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These 10 Steps Make a Small Living Room Look Spacious

These 10 Steps Make a Small Living Room Look Spacious
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Having a neatly arranged residence is everyone’s dream, no matter how big it is. Every room is always designed to give the impression you want, including the living room. Unlike the family room, the living room certainly represents the personality of the owner of the house.

The impression that is displayed must also be strong and felt by them, both residents and visitors. In the living room, you are free to express yourself through the existing order. A warm and homey impression is usually often chosen for the impression of this one space.

Tips for Making the Living Room Wider

Now you can create a homey impression even though you have a small living room. The area of ​​the living room is not an obstacle for you to arrange it as attractive as possible. There are many ways to get around a small living room. The design of each corner determines the appearance of the living room of your house. You can do the following tricks.

1. Use neutral colors

A mistake in the design of a small living room is the choice of dark colors. Using dark colors, especially on the walls, will make the living room narrower. For that, try to use neutral colors for every item in the room. So that a wider impression can radiate. Colors like white, light gray, and beige can be an option.

This concept can be expressed in sofa furniture, wall colors, curtains, and carpets. In addition to looking spacious, the design of this living room can give a warmer impression. So that the living room is more comfortable and makes visiting guests feel at home!

2. All-white

Being a neutral color group, you can also apply white in the living room. Maybe this is a quite classic way, but it’s really powerful to present a wider impression of a living room.

Of course, thanks to the white color that can reflect light and reflect unlimited space, you can apply this color to walls, sofas, tables, and curtains. In order not to look flat, you can mix and match with wooden furniture so that the living room is more lively.

3. Use a wide window

Basically, the function of windows in the house is so that the air in the house continues to change so that the house is healthier because the air circulation is good. But for a small living room, having a large window has more benefits than that.

The wide window design in the living room can give a wider impression. This can be supported by placing furniture such as sofas. Try placing the sofa facing the window. This position also gives the impression of being more comfortable, because you can sit while enjoying the view outside.

Besides that, you can also take advantage of the light that comes in from the window. Letting in the sunlight makes the room feel more spacious and open, you know.

4. Beautify with unique furniture

The layout and shape of the furniture that we use also determine the ideal living room design. Even though it’s small, you can still design a simple and attractive living room. One of them is by using attractive furniture.

Place furniture such as a table in the middle, the goal is to always be the center of attention. Don’t forget to choose a unique coffee table design, then adjust the concept to the existing sofas and carpets.

5. Install a mirror to give a broad impression

Do you often see a lot of mirrors in several cafes or coffee shops? In fact, the existence of a mirror is not just a mere wall decoration. A large mirror makes the room seem more spacious.

Try installing a mirror in the living room. Place a mirror on the wall facing the window. This layout is not without purpose. A mirror facing a window can reflect light from outside, especially during the day. So that light can easily enter, do not block the window by using dark curtains.

In addition, the mirror function on the wall can also help so that it does not overlap with different wall colors.

6. Use the built-in furniture

A small living room doesn’t mean you can’t have a minimalist living room design. The use of furniture as needed plays an important role. Avoid using furniture that is too large, just adjust it to your space and needs.

Instead, try using built-in furniture. Because the design is adjusted to the layout and seems to blend with the wall. Built-in furniture can be in the form of bookshelves, which are also designed not only to store books but some decorations or photographs.

In this way, the room looks organized from any angle. Besides that, having a built-in can also be a long-term investment. Because built-in shelves are usually more sturdy and multifunctional.

7.Stacked wall shelves

If you have a lot of items you want to put but unfortunately space is limited, you can take advantage of the wall shelf. Besides being able to put wall shelf items, it can also be a decoration. Especially now that there are many wall shelves with unique shapes.

Now, if the wall color is dominated by beige, wooden shelves can be an option. The living room will look neat and minimalist. Using wall mount shelves is a design idea that combines both visual and functional value.

8. Add greenery

You can add greenery to the living room. Even though the space is limited, the addition of green plants will create a beautiful atmosphere. If you look at the living room, you can see a small garden around it.

To do this trick, don’t forget to choose a suitable plant, that is, a plant that is waterproof and doesn’t wither easily. In this case, you can count on a peace lily plant. This plants flowers even indoors. Its function is also very influential on health which can clean the room from VCOS substances that are released by wall paint. Other plants that can also be added to the living room are orchids, chrysanthemums, lavender, snake plants, cacti, and others.

9. Install the carpet without a motive

A spacious room can also be created by selecting the appropriate carpet color. In this case, avoid using patterned rugs in the living room. Plain rugs can give the impression of a wider living room. But don’t cover the entire living room floor with a carpet, this will actually reduce the aesthetics of the living room design.

10. Limit the use of large furniture

As mentioned earlier, don’t get the wrong choice of furniture for the living room. Even if you want to present large furniture, just select the type of furniture that is reasonable if it is large in size. For example a sofa. Using a single long sofa can be the right choice. But choose a sofa that is the same length as the living room of your house.

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You Can’t Do It Carelessly, Here Are 10 Tips To Get Quality Teak Furniture

You Can't Do It Carelessly, Here Are 10 Tips To Get Quality Teak Furniture
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Interested in presenting furniture at home from teak wood? Yep, teak wood furniture is still the favorites for many people. A strong, durable, and aesthetic material is a characteristic of teak wood that makes it superior to other types of wood.

Because of its strong and aesthetic appeal, this type of wood has even become an export commodity since the colonial period. But that only applies to quality teak wood. And to get really good quality is not easy. Especially if this is the first time you are looking for teak wood furniture. You must be confused.

How to Choose Quality Teak Furniture

So that this doesn’t happen, there are actually a few tips that you can apply to choose quality teak wood. Here are some of them:

1. Only Choose Furniture from Old Teak Wood

To get quality, make sure you choose old teak furniture. Because the older the teak wood is, the stronger the wood construction will be. In addition, the more visible the wood grain will show an even more aesthetic impression.

Old teak wood has a special characteristic. These characteristics include a denser wood texture, heavier wood weight, harder wood, and an even reddish-brown color.

Unlike young teak wood. In addition to wood that looks fragile, the aesthetics that are displayed are still lacking. Even wood tends to be pale and indistinct.

2. Pay Attention to Furniture Construction

Often cases of damage to teak furniture occur not because of pests or the age of the furniture that is too old, but because there are errors in its construction. For that, it is very important to pay attention to the construction of the furniture you are going to buy.

To check whether the construction of the furniture that you are going to buy is good or not sturdy enough, you can do it by trying to use the furniture. Make sure it feels comfortable and sturdy. Also pay attention to the level of symmetry, whether it has a good level of symmetry or not.

Also, pay attention to the connection. Make sure every connection is tight, there is no gap. Because the gap in the wooden joints will cause teak furniture to not live long.

3. Choose Furniture That Has A Symmetrical Shape

As mentioned earlier, the symmetrical shape of wood can be used as a benchmark in assessing the quality of teak furniture. Generally, the more symmetrical the shape and size of teak wood furniture is, the more expensive it will be.

Furniture that has a perfectly symmetrical shape is excellent. Because it has a beauty value that is evenly distributed in all corners. Therefore, make sure you buy wooden furniture that is symmetrical.

4. Do not choose perforated wood furniture

Look carefully at the various sides of the teak furniture that you are eyeing, are there any small holes on the surface?

Old teak furniture often has small holes on the surface. The existence of these holes needs to be avoided because it shows that the furniture has been attacked by pests.

These small holes are holes that are made by small insects as their home. The holes penetrate deep into the wood and are connected to one another.

Therefore, even though it looks solid from the outside, the furniture is porous on the inside. Furniture that has such holes is fragile and will not last long.

You also need to know, generally hollow teak furniture is usually made of teak wood at a young age. Because old teak wood will almost certainly not be eaten by wood pests.

5. Don’t Buy Defective Teak Furniture

Usually, defective teak furniture is sold at low prices. Even though the price is cheaper, you should avoid furniture like this.

Because when the level of defect is too severe and it is impossible to repair it again, the teak furniture is easily damaged. So it’s useless to buy it, it’s just a waste of money.

6. Choose Teak Furniture with Good and Quality Finishing

Quality furniture has a good finishing and quality too. Some tips for assessing the quality of good and quality furniture finishing include: the color is evenly distributed throughout the surface of the furniture, the finishing is thick enough and covers all wood pores, when touched, the surface of the furniture is smooth and not wavy.

The quality finish does not fade quickly and is durable. To be sure, you can ask the seller about the type of finish applied to the product, and how long the finishing layer can last.

In addition, if you plan to put the furniture outside the room, you should also ask whether the finishing applied is suitable for the outdoors. Because finishing applications for outdoor purposes (outdoor) are different from finishing for indoor (indoor).

7. Ask the area of ​​origin of the wood

The easiest way to ensure that you are choosing quality teak furniture is to ask the origin of the teak wood. The different content of land in each region causes the quality of the teak it produces to vary.

8. Buy Teak Furniture from Trusted Stores

The store of origin can be used as a rough indicator in determining the quality of the teak furniture that you buy. Especially if you feel less confident in determining the quality of furniture.

Although this is not a guarantee, a reputable shop will usually try to sell quality goods. Because getting customer trust is not easy, it takes years to maintain quality.

9. Select the appropriate furniture design

The beauty of a piece of furniture is very much influenced by the design it has. The appropriate design will further bring out the beauty of the furniture.

In addition, think about the concept of the room you want to make, then buy teak furniture that has a model that matches that concept, for example, modern or classic style furniture.

10. Choose Furniture That Is Comfortable To Use

The level of comfort in using a product will determine your level of satisfaction in owning a product, including teak furniture. Therefore, try and feel the comfort of the furniture that you are going to buy.

For example, when you choose a chair made of teak wood, sit for a few minutes to feel the comfort. The comfortable teak chair feels solid when you sit on it, the construction doesn’t shake. Besides that, it will also make you feel relaxed.

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Wherever You Live, These 16 Household Appliances Are Mandatory To Have

Wherever You Live, These 16 Household Appliances Are Mandatory To Have
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Everyone must be filled their house with essential furniture that needed for daily life. Especially for those of you who have just built a household and occupy a new residence, the need for household appliances is a priority.

However, you don’t have to buy all the equipment at one time. Of course there must be a top priority, especially if your budget is limited. Now, to make it easier for you to classify what household furniture you need and should prioritize, we has a list.

Bedroom Equipment

The bedroom is the main place when you want to complete the equipment in the house. When you are tired of your day’s activities, your room will be a place to rest. Of course it will be very troublesome if the room is not filled with complete equipment such as:

1. Mattress

For the comfort of family members, having a quality mattress so that you sleep better is certainly very important. Choose a foam mattress made from quality fabrics, so that you and your family’s sleep will feel comfortable.

2. Pillows and bolsters

Usually, when you buy a mattress, there is already a set with pillows and bolsters. Also make sure this sleeping equipment attachment is comfortable to use. Of course it is very unpleasant if the pillow you use is uncomfortable, causing neck pain.

3. Bed linen

Well next, another complement to the mattress is a bed sheet. It is impossible for you to sleep without using a bed sheet. Because it will make the skin in direct contact with the mattress surface and cause discomfort. Choose sheets made of cotton so you don’t feel hot.

4. Wardrobe

The wardrobe is needed to store clothes, or valuables that need to be placed in a safe place. If the size of your room is not that large, choose a wardrobe that doesn’t take up space and has a lot of storage space.

If necessary, choose a wardrobe with a mirror, so you don’t spend too much on buying a mirror separately.

Kitchen equipment

The kitchen is the second most important place you have to complete the equipment. Cooking will feel less if the equipment needed is not complete. For that, you should equip your kitchen with the following equipment:

5. Stove

The stove is the main component in the list of household appliances in the kitchen. Without a stove, cooking activities will not be carried out, and will make your family members unable to eat food. Buy a gas stove that has more than two burns.

However, if you have more budget, you can buy a freestanding stove, which is a 5-burner gas stove that is equipped with an oven at once.

6. Rice Cooker

This tool is really needed to be in the kitchen. The rice cooker not only serves to cook rice, but also keeps the rice warm.

For family size, choose a large rice cooker with a capacity of 6 liters and has a long heating resistance. Another function of the rice cooker, is to warm up side dishes or can also boil food.

7. Cutlery

Don’t forget to provide complete cutlery, such as plates, glasses, spoons, forks and bowls. It would be very strange if there was no complete cutlery in the house.

In addition, it is also important to buy a bowl for serving food. Choose cutlery that is durable so that it can be used forever.

8. Cooking utensils

It feels incomplete when you have a stove, but it doesn’t complement other cooking utensils. These tools can be in the form of a frying pan, knife, spatula, Teflon, pan, cutting board, spoon, crushed stone, tongs, peeler and scissors.

Only buy high quality cooking utensils so they can be used for a long time.

Electronic Equipment

Electronic devices can make it easier for family members themselves. The use of electronic devices can save a lot of effort and time. Electronic devices that should be at home include:

9. Television

Television is needed to complete the equipment at home. Watching television becomes entertainment after activities or relaxing with family.

Television has many functions such as viewing entertainment, news, or it can also be a means of listening to music or playing games. Choose a television that has a screen that suits your needs, and has a clear picture and sound.

10. Washing machine

The washing machine can spare you to wash the clothes that have piled up. The washing machine really saves time and effort. You can do many things while waiting for the laundry in the washing machine to finish.

In addition, the washing machine is also equipped with a dryer. That way, you don’t have to wait long to dry the clothes because they have been slightly dried in the washing machine.

11. Iron

After the washing machine, the iron becomes an important household item to provide. Serves to tidy up wrinkled clothes after washing.

Make sure to choose an iron that has thermofuse and thermostat protection to keep the iron hot temperature and can adjust the level of heat.

12. Refrigerator

For storing food items such as vegetables, meat, or spices, the refrigerator is a safe place. Not only food ingredients, you can also store ready to eat food stocks or snacks that you buy in the refrigerator.

Currently, there are many choices of refrigerators that offer other advantages. Choose one that fits your budget and comfort.

Hygiene equipment

Having a neat and clean house will make residents feel at home and comfortable. For this reason, cleaning equipment can be a tool that supports this need. You can equip cleaning equipment such as:

13. Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner can be an important cleaning tool. The vacuum cleaner can reach corners that are difficult to clean.

In addition to sucking dust on the floor, a vacuum cleaner can also function to clean dust on carpets, sofas and even mattresses. Don’t forget to clean the dust storage tube when it is full.

14. Mopping tool

In order to maintain cleanliness in every corner of the house, a mopping tool is the last tool used to make the floor clean and free of sticky stains that are difficult to clean with a vacuum cleaner. Choose a mop that doesn’t make it difficult for you to squeeze the mop.

15. Doormat

Doormats are usually placed in front of the house door, bedroom door or bathroom door. The doormat that is placed in front of the door of the house serves to welcome guests.

However, don’t just buy one to be put at the door. Buy more, as a spare to replace if the mat is dirty.

16. Bucket

Buckets are very multifunctional items. Can be used to accommodate laundry clothes before drying, or also collect water. Keep at least two or three buckets at home.

Well, that’s a variety of household appliances that you should prioritize buying when you first move out. Don’t forget to pay attention to quality and budget before buying.

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Tips To Selecting Mattress Size For Your Bedroom

Tips To Selecting Mattress Size For Your Bedroom
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Apart from the bedroom, one of the most important elements in supporting everyone’s rest is the mattress/bed. That is why everyone will choose a quality mattress for the needs of rest that can be fulfilled. Just imagine, after a tiring day of activities, it is certain that the mattress is the thing that is most coveted when you return home. But you need to check, is the size of your mattress according to your needs?

For those of you who intend to buy a new mattress, you must know the ins and outs of your dream mattress first. You have to measure the mattress with the room size and body proportions as well. Check out the information together, let’s go!

Single Size Mattress Size

This minimalist mattress that fits one person is often called a twin-size mattressThe size of this single mattress is 200 cm long and 90 cm wide. Some manufacturers have even issued size variants for twin-size mattresses.

Standard twin size mattress, size 190 cm x 100 cm. It only differs 10 cm in length and width when compared to the single size. There is also a short twin mattress, aka narrower than the standard twin-size mattress. The size is approximately 86 cm x 190 cm.

The last variant of the twin-size mattress is twin XL with a size of 100 cm x 200 cm. This twin XL size is often found in Indonesia in addition to the single size.

The single-size mattress itself is not too big so it is suitable for use in a narrow room. You can use the mattress as a child’s bed or even for a boarding room. To minimize the use of space in a boarding room, you can use this single-size mattress without a bed.

Many bed sheets with character motifs are attractive and affordable if you want to use the mattress for a child’s bedroom. Don’t forget to tell the seller you are looking for sheets for mattress size number 4. Your little one will love sleeping on the mattress with cute patterned sheets. 

Single Size Mattress Modification

You can also use a single-size mattress for a bunk bed. The bunk beds usually be an alternative for families with several children and a limited room. 

When the holiday season arrives and your house is used as a family stopover, you can also combine this single-size mattress into a king-size. Family vacations are certainly more beautiful with a wide mattress.

A single-size mattress is not recommended for those of you who have a body with a scale above average. Besides being too narrow and making you not free to move, owners of large bodies tend to be uncomfortable sleeping on small mattresses.

Double Size Mattress

If you often stay or spend the night at a hotel, you must be familiar with the term twin bed, aka a room that is filled with two double-size beds. This double-size mattress is usually 200 cm long and 120 cm wide. 20-30 cm longer than a single-size mattress.

If you want to buy sheets for this mattress, you will usually be asked by the seller for sizes 1 to 4. Now, this mattress is included in the size number 3 category. Don’t buy the wrong one.

This double-size mattress is quite comfortable to use alone and too narrow for two people. This type of mattress is also suitable for use in rooms that are not too large because they do not take up too much space. For those of you who are overweight, try this double-size mattress as your bed.

Queen Size Mattress

An alternative mattress that can be used to sleep together is a queen-size mattressThis mattress is 200 cm long and 160 cm wide. Its size, which is not too big and not too narrow, is considered to be suitable for the body of most people. For the size of the sheets themselves, you just have to say that you are looking for sheets with size number 2. However, the size that is not too big makes this mattress less suitable if it is placed in the master bedroom

Several mattress manufacturers have also issued different size variants for queen-size mattresses. Don’t be confused if you find a queen-size mattress with Olympic or Californian size. All three are only a slight difference in size.

The standard queen-size mattress is 152 – 160 cm x 200 cm. The Olympic queen mattress has a size of 167 cm x 200 cm. The last variant, California Queen has a size of 152 cm x 213 cm.

King Size Mattress

As the name implies, this king-size mattress is large. It is 200 cm long and 180 cm wide. Suitable for two people and placed in the master bedroom. 

If you are looking for sheets for a king-size mattress, you can say that you are looking for bed sheets for mattress size number 1. Sleeping on a king-size mattress will feel very comfortable because the size is wide enough to facilitate movement while sleeping.

In addition to the standard king size, some manufacturers also have king-size mattresses with Californian sizes. The Californian king size is 213 cm x 183 cm. 

Super King Size Mattress

You could say that the super king-size mattress is the largest size mattress currently on the market. The length is 200 cm as well as the width. It is suitable for sleeping two people and placed in the master bedroom. 

Because the size is quite large, usually this mattress is also quite heavy. There are several mattress manufacturers that also add box springs to the bottom of the mattress or bed. The box spring has a function to support the jumbo-sized mattress.

The size that is large enough often makes the hotel choose a super king-size bed in the family room. It is wide enough to sleep for two adults and one child. 

Family Size Mattress

If children love sleeping with their parents, there is nothing wrong with choosing a bed with the family sizeSuper-king size mattress is usually only enough for parents and one child, different from family size mattresses. This mattress can sleep up to four adults.

So, if you sleep with children, this mattress can accommodate parents and three children. Because this mattress is very large. Width reaches 12 feet or 365 cm. Twice the size of a king-size bed

You can be sure that your bedroom has to be extra spacious to accommodate this super large mattress. 

Those are the various mattress sizes that you can find in the market. Make sure the size is appropriate, both in terms of the room and body size. A quality mattress with the right size can get rid of all-day fatigue and make the body more energized. 

So, which mattress is your choice? Share your experiences when buying and choosing a mattress in the comments column. 

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Many Varieties, Here Is The List Of Bedcover Material That You Can Choose For Better Sleep Quality

Many Varieties, Here Is The List Of Bedcover Material That You Can Choose For Better Sleep Quality
source: masterclass

Sleep is one of our main needs that should not be disturbed so that we can continue to do activities optimally the next day. The quality of our sleep is not only determined by the hours of sleep, but also various sleeping equipment such as the type of mattress. Is it true that only the mattress will affect the quality of our sleep?

Of course not! There are still many other bedding items that we have to consider, for example, there is a bed cover. Who doesn’t know bedcover?

Currently, many people use bed covers because the material is thicker than blankets. No wonder people who live in cold weather rely more on bed covers than blankets because of their thickness and better quality.

Quality Bedcover Based on Material, Which Material Is the Most Comfortable for You?

Even though many people think that the quality of a bed cover is better than a blanket, that doesn’t mean we can just choose a bed cover randomly. We also have to be observant in choosing a bed cover so that we can get a quality bed cover, aka it can be used for a long time.

Surely no one wants to get a bed cover that breaks quickly even though it’s expensive? That is why we must know some materials for bed covers, including the following:

1. Japanese cloth

As the name suggests, this one cloth comes from Japan which is famous for its quality. There are many advantages that Japanese fabrics offer, including their smooth texture, which will make you sleep more comfortably.

Not only that, the nature of this Japanese fabric is cold so that we won’t feel hot even though the bed cover is quite thick. The colors of Japanese fabrics are quite varied which are guaranteed to make our bedroom more colorful!

2. King Koil

For those of us who have often hunted mattresses, they are certainly familiar with the name King Koil. There is no need to doubt the quality of King Koil, considering that this bed cover already uses the best material, namely jaguard cotton, which is known as the best cotton in the European region.

Recognizing the King Koil bed cover is also quite easy because of its flexible nature and good durability so that we can use it for a long time. Not only that, but the texture of the King Koil is also slippery, making it easier for us to iron it.

Another advantage you get from choosing a King Koil bed cover is that the color tends to be bright and will make our bedroom look more elegant.

3. Goose down

Who would have thought that goose feathers could also be made into a bed cover? Many bed covers use goose down because this material is able to warm us all night long.

Even these goose feathers have been used since the 17th century by the Russians to produce blankets! Besides being warm, the softness of this bed cover made from goose down is guaranteed to make us sleep better.

4. Cotton Fabric

Cotton fabric is known as one of the most famous materials for its softness, even though it is processed into a bedcover. Besides being soft, this cotton material also quickly absorbs sweat so you won’t feel hot when you sleep at night.

We need to be careful in choosing cotton so as not to get less quality cotton and it will spoil quickly. It’s the same as wasting money, right?

5. Satin Fabric

Talking about bed covers, of course, will not be complete without discussing satin. Satin is known for its soft texture as it is made of 100 percent cotton. Apart from its soft texture, the satin material is also thick enough so that it will make our sleep more comfortable.

We need to be careful when washing satin bed covers because the fabric is brittle when washed. Surely no one wants it if the bed cover breaks quickly because of the wrong treatment method?

6. Wool

Wool material is also known as the best material for bed covers because it is soft and warmer than other materials. Using a bed cover made of wool is suitable for those of us who live in cold climates so that we can still feel warm throughout the night.

We need to remember that the price of wool bed covers are more expensive than other materials, so we need to prepare more savings before buying them.

7. Viscose

Despite the name cotton, viscose cotton is not completely made of cotton. The composition of this cotton material is around 60 to 70 percent and the rest is made of viscose, aka rayon. It is easy to identify a bedcover made of viscose cotton because of its soft texture and feels comfortable on the skin, even if we use it for a long time.

Besides being able to be used for bed covers, viscose cotton is also commonly processed into other types of clothing such as shirts, jackets, or T-shirts.

8. Polyester

Polyester is the next material that is also often made into bed covers which also tend to be offered at low prices. There are many advantages that this polyester material offers, for example, the material does not wrinkle easily so that we will tidy it up faster.

This bedcover made of polyester also has many motifs so that we can choose it as you wish. We need to remember that this polyester material has a slightly rough texture and is less able to absorb sweat so it can make us feel hot.

We recommend that you choose a polyester bedcover motif that matches the concept of the bedroom so that it looks more contrast and the bedroom looks more attractive.

9. Tancel

Still hesitant to use a bed cover because your body sweats quickly? No need to worry, we can use a bed cover made of tancel! Even though many people are not familiar with this tancel bed cover, the quality is not in doubt.

This tancel material is made from organic grass combined with transverse bamboo fibers. The micropores of the tancel material are what make the tancel material absorb sweat 4 times faster than other ingredients.

It is guaranteed that we will not wake up sweating again, which makes our sleep even better. Don’t forget about the softness of the tancel material which is almost as soft as silk.

10. Chinese cotton

One more fabric that can be used for bed covers is Chinese cotton or what is often known as twill fabric. Chinese cotton fabric itself is divided into two, namely low and high class with different qualities.

It is easy to recognize low-grade Chinese cotton because the color of the fabric tends to be dark, aka less bright. In contrast to high-grade Chinese cotton, the material is quality and resembles the softness of Japanese fabrics but only with the price is cheaper. Although it is still rare for bed covers that use Chinese cotton, the quality is guaranteed not to disappoint us.

Choosing a bed cover does need a lot of consideration, especially from the material so that we don’t get fake bed covers.

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Large Families Must Read, Tips on Buying a Long Dining Table

Large Families Must Read, Tips on Buying a Long Dining Table
source: homestratosphere

A long beautiful and sturdy dining table will certainly create a more comfortable and functional dining area. The dining area is one of the favorite spaces for family gatherings other than in the lounge.

In the dining room, the family can meet, joke and discuss with other members. For those of you who have a large family and want to buy a long dining table in the kitchen or pantry area, there are a few things to remember.

Apart from a design perspective, there are a number of rules that must be observed before buying a long dining table. Don’t just buy a long dining table so that it can’t be used optimally. It’s the same as wasting money. Let’s look at the following tips on buying a long dining table!

Choosing a long dining table material

The long dining table material also needs to be considered. Choose quality wood, sturdy, and can have durability for more than ten years. Long dining table materials to consider include teak, walnut maple, or mahogany.

The long dining table distance to the wall

When choosing a long dining table, we need to consider the distance from the table to the wall. Why? The reason is, the long dining table distance to the wall has an effect on the space for its users.

For example, when standing or sitting after enjoying the dishes provided.

At least the long dining table needs to be 1.2 meters, aka 48 inches from the wall. In addition, we also won’t feel the dining room space is too narrow which will only make the dining room look cramped and uncomfortable.

Allow space between chairs

Even though it seems trivial, it is also important to provide distance between one chair and another! The absence of distance between one chair and another will only make long dining table users uncomfortable when eating a meal.

The ideal seat pitch is about 60 centimeters. So, there is still room for movement that makes users free to sit and stand at any time. Whether at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Determine the size of the long dining table

Before buying a long dining table, first, measure the area of ​​the room or dining area. If the long dining table is deliberately used to serve up to more than 6 people, it is better not to over fill the room.

If the dining room is limited, a long dining table can still be tricked by choosing a long chair or long bench. So that the chair becomes more practical and takes up less space.

Many of us are confused about what type of long dining table is suitable because sometimes it only has a dining area that is not too large.

No need to worry, because you can choose a long, oval-shaped dining table model. In addition, for some, the long oval dining table has the advantage that there are no sharp corners on the sides.

So, it is safer, especially for families with small children or elderly people to prevent bumps or injuries.

Determine the color of the long dining table

One more thing that should not be forgotten when buying a long dining table is color. Choosing the color of the long dining table is also important so that the design of the room and furniture remains in harmony.

For example, if the wall paint is brightly colored, you can choose a long dining table with a neutral color. Like white, beige, or brown and black. A neutral long dining table color will suit any wall color type better.

Leave a distance of 1 meter between the wall and the chair

Avoid forcing a long dining table size that is too large in a small room. This will only make the dining room seem cluttered and cramped. The method is simple, as much as possible try to have a distance of about 1 meter between the wall and the chair.

So, later on, it will facilitate access to the movements of users who want to leave the table or want to sit down.

Glass long dining table for dark wall colors

If you have a dark dining room wall color, try to buy a long glass dining table. The reason is, the long glass dining table will make the room feel more spacious.

The long glass dining table reflects light that comes from natural lighting, windows, and lamps. So, the room that was dark and gloomy will feel brighter and wider.

Not only that, but the glass long dining table is also very easy to clean. If there are stains on the table, just wipe it or spray a little water, then everything is clean quickly.

Metal long dining table

Gold, silver, brass, or iron generally go great together when paired with different colors or patterns. This is why you can try metal materials for long dining table materials.

Basically, you don’t need to worry about mixing interior design and wall paint colors. The reason is, metal or metallic colors are very easy to combine with any furniture or wallpaper colors. Don’t be afraid to be creative or combine your favorite colors.

Metal colors are always reliable and look great with other colors in the room as a whole.

Adjust Needs and Comfort Level

When you have a long dining table, consider paying attention to the shape and size of the room to make it feel more spacious. Comfort is very important when residents want to enjoy a meal together with other family members.

For example, if the dining room is not very large, you might consider having a dining table with 8 chairs instead of 10. Or instead of buying a rectangular dining table type, change to a round dining table.

Another option is to choose a dining table that can be folded, so it can save more space when not in use.

In addition, when deciding on a dining table model, whether rectangular, square, or round, it is necessary to pay attention to how many people are seated. For example, if the table is more than 2 meters in size, of course, it will be less comfortable if the distance between the chairs is too far. Because people who eat will find it difficult to talk or have a conversation.

Consider having a round or square table that seats 8 people. The larger the table, the more limited the range of people talking to. Because the table is large, it makes people only chat with the person next to it. Instead of chatting with the person across the table. In some cases, it’s better to consider an alternative form of the dining table. Like the size of a rectangular dining table with a width of 1 – 1.25 meters.

For your information, the size of a rectangular table for about 12 chairs is 305 x 140 cm (120 x 55 inches / 10ft x 4’6 inches), which is also comfortable for about 10 seats.

Meanwhile, for a long dining table containing 6 chairs side by side, the minimum space required is 366 cm x 76 cm (144 x 31 inches / 12ft x 2’6 inches). You can make a simpler table by placing two chairs on each side. Although it requires a minimum size of 320 x 122cm or ideally 350 x 152 cm.


Minimalist Dining Table Design Options Ideal for Small Kitchens

Minimalist Dining Table Design Options Ideal for Small Kitchens
source: pinterest

The dining table is the main furniture that must be in the dining room which functions to put food that is ready to eat. At home, the dining table is used as an important tool for the happiness of dining with family members. With a dining table, all family members can enjoy food comfortably without the need to hold plates constantly.

In fact, some houses have to combine the kitchen with the dining room at the same time. In a situation like this in the end becomes an obstacle to being able to choose a dining table that is large enough so that every user feels free.

However, currently the problem of the lack of size of the dining room can be overcome by the presence of a minimalist dining table. This table trend is growing with the presence of various models and is gaining more popularity today. If you have a fairly limited dining room, then you should rely on a minimalist dining table. Here are some of the best choices to support the dining room design in your home.

Minimalist Dining Table Design for Breakfast Bar

Minimalist breakfast bar dining table design usually blends with the kitchen island or other parts of the existing kitchen. This table is elongated and can only be used on one side. The height is also quite high, between 125 cm and 150 cm.

In order to enjoy food at this minimalist dining table, you have to use a tall chair too. It is suitable if the selected chair is a round chair without a back. The dining table with the breakfast bar design is perfect for enjoying drinks and snacks while chatting casually.

Pedestal Footed Dining Table

In addition to a minimalist dining table with 2 table legs, you can also eat using a dining table that has one leg. This minimalist dining table with one leg is called a pedestal table. Pedestal tables generally have a round shape and are of medium size.

The table leg is only one and is in the middle of the table with several arrangements of blocks as a base for support and balance of the table. Some pedestal tables are made of glass and some are made of wood. For a more relaxed and classic atmosphere, you can choose a wooden pedestal table. As for those made from glass, it will give a more modern, cheerful and bright impression.

Sawhorse Legged Minimalist Dining Table

Generally, table legs are made in a straight shape. There is also a table design that has sawhorse shaped legs. This shape basically consists of 4 legs, but each leg consists of two triangular supports. Each segment will also be held with a piece of wood to maintain the strength of the leg.

Unique Dining Table With Coffee Table Style

The coffee table design is perfect for welcoming and entertaining important guests. When receiving a visit from friends or family, you will gather in the dining room which has a minimalist coffee dining table. As the name implies, basically this table serves to put a cup of coffee.

With the presence of a minimalist coffee dining table, you can not only put food, but it will look elegant to put coffee and some snacks in the middle of the dining room. When compared to other tables, minimalist coffee dining tables are small, small and not too high. There are even those that are designed to be knee-high for adults. Thus, this dining table is suitable for eating on the floor or without a chair.

Practical Folding Minimalist Dining Table

A folding minimalist dining table will be very useful when you need an additional minimalist dining table to welcome the many guests who come. You can take advantage of the minimalist folding dining table and store it back in the warehouse when it is no longer in use.

When you want to use this folding table, you can unfold it and place it where you want. This minimalist folding dining table is suitable for those of you who live in apartments or often hold gatherings in the backyard. Not only that, the folding minimalist dining table is also very useful for camping activities .

Chabudai Dining Table Design

If you often see Japanese films in the past, then of course you often find minimalist dining tables with short legs. This minimalist dining table with short legs is called the chabudai which is a characteristic of Japanese dining tables. In fact, currently it is still widely used by Japanese people, even though they are technologically very advanced ..

This Chabudai type dining table has very short legs, so people who eat around the table have to sit on the floor. A dining table like this really frees up space in the dining room because it doesn’t require a chair.

Minimalist Dining Table Design with Glass Material

The glass-based minimalist dining table has several advantages, such as a fairly small dining room that can look more spacious because the table is see-through. The room will also look brighter and have brighter nuances. In addition, you will find it easy to clean this dining table because the glass material is easy to clean.

However, besides its advantages, this type of glass minimalist dining table also has several disadvantages such as being easily broken when hit by an impact. When eating, you also have to be careful not to cause scratches on the table. The glass dining table is also too vulnerable for children who are in their active period. Therefore, this minimalist dining table with glass material is not recommended for families who have children who are still actively moving, because it can pose a risk to these children.

Gateleg Dining Table

The Gateleg minimalist dining table is a dining table with foldable leaves. This table is usually called a drop leaf table. The Gateleg minimalist dining table became popular in the 16th century in England. While needed, this table leaf can be lifted and the size of the table can be increased to be bigger.

Abstract Patterned Dining Table Design

The dining table doesn’t have to be designed with a round, square, or rectangle. You can use an abstract table like a wooden surface. An abstract dining table can create a dynamic and natural impression on the dining room.

Trestle Legged Minimalist Dining Table Design

Generally, a table has 4 legs at each corner so that the weight of the table can be supported equally. Different from other dining table designs, this minimalist trestle-legged dining table only consists of 2 table legs. However, even though it only has 2 table legs, its balance and strength are guaranteed thanks to the frame that is connected between the 2 table legs. To further increase support and durability, there are horizontal beams at the base.

You can choose some of the minimalist dining table designs above to match the interior design of the dining room in your home. Enjoy your meal with your family.


Cool Minimalist Office Desk Model To Increase Work Productivity

Cool Minimalist Office Desk Model To Increase Work Productivity
source: pinterest

Do you dream of having a cool and comfortable work desk? Basically, everyone wants comfort at work. With the comfort you feel, the work will be easy to do and of course the results will be very productive. Therefore, several attempts were made to provide a supportive work atmosphere, one of which is by choosing a minimalist work desk or office table.

To get comfortable when working, basically you can get it from the existing furniture arrangement and also from the workspace lighting arrangement. In addition, the selection of a minimalist office desk is also very important. Even minimalist office desk designs are currently being created by many designers for various companies, both medium-sized companies to large companies.

Maybe at first every workspace or office was made in a simple way and generally comfort was not given priority. However, by selecting an appropriate work table, all these problems can be resolved properly. For the design model of a minimalist office desk, it is currently very diverse.

The ideal work table should be designed simply but able to provide comfort to its users. Thus, table users can work more focused. So, if you want to increase your work productivity, you can try to replace your old office desk with a new minimalist office table.

If you are still confused about the choice of minimalist office desk design that you can use, here are some recommendations for minimalist office desks that you can choose.

Modern Minimalist Office Desk Design

Modern minimalist office desks are the most widely used work desks today. This table is very suitable for use in a minimalist workspace. With limited space, this table can get rid of the boring impression. This table design is generally very long so it makes the work area more spacious. Meanwhile, there is a drawer that can be used to store the required document files.

This work table is perfect for those of you who work with computers, because the lower side is a special place for the CPU, and the top of the table is very supportive for placing the monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

This work table is very commonly used because it is quite simple and easy to place in various places or rooms. You can place it in the workspace and in the office lobby. With a modern minimalist look that is equipped with glass at the top, it will support the interior appearance of an office room to be more attractive and charming.

Modern minimalist office desk designs also have been developed with several types or models according to their needs. This table comes with an ergosit style, Chitose FTU, and partitions, which of course each model is designed to provide more comfort for its users.

Masculine Office Desk Design

Even though a table with a masculine design has a very simple appearance, this table is equipped with a number of functions that you really need. At the top is left plain to minimize distraction while you are working.

This minimalist work desk with a masculine design is equipped with drawers for storing documents and a special compartment for placing cables so that it doesn’t get messy. In addition, there is a tray that you can use to put stationery.

This table is made of wood on the top combined with iron on the legs so that it is stronger. This combination gives a very prominent masculine impression which is supported by the use of dark colors.

Natural Office Desk Design

The natural office desk design offers a very simple style without being equipped with a storage tray. However, the appearance of this table will still be very natural, making it look very aesthetic. The basic material for the manufacture is natural textured wood combined with white so that it gives a very clean and bright impression.

Office Desk Design with Special Slots

This office desk design combines black with natural wood colors and textures. Thus, this table has a very attractive appearance with the legs that are made slim so that it is suitable to be placed in a home or office. For maximum style, this table is very suitable to be placed in a room that carries a modern interior design.

At the bottom there is a drawer for storing various documents, including a special path for storing power cables. While at the top, this minimalist office table is equipped with a special slot for placing electronic devices. Thus, the work table top will always look neat and beautiful.

Letter L Office Desk Design

The letter L office desk design is perfect for those of you who are accustomed to using various kinds of equipment in the workspace. In addition, this table is ideal for those of you who work collaboratively with two people at once. Even though the design of this table is quite simple, it is able to appear very aesthetically pleasing even without being equipped with details such as drawers or storage racks.

The material used comes from wood combined with iron material on the legs. The Letter L office desk will look very solid to use while working at the same time can be used to maximize the appearance of the corner of the office space.

All White Office Desk Design

The All white office desk design will give you a different taste with curved sides. This office desk not only gives a futuristic impression, but is very unique so it is suitable for use by workers who need a lot of files. The All white work table displays white in all its parts, giving it a very clean impression.

White never fails to create a minimalist style and a professional style. This neutral color provides a clean and airy effect, which will leave the mind free of all forms of hassle.

Rustic Office Desk Design

For a different work experience, you can choose a minimalist rustic style office desk . This table uses wood material that looks very old and is equipped with drawers at the bottom left and right. With these two drawers you can store documents and stationery. This rustic style work desk is perfect for those of you who want to give a new atmosphere in the workspace because it has a unique and charming model.

After knowing some minimalist office desk designs, you can make a choice for a table that you deserve to use in the office. However, you need to know that the quality of the workbench really affects the price. While the quality of each table is determined by the material and design of the table.

Besides that, you will also get comfort if you can combine it with the interior of the office room. Therefore, make sure you choose a minimalist office table that can be combined well with office interiors and other supporting furniture. You have to choose carefully so you can get the most appropriate table.

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Let’s Raising Beautiful Fish at Home, Here’s How to Make an Aquarium from Glass and Acrylic Material

Let's Raising Beautiful Fish at Home, Here's How to Make an Aquarium from Glass and Acrylic Material
source: nytimes

In addition to being a place to live and store pet fish, the aquarium also functions to add to home decorations so that the house looks more beautiful and cool. Especially for those of you who like to keep fish, you definitely want to have an aquarium.

Unfortunately, the price of an aquarium is quite expensive plus its shape is really boring. How about we just make our own aquarium. After all, how to make an aquarium is actually really easy, if you know how to do it.

How to Make an Aquarium

Now how to make your own aquarium at home first starts with a few things so that the aquarium you make is what you want.

1. Number and characteristics of fish

You need to make sure in advance how many fish will be put in the aquarium that you are going to make and what the characteristics of the fish are. By knowing the number of fish and their characteristics, you can determine the size of the aquarium and how to design the decorations in the aquarium so that the fish can live comfortably.

Of course maintaining freshwater fish is different from sea water fish, as well as an aquarium for Gubby fish is different from an aquarium for Arowana or Koi fish. All have different characteristics.

2. Aquarium size

After you have decided on the number and characteristics of the fish, the next step is to determine what size aquarium is sufficient to accommodate your fish. The minimum size of a good aquarium is the maximum size of the fish in it. Again, back to the types and characteristics of fish.

If you have a large enough room, it is better if you create an aquarium with a large volume or size as well, so that the movement of the fish will be more flexible and can reduce stress on the fish. In addition, a large aquarium can more easily dissolve the bacteria in it, so that the fish’s living environment becomes healthier.

3. Aquarium design

After determining the size of the aquarium that will be made, you also need to think about how the interior design of the aquarium will be. You have to think of a good design but still not interfere with the comfort of the fish in it.

If you are going to give decorations made of plastic, or other unnatural materials, make sure the accessories are made of materials that are safe and do not harm the fish.

4. Aquarium material

The way to make the next aquarium is to determine the materials used. You can make an aquarium using glass, acrylic, wood, or other materials. Adjust the raw materials for making the aquarium with the volume of water and the number of fish you have.

How to make an aquarium from glass

Glass is a raw material that is very commonly used to make aquariums. The type of glass that is usually used to make aquariums is annealed type glass. Annealed glass has various thicknesses.

Usually a home aquarium with a height of 30 cm to 76 cm uses annealed glass with a thickness of ¼ inch to 2 cm. It all depends on the size of the volume of water in the aquarium, because the thicker the glass, the stronger it will hold a lot of water.

Glass material is often used in making aquariums. This is because glass has several advantages, including:

  • The price is cheap
  • The manufacturing process is easier and faster
  • Not easy to scratch
  • Clearer

Besides having advantages, glass material also has several disadvantages, namely:

  • Heavier
  • Easily broken
  • Cannot be formed other than a square shape
  • The adhesion of glass glue (silicone glue) is not very strong

How to make a glass aquarium is done in the following steps:

1. Prepare tools and materials consisting of:

  • Glass cutter
  • Glue gun
  • Burrs
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Glass
  • Paper tape
  • Glass glue / silicone glue

2. Cut the glass to the desired size

After preparing the tools and materials, the first thing you have to do is cut the glass. Before cutting, you can outline the cut using a non-permanent marker. Then cut the glass according to size. After that, smooth the edges of the glass using a grinder to make it tidier and safer.

3. Unite the glass

After being cut and smoothed, then arrange the glass on a flat surface, and attach each side using silicone glue. After all the sides are together, put duct tape on each connection.

4. Dry the glue

After finishing the duct tape, then let the aquarium stand for about 24 hours until the glue dries. If it is completely dry, remove the tape that sticks to the glass joints.

5. Trial

After everything is ready, do a test aquarium by filling as much as ¼ of water from the aquarium, let stand a few moments. If there is no leak, it means that your aquarium is ready to be used to accommodate your beautiful ornamental fish.

But if you find that there are still leaking parts, immediately remove the water from the aquarium and add more glue to the leaking parts and then dry them completely.

6. Start decorating

After the aquarium has been successfully created, the next step is to start decorating the aquarium, decorating the aquarium as you wish. Don’t forget to install a water pipe, aquarium filter, and fill in enough water. Then put your fish into the aquarium. And enjoy its beauty.

How to Make an Aquarium from Acrylic Materials

Apart from using glass, you can also use acrylic material in making an aquarium. The process of making an aquarium from acrylic material is actually the same as making an aquarium from glass, the only difference being the raw material.

Acrylic material is also very suitable for making aquariums because it has several advantages, including:

  • It can’t be broken
  • Can be shaped as you wish
  • Lighter
  • Acrylic glue has a strong resistance

However, there are also some disadvantages of acrylic material for making aquariums, namely:

  • Not as clear as glass
  • The price is more expensive
  • Easy to scratch

Now how to make an aquarium from acrylic material is done in several steps:

1. Prepare tools and materials

  • Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pens / markers
  • Acrylic
  • Acrylic glue
  • Paper tape

2. Make a pattern and cut out acrylic

After preparing the tools and materials, the next step is to make an acrylic cutting pattern, you can use non-permanent markers to make pattern lines. After that, cut the acrylic using a cutter according to the pattern.

2. Unite the acrylic

After cutting, then join each side using acrylic glue. You can also use glass glue to hold it together. However, it is better to use acrylic glue because when it is dry, acrylic glue can turn into acrylic material, so that the joints can be completely closed and do not leak.

3. Duct tape the joints

After bonding with glue, then put duct tape on each connection. The tape serves to hold the acrylic during the glue drying process.

4. Dry the glue and remove the duct tape

Once the glue is completely dry, remove the tape stuck to the acrylic tank.

5. Trial

Test it out by filling the tank with water. You can fill the water around ¼ from the aquarium, wait a few moments and if it doesn’t leak it means you have successfully made an aquarium out of acrylic.

If it turns out that there are still leaking parts, you must immediately remove the water and add more glue to the leaking parts then wait for the glue to dry completely and do the test again.

6. Start decorating

Once the aquarium has been created and hasn’t leaked, it’s time to do the decorations. You can make decorations as beautiful as you want. Install the water pipe, filter, and fill enough water. Then put the fish in the aquarium, and enjoy its beauty.

Now how to make an aquarium from glass and acrylic is complete. You just have to enjoy your favorite fish live there. Don’t forget to always clean the aquarium and change the water regularly to keep it clean, healthy and nice to look at.


Similar But Not the Same! Get To Know The Difference Between an Air Purifier, an Air Humidifier And an Air Diffuser

Similar But Not the Same! Get To Know The Difference Between an Air Purifier, an Air Humidifier And an Air Diffuser

Many people think that an air purifier, an air humidifier and an air diffuser are the same three things. However, you need to know that these three objects are indeed similar, but have very striking differences.

Starting from the main function, benefits, usage, speed of evaporation, water requirements, and how to work. Due to complete ignorance of the three types of objects, many people end up buying the wrong thing because they think they are the same.

In fact, if examined more deeply, each object has a function that focuses on different things. In the following, we will review the differences between air purifier, air humidifier and air diffuser.

The main function

The most important difference between the three objects is their main function. Air Purifier has the main function of purifying and cleaning the air so that it is safe from bacteria or viruses.

Meanwhile, the air humidifier has the main function of humidifying the air and avoiding allergies. While the Air Diffuser functions to clean the air, spray fragrances, and make breathing more relaxed.


Because of their different functions, of course the benefits of these three objects are different. Following, the benefits of each of these three objects:

  • Air purifiers provide benefits such as the surrounding air to be pure, clean and free from bacteria and viruses.
  • Air humidifiers provide benefits in the form of a more regular humidity level even without fragrances and help asthma sufferers who are allergic to air temperature conditions.
  • Air diffuser provides benefits to make breathing more relaxed and inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria.


The difference between an air purifier, an air humidifier and an air diffuser can be seen from their use. Air Purifier is used in environments that have poor air quality. Air Humidifier used in air-conditioned and dry room. Meanwhile, the Air Diffuser used in the bedroom that is quite small.

Air Purifiers are only recommended in rooms with poor air quality such as rooms full of cigarette smoke. This tool will filter the air and remove the odor from the cigarette smoke. Thus, the air in the room becomes clean again.

Air Humidifier is suitable for use in air-conditioned, dry, and large enough rooms. It is better if the air humidifier is not installed in a room that is quite humid, because it will make it easier for mold to grow.

Meanwhile, the Air Diffuser is suitable for use in a small room such as a bedroom. So that the room smells good and the smell that is sprayed can last longer.

Evaporating Speed

The difference between Air Purifier, Air Humidifier and Air Diffuser can be seen from the speed of the three objects in the evaporation process. Air Purifier does not require other liquid and can clean the air in 30 minutes to 120 minutes. Air Humidifier requires a special liquid and evaporation time depends on room temperature. Meanwhile, the air diffuser also requires certain fluids and evaporation occurs faster.

The air purifier does not require other liquids because it only sucks in the surrounding air, filters it, then re-releases the air through a filter that is used to bind bacteria or viruses. Because it does not require liquid, there is no process of evaporation from liquid to gas by this tool. On average, an air purifier can clean the air for 30 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the size of the room.

Air Humidifier and Air Diffuser require liquid so that the evaporation process occurs. The time required for the evaporation process is very temperature dependent. The higher the temperature, the faster the evaporation process will occur. Air Diffuser is faster in the evaporation process than air humidifier because it has a narrower space.

Water Requirement Level

Furthermore, the difference between an Air Purifier, an Air Humidifier and an Air Diffuser can be identified through the needs of these three objects for water. To distinguish easily, Air Purifier: requires no water, Air Humidifier requires water up to 3 liters, and Air Diffuser: requires about 300 ml to 500 ml of water.

Air humidifier requires more water, even up to 3 liters because it has to keep a large enough room in a humid state. In contrast to the air diffuser which only requires a small amount of water because the room is relatively very narrow. In fact, there are some water diffuser products that don’t need water at all, but only use essential oils to scent the room.

How the Air Purifier Works

The mechanism of the Air Purifier, Air Humidifier and Air Diffuser is also very different. The way the air purifier works is by absorbing air and removing it again in a clean state. An air humidifier works to humidify the air by producing warm steam. Meanwhile, the air diffuser works by spreading essential oils into the air in the form of droplets and fine mist.

Actually, the working mechanism of the three products is quite simple according to their function. The air purifier will start working by absorbing the existing air and then removing it again in a cleaner air than before. Before being removed, the air has been filtered with a filter made by the manufacturer, so that the dirty air will be cleaner when it is removed again.

How the Air Humidifier Works

Air humidifier has 4 ways of working, namely the steam system, electronic wave system, evaporation system, and hybrid system. In more detail, here’s an explanation of how it works:

  • In a steam system, the air humidifier will work to humidify the air so that it is heated by heating the water to produce very warm steam.
  • In an electronic wave system, the air humidifier will work by breaking down the water and turning it into sufficient water vapor.
  • In the evaporation system, the air humidifier works by using a paper humidifier by using the wind to pass through a filter containing water and steam. This system is likened to drying a wet towel in a room, so that it will feel more humid in the room.
  • In a hybrid system, the air humidifier works by combining steam and evaporation systems. So, the way it works in a hybrid system is a combination of a steam system and an evaporation system.

How The Air Diffuser Works

Meanwhile, the Air Diffuser has 3 ways of working, namely the ultrasonics diffuser, the heat diffuser, and the steam diffuser. In an ultrasonic diffuser, the frequency of water and electricity is used to spread the essential oil into the air in the form of droplets and fine mist.

Heat Diffuser is a way of heating essential oils and causing them to gradually evaporate into the air. As for the steam diffuser, the Air Diffuser will work by utilizing the air flow such as a fan to blow air through the filter so that the essential oil will cross the room.

Now you know the difference between an Air Purifier, Air Humidifier and Air Diffuser? Which one is the most suitable for your needs?