels to create a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere.

Once you’ve chosen the theme, you need to determine how much room you have. A huge stained glass panel looks fantastic on a massive wall. You will be happy to learn that there is a component in the market that fits whatever design you want. It is preferable to have them made just for you by a professional if you have never worked with these things before. Even though it could take some time, the result will be flawless.

What will the price be?

Because it largely depends on the amount of area you are dealing with, we are unable to provide a specific amount. You might start with one modestly sized room to determine the budget. You can determine how many pieces you’ll need to make the pattern you have in mind from this. Spending less money by working on one area at a time.

As you can see, updating the décor of your house or business on a budget can be accomplished by using stained glass texture or mirror glass panels. The nice thing about these goods is that you can choose from a huge selection of themes and colors. If you execute it well, the result will be a design that you will enjoy for a long time.

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Here Are 6 Types of Natural Stones To Make Your Home Elegant & Natural

Here Are 6 Types of Natural Stones To Make Your Home Elegant & Natural
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Now, the use of natural stone for the interior and exterior is one of the considerations in designing a house. In modern interior design, natural stone is often used on floors, walls, or house ornaments that can give a beautiful and luxurious impression.

Natural stone has various types, colors and shapes that you can customize with your home design concept. So, if you are interested in applying natural stone at home, we will describe several types of natural stones that are suitable for application at home.

Natural Granite Stone

Granite is one of the favorite types of natural stone for residential use, because of its strong character and resistance to various weather conditions. For this reason, granite natural stone can be applied to walls and floors. In fact, natural granite can also be used as a surface in the kitchen, such as in work stations and countertops, because this stone’s resistance to high temperatures, humidity, and scratches is considered quite good. Granite tiles can also be used as wall and floor panels in a bathroom or living room to create an elegant and high-luster room .  

In architecture, natural granite is used to create an elegant look. Brown, pink and black are three of the most popular natural granite stone colors.

Marble Natural Stone

This type of natural stone must be familiar to you? Yes, marble natural stone ( marble ) is also one of the favorite types of natural stone for residential use. Generally, this natural stone is often used indoors as walls, floors, dining tables and kitchen tables. Marble natural stone can give the impression of a luxurious room, because of its texture and pattern. 

Marble is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, from brown to pink, purple and gray, brown, and in mixed colors. The cool character of marble can make the room cooler, when it is hot outside. Even so, this type of natural stone is known to be sensitive to weather changes, so avoid using this type of natural stone for home exteriors or outdoor areas that are often exposed to direct heat and rain. 

Andesite Natural Stone

Do you have a minimalist home concept? If so, you can consider using natural andesite stone to reinforce the minimalist concept of housing. You can apply this type of natural stone to the exterior walls or floors of the house. 

The structure of natural stone andesite is known to be hard, this is what makes it more durable than other types of natural stone. In addition, the unique and beautiful motifs can bring a natural and cool impression to your home. 

Sandstone Natural Stone

Not only andesite natural stone, sandstone natural stone types can also be considered to strengthen your minimalist residential concept. 

This type of natural stone is usually more often used for outdoor areas, such as in gardens. This is because, natural sandstone is known to have the characteristics of being strong, anti-slip, and good durability, so it is very suitable to be placed in areas that are often exposed to water, such as in home gardens and ponds. Even so, you can still apply this natural sandstone for indoor use, as a wall covering.

This natural stone is very low maintenance and can be cleaned easily with just water. Sandstone natural stone is available in a variety of colors, ranging from white to creamy yellowish. 

Black Natural Stone

This type of black natural stone is very suitable to be applied to the interior and exterior of the house and can be combined with minimalist furniture of any color. You can apply black natural stone as the floor or wall of the house, because it is hard and resistant to scratches. In addition, the black color of this natural stone will bring an elegant and luxurious impression to your home. 

Natural Stone Slate

Natural stone slate or commonly referred to as river stone is a type of strong rock. Slate can be split into thin slabs for use as a coating for walls or floors.

Generally, natural stone slates are more widely used for the outside of the house, for example for outside walls, pillars, dry gardens and ponds. There are various colors that you can choose from, from brown, black, gray, to purple. Natural stone slate has good durability, especially in cold weather.

Those are some types of natural stone that you can apply to your home. Which, is your choice?

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Solar Panel: Know The History And Its Advantages Before Deciding To Install It

Solar Panel: Know The History And Its Advantages Before Deciding To Install It
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For years humans have been dependent on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels or mineral fuels are natural resources that contain lots of hydrocarbons such as coal, natural gas to petroleum.

However, unfortunately, the use of fossil fuels cannot be recycled. That is, if it is used continuously, this resource will be depleted.

You know, if there is no energy source, it means the electricity is totally black, and gasoline and oil will also be scarce? Wow, how can we survive?

So, my friends, to prevent and overcome the scarcity of natural resources, researchers have found various alternative sources of alternative energy. One of them is solar panel technology.

To find out what solar panels are, how they work so that they benefit our daily lives. Check out the full review of the following solar panels!

The Origin of Solar Panels

Before discussing how solar panels work and the benefits of solar panels for life, we must first understand what is meant by solar panels. And, what is the short history like?

  • Understanding Solar Panels

A solar panel is a device or system consisting of solar cells designed to allow converting sunlight into electrical energy.

  • The forerunner of Solar Panel Technology

Solar panel technology was first discovered by a physicist, Alexandre Edmund Becquerel in 1839.

As the name suggests, solar panels are devices that absorb solar energy and then convert it into electrical energy that can be used for everyday life.

However, the electricity produced by Becquerel’s device was not strong enough or produced only a small electric charge.

  • Patented Solar Panel Tool

Then in 1904, after Grylls Adam and his student, Richards Evans proved the truth that electrical energy can be produced from light energy.

Historical scientist Albert Einstein also participated in researching the power of the solar cell, which later inspired Russell Ohl to create a device capable of capturing solar energy and converting it into modern electric power.

The technology was then patented by Russell as the Solar Cell or solar panel as we know it today.

  • Solar Panels as a Source of Future Energy

The advancement of solar panel technology is a bright spot to overcome the scarcity of fossil fuels which is predicted to experience a crisis in 2060.

Another advantage, solar panels are considered more environmentally friendly than any fuel because they produce less waste material. Japan has even used solar panel technology since the 1980s.

Several office buildings, power plant companies, and private homes have installed solar panel technology as a source of daily energy production to power electronic equipment.

How Solar Panels Work

In short, solar panels work by absorbing solar energy and then storing the energy that has been transformed into a battery. What’s the process like?

  • Utilization of Solar Energy to Electricity

The energy that is transformed in the battery allows the solar panels to be used even when there is no sunlight such as when it is cloudy, rainy, late in the evening, or at night.

This battery is then connected to a cable installation that is directly connected to the electricity sources in the house.

Technical Work Process of Solar Panels

While the process is more detailed, the solar panel consists of two layers of silicon which have to capture negative (N) and positive (P) charges. The result of the meeting of these two charges is what produces an electric field.

The solar panels are also equipped with an anti-reflective coating that prevents the sun from bouncing back or what is commonly called a photovoltaic system. There is also a battery installed which functions as a backup for electricity due to the excess charge generated.

  • Effective Places to Install Solar Panels

Then, where is the most effective place to install solar panels for homes?

Generally, solar panels are installed in an open area that allows the panels to be exposed to direct sunlight, such as on the roof of a house. We recommend that the solar panels be placed on tiles with an inclination of 30-40 degrees.

This is so that the sun that is captured can be maximized. Also make sure that there are no obstructions such as trees, large branches, or buildings that can get in the way around the solar panels.

Advantages / Benefits of Solar Panels

It is very interesting to know the history of the origin of solar panel technology and how it works. Now we discuss what are the advantages or benefits of installing solar panels:

  • Energy sources

The most important benefit of solar panels is that they produce energy that can be used for daily needs ranging from household needs to country scale.

As long as the tool is in good condition and is able to capture sunlight optimally, the energy generated by the solar panels can be used at any time without any usage restrictions. Great, right?

  • Save on Monthly Electricity Expenses

Apart from providing unlimited energy, using solar panels is also cheaper. You can save cost up to 50% on expenses.

This is due to the fact that solar panels are an independent source of energy so they will not experience an increase in electricity rates every year.

  • Environmentally friendly

This renewable energy alternative is predicted to be an environmentally friendly technology that can preserve nature. Research shows that solar panels do not emit exhaust emissions that cause global warming.

Apart from not causing air pollution, solar panels also do not cause noise and soil pollution due to excessive land exploitation.

  • Easily Adapt to Various Climatic Conditions

Using solar cell technology in your house has many advantages. The solar panel also has tough performance because it can withstand all conditions, such as rain or snow.

Before deciding to install solar panels at home, you should learn more about how to care and the costs required.

Maybe you will be surprised by the installation price. However, it is important to remember that this technology is much more efficient in the long term and environmentally friendly than petroleum or coal.


Want to Create a Modern Minimalist Home Fence? Here Are 12 Best-Fit Materials

Want to Create a Modern Minimalist Home Fence? Here Are 12 Best-Fit Materials
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Making material planning for home design is indeed not an easy thing, including fencing matters. Even though the residential concept you choose is modern minimalist, that doesn’t mean you only focus on the function side. You should also pay attention to materials for a modern minimalist home fence.

The exterior appearance of the fence can be a reflection of the house building in it. And that, it’s good if you determine in advance what type of material you will use for your home fence. Here are the best choices:

1. Galvanized Hollow Iron

This type of iron is the most widely used material for modern minimalist home fences. Apart from being relatively cheap, galvanized hollow iron is also anti-rust, so its durability is guaranteed. Even though the appearance is no different from ordinary iron.

Since the material is commonplace, galvanized hollow iron fences can be combined with any minimalist home style. Especially dwellings on a narrow land, where the fence is directly connected to the garage.

2. Carved Iron

Who would have thought that you could conjure up a minimalist home to make it look more luxurious and elegant? The alternative is to design the fence in such a way and also choose the right material. For example, by using carved iron.

You can try iron with various types of patterns such as flowers and abstracts. It would be great if your fence has a towering height, although not too wide.

3. The wall

Don’t believe the walls always seem stiff. As long as you are able to turn it more alive, walls can also be attractive fences for your minimal home. Don’t forget to combine it with wood or iron material.

As with iron, wall material is actually also suitable for any minimalist home style. The land used doesn’t have to be a lot, depending on how you outsmart it.

4. Ironwood

If you have a house that tends to be closed in front of it either because of a large yard or indeed you apply such a concept, ironwood can be a suitable material for fences.

Not only that, a house that carries a modern minimalist concept with a classic touch is also suitable. You can combine ironwood with an iron frame, for example, to emphasize its modern minimalist impression.

5. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most attractive modern minimalist home fence materials to use. There are lots of fence models with bamboo material that you can apply at home.

You can install it vertically or horizontally. The touch of green plants outside the fence or inside will further emphasize the natural impression of your home.

6. Natural Stone

The next material that you can choose to become a fence is natural stone. This one option is a bit different from other types of fences, but trust me that natural stone will make your fence look more attractive.

This fence with natural stone material is suitable for minimalist homes that apply the concept of geometry. This means that the impression of building spaces such as boxes and cubes is emphasized more in the house. The more perfect if the house has a masculine ‘face’.

7. Bricks

Bricks can also be a unique and eye-catching idea as a fence material. If you have a large yard, this idea can be a good alternative. Your home will look more beautiful with a modern and natural touch.

You need to know that a brick fence should be applied to houses that have large yards. The reason is you still have to combine it with other ingredients. In addition, maintenance must also be monitored so that moss is not overgrown.

8. Synthetic Wood

Your house yard is not very wide, so you are busy thinking about a suitable fence? Take it easy, you can try a fence made of synthetic wood which is a mixture of fiber and natural fibers.

The advantage of this modern minimalist home fence from this material is its solid texture, making it difficult to weather. It will be more harmonious if your residence is symmetrical and looks plain.

9. Teakwood

Teak wood is still in a good position to be used as a fence. You can arrange them horizontally to make them look neater. The touch of the surrounding trees will also reinforce the natural impression of your home.

You don’t have to have a yard with various types of plants to use a teak fence. Any style home looks good with this one material. especially if your dwelling doesn’t have a lot of ventilation, then this material will make it fresher.

10. Ceramics

Using ceramic materials for the house fence will not look excessive as long as you can arrange it properly and carefully. Usually, the house that matches this one fence is a really simple house, so it looks more masculine.

Especially if the color concept used is basic colors such as black and white. Surely the appearance of your modern minimalist home fence will impress.

11. Plastic Fiber

The use of fiber plastic as a fence material is a wise alternative for those of you who live in suburban areas. This material can help to prevent various animals or dust from entering your home freely.

This fence design is more suitable if your house has two floors with the height of the fence that rises slightly upwards.

12. Mirabeau wood

You must know that Mirabeau wood is one type of wood that is waterproof, so it is suitable as a fence material. Like other wooden fences, this type of wood should also be paired with a house that carries a natural concept. So the interior of the house is indeed dominated by wood, green plants, or water.

Choosing a modern minimalist home fence material will never be separated from several points. Whether it’s a concept or an available budget. So, adjusting it to your taste and budget is one of the solutions that you must consider.