Minimalist Dining Table Design Options Ideal for Small Kitchens

Minimalist Dining Table Design Options Ideal for Small Kitchens
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The dining table is the main furniture that must be in the dining room which functions to put food that is ready to eat. At home, the dining table is used as an important tool for the happiness of dining with family members. With a dining table, all family members can enjoy food comfortably without the need to hold plates constantly.

In fact, some houses have to combine the kitchen with the dining room at the same time. In a situation like this in the end becomes an obstacle to being able to choose a dining table that is large enough so that every user feels free.

However, currently the problem of the lack of size of the dining room can be overcome by the presence of a minimalist dining table. This table trend is growing with the presence of various models and is gaining more popularity today. If you have a fairly limited dining room, then you should rely on a minimalist dining table. Here are some of the best choices to support the dining room design in your home.

Minimalist Dining Table Design for Breakfast Bar

Minimalist breakfast bar dining table design usually blends with the kitchen island or other parts of the existing kitchen. This table is elongated and can only be used on one side. The height is also quite high, between 125 cm and 150 cm.

In order to enjoy food at this minimalist dining table, you have to use a tall chair too. It is suitable if the selected chair is a round chair without a back. The dining table with the breakfast bar design is perfect for enjoying drinks and snacks while chatting casually.

Pedestal Footed Dining Table

In addition to a minimalist dining table with 2 table legs, you can also eat using a dining table that has one leg. This minimalist dining table with one leg is called a pedestal table. Pedestal tables generally have a round shape and are of medium size.

The table leg is only one and is in the middle of the table with several arrangements of blocks as a base for support and balance of the table. Some pedestal tables are made of glass and some are made of wood. For a more relaxed and classic atmosphere, you can choose a wooden pedestal table. As for those made from glass, it will give a more modern, cheerful and bright impression.

Sawhorse Legged Minimalist Dining Table

Generally, table legs are made in a straight shape. There is also a table design that has sawhorse shaped legs. This shape basically consists of 4 legs, but each leg consists of two triangular supports. Each segment will also be held with a piece of wood to maintain the strength of the leg.

Unique Dining Table With Coffee Table Style

The coffee table design is perfect for welcoming and entertaining important guests. When receiving a visit from friends or family, you will gather in the dining room which has a minimalist coffee dining table. As the name implies, basically this table serves to put a cup of coffee.

With the presence of a minimalist coffee dining table, you can not only put food, but it will look elegant to put coffee and some snacks in the middle of the dining room. When compared to other tables, minimalist coffee dining tables are small, small and not too high. There are even those that are designed to be knee-high for adults. Thus, this dining table is suitable for eating on the floor or without a chair.

Practical Folding Minimalist Dining Table

A folding minimalist dining table will be very useful when you need an additional minimalist dining table to welcome the many guests who come. You can take advantage of the minimalist folding dining table and store it back in the warehouse when it is no longer in use.

When you want to use this folding table, you can unfold it and place it where you want. This minimalist folding dining table is suitable for those of you who live in apartments or often hold gatherings in the backyard. Not only that, the folding minimalist dining table is also very useful for camping activities .

Chabudai Dining Table Design

If you often see Japanese films in the past, then of course you often find minimalist dining tables with short legs. This minimalist dining table with short legs is called the chabudai which is a characteristic of Japanese dining tables. In fact, currently it is still widely used by Japanese people, even though they are technologically very advanced ..

This Chabudai type dining table has very short legs, so people who eat around the table have to sit on the floor. A dining table like this really frees up space in the dining room because it doesn’t require a chair.

Minimalist Dining Table Design with Glass Material

The glass-based minimalist dining table has several advantages, such as a fairly small dining room that can look more spacious because the table is see-through. The room will also look brighter and have brighter nuances. In addition, you will find it easy to clean this dining table because the glass material is easy to clean.

However, besides its advantages, this type of glass minimalist dining table also has several disadvantages such as being easily broken when hit by an impact. When eating, you also have to be careful not to cause scratches on the table. The glass dining table is also too vulnerable for children who are in their active period. Therefore, this minimalist dining table with glass material is not recommended for families who have children who are still actively moving, because it can pose a risk to these children.

Gateleg Dining Table

The Gateleg minimalist dining table is a dining table with foldable leaves. This table is usually called a drop leaf table. The Gateleg minimalist dining table became popular in the 16th century in England. While needed, this table leaf can be lifted and the size of the table can be increased to be bigger.

Abstract Patterned Dining Table Design

The dining table doesn’t have to be designed with a round, square, or rectangle. You can use an abstract table like a wooden surface. An abstract dining table can create a dynamic and natural impression on the dining room.

Trestle Legged Minimalist Dining Table Design

Generally, a table has 4 legs at each corner so that the weight of the table can be supported equally. Different from other dining table designs, this minimalist trestle-legged dining table only consists of 2 table legs. However, even though it only has 2 table legs, its balance and strength are guaranteed thanks to the frame that is connected between the 2 table legs. To further increase support and durability, there are horizontal beams at the base.

You can choose some of the minimalist dining table designs above to match the interior design of the dining room in your home. Enjoy your meal with your family.


Cool Minimalist Office Desk Model To Increase Work Productivity

Cool Minimalist Office Desk Model To Increase Work Productivity
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Do you dream of having a cool and comfortable work desk? Basically, everyone wants comfort at work. With the comfort you feel, the work will be easy to do and of course the results will be very productive. Therefore, several attempts were made to provide a supportive work atmosphere, one of which is by choosing a minimalist work desk or office table.

To get comfortable when working, basically you can get it from the existing furniture arrangement and also from the workspace lighting arrangement. In addition, the selection of a minimalist office desk is also very important. Even minimalist office desk designs are currently being created by many designers for various companies, both medium-sized companies to large companies.

Maybe at first every workspace or office was made in a simple way and generally comfort was not given priority. However, by selecting an appropriate work table, all these problems can be resolved properly. For the design model of a minimalist office desk, it is currently very diverse.

The ideal work table should be designed simply but able to provide comfort to its users. Thus, table users can work more focused. So, if you want to increase your work productivity, you can try to replace your old office desk with a new minimalist office table.

If you are still confused about the choice of minimalist office desk design that you can use, here are some recommendations for minimalist office desks that you can choose.

Modern Minimalist Office Desk Design

Modern minimalist office desks are the most widely used work desks today. This table is very suitable for use in a minimalist workspace. With limited space, this table can get rid of the boring impression. This table design is generally very long so it makes the work area more spacious. Meanwhile, there is a drawer that can be used to store the required document files.

This work table is perfect for those of you who work with computers, because the lower side is a special place for the CPU, and the top of the table is very supportive for placing the monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

This work table is very commonly used because it is quite simple and easy to place in various places or rooms. You can place it in the workspace and in the office lobby. With a modern minimalist look that is equipped with glass at the top, it will support the interior appearance of an office room to be more attractive and charming.

Modern minimalist office desk designs also have been developed with several types or models according to their needs. This table comes with an ergosit style, Chitose FTU, and partitions, which of course each model is designed to provide more comfort for its users.

Masculine Office Desk Design

Even though a table with a masculine design has a very simple appearance, this table is equipped with a number of functions that you really need. At the top is left plain to minimize distraction while you are working.

This minimalist work desk with a masculine design is equipped with drawers for storing documents and a special compartment for placing cables so that it doesn’t get messy. In addition, there is a tray that you can use to put stationery.

This table is made of wood on the top combined with iron on the legs so that it is stronger. This combination gives a very prominent masculine impression which is supported by the use of dark colors.

Natural Office Desk Design

The natural office desk design offers a very simple style without being equipped with a storage tray. However, the appearance of this table will still be very natural, making it look very aesthetic. The basic material for the manufacture is natural textured wood combined with white so that it gives a very clean and bright impression.

Office Desk Design with Special Slots

This office desk design combines black with natural wood colors and textures. Thus, this table has a very attractive appearance with the legs that are made slim so that it is suitable to be placed in a home or office. For maximum style, this table is very suitable to be placed in a room that carries a modern interior design.

At the bottom there is a drawer for storing various documents, including a special path for storing power cables. While at the top, this minimalist office table is equipped with a special slot for placing electronic devices. Thus, the work table top will always look neat and beautiful.

Letter L Office Desk Design

The letter L office desk design is perfect for those of you who are accustomed to using various kinds of equipment in the workspace. In addition, this table is ideal for those of you who work collaboratively with two people at once. Even though the design of this table is quite simple, it is able to appear very aesthetically pleasing even without being equipped with details such as drawers or storage racks.

The material used comes from wood combined with iron material on the legs. The Letter L office desk will look very solid to use while working at the same time can be used to maximize the appearance of the corner of the office space.

All White Office Desk Design

The All white office desk design will give you a different taste with curved sides. This office desk not only gives a futuristic impression, but is very unique so it is suitable for use by workers who need a lot of files. The All white work table displays white in all its parts, giving it a very clean impression.

White never fails to create a minimalist style and a professional style. This neutral color provides a clean and airy effect, which will leave the mind free of all forms of hassle.

Rustic Office Desk Design

For a different work experience, you can choose a minimalist rustic style office desk . This table uses wood material that looks very old and is equipped with drawers at the bottom left and right. With these two drawers you can store documents and stationery. This rustic style work desk is perfect for those of you who want to give a new atmosphere in the workspace because it has a unique and charming model.

After knowing some minimalist office desk designs, you can make a choice for a table that you deserve to use in the office. However, you need to know that the quality of the workbench really affects the price. While the quality of each table is determined by the material and design of the table.

Besides that, you will also get comfort if you can combine it with the interior of the office room. Therefore, make sure you choose a minimalist office table that can be combined well with office interiors and other supporting furniture. You have to choose carefully so you can get the most appropriate table.

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Let’s Raising Beautiful Fish at Home, Here’s How to Make an Aquarium from Glass and Acrylic Material

Let's Raising Beautiful Fish at Home, Here's How to Make an Aquarium from Glass and Acrylic Material
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In addition to being a place to live and store pet fish, the aquarium also functions to add to home decorations so that the house looks more beautiful and cool. Especially for those of you who like to keep fish, you definitely want to have an aquarium.

Unfortunately, the price of an aquarium is quite expensive plus its shape is really boring. How about we just make our own aquarium. After all, how to make an aquarium is actually really easy, if you know how to do it.

How to Make an Aquarium

Now how to make your own aquarium at home first starts with a few things so that the aquarium you make is what you want.

1. Number and characteristics of fish

You need to make sure in advance how many fish will be put in the aquarium that you are going to make and what the characteristics of the fish are. By knowing the number of fish and their characteristics, you can determine the size of the aquarium and how to design the decorations in the aquarium so that the fish can live comfortably.

Of course maintaining freshwater fish is different from sea water fish, as well as an aquarium for Gubby fish is different from an aquarium for Arowana or Koi fish. All have different characteristics.

2. Aquarium size

After you have decided on the number and characteristics of the fish, the next step is to determine what size aquarium is sufficient to accommodate your fish. The minimum size of a good aquarium is the maximum size of the fish in it. Again, back to the types and characteristics of fish.

If you have a large enough room, it is better if you create an aquarium with a large volume or size as well, so that the movement of the fish will be more flexible and can reduce stress on the fish. In addition, a large aquarium can more easily dissolve the bacteria in it, so that the fish’s living environment becomes healthier.

3. Aquarium design

After determining the size of the aquarium that will be made, you also need to think about how the interior design of the aquarium will be. You have to think of a good design but still not interfere with the comfort of the fish in it.

If you are going to give decorations made of plastic, or other unnatural materials, make sure the accessories are made of materials that are safe and do not harm the fish.

4. Aquarium material

The way to make the next aquarium is to determine the materials used. You can make an aquarium using glass, acrylic, wood, or other materials. Adjust the raw materials for making the aquarium with the volume of water and the number of fish you have.

How to make an aquarium from glass

Glass is a raw material that is very commonly used to make aquariums. The type of glass that is usually used to make aquariums is annealed type glass. Annealed glass has various thicknesses.

Usually a home aquarium with a height of 30 cm to 76 cm uses annealed glass with a thickness of ¼ inch to 2 cm. It all depends on the size of the volume of water in the aquarium, because the thicker the glass, the stronger it will hold a lot of water.

Glass material is often used in making aquariums. This is because glass has several advantages, including:

  • The price is cheap
  • The manufacturing process is easier and faster
  • Not easy to scratch
  • Clearer

Besides having advantages, glass material also has several disadvantages, namely:

  • Heavier
  • Easily broken
  • Cannot be formed other than a square shape
  • The adhesion of glass glue (silicone glue) is not very strong

How to make a glass aquarium is done in the following steps:

1. Prepare tools and materials consisting of:

  • Glass cutter
  • Glue gun
  • Burrs
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Glass
  • Paper tape
  • Glass glue / silicone glue

2. Cut the glass to the desired size

After preparing the tools and materials, the first thing you have to do is cut the glass. Before cutting, you can outline the cut using a non-permanent marker. Then cut the glass according to size. After that, smooth the edges of the glass using a grinder to make it tidier and safer.

3. Unite the glass

After being cut and smoothed, then arrange the glass on a flat surface, and attach each side using silicone glue. After all the sides are together, put duct tape on each connection.

4. Dry the glue

After finishing the duct tape, then let the aquarium stand for about 24 hours until the glue dries. If it is completely dry, remove the tape that sticks to the glass joints.

5. Trial

After everything is ready, do a test aquarium by filling as much as ¼ of water from the aquarium, let stand a few moments. If there is no leak, it means that your aquarium is ready to be used to accommodate your beautiful ornamental fish.

But if you find that there are still leaking parts, immediately remove the water from the aquarium and add more glue to the leaking parts and then dry them completely.

6. Start decorating

After the aquarium has been successfully created, the next step is to start decorating the aquarium, decorating the aquarium as you wish. Don’t forget to install a water pipe, aquarium filter, and fill in enough water. Then put your fish into the aquarium. And enjoy its beauty.

How to Make an Aquarium from Acrylic Materials

Apart from using glass, you can also use acrylic material in making an aquarium. The process of making an aquarium from acrylic material is actually the same as making an aquarium from glass, the only difference being the raw material.

Acrylic material is also very suitable for making aquariums because it has several advantages, including:

  • It can’t be broken
  • Can be shaped as you wish
  • Lighter
  • Acrylic glue has a strong resistance

However, there are also some disadvantages of acrylic material for making aquariums, namely:

  • Not as clear as glass
  • The price is more expensive
  • Easy to scratch

Now how to make an aquarium from acrylic material is done in several steps:

1. Prepare tools and materials

  • Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pens / markers
  • Acrylic
  • Acrylic glue
  • Paper tape

2. Make a pattern and cut out acrylic

After preparing the tools and materials, the next step is to make an acrylic cutting pattern, you can use non-permanent markers to make pattern lines. After that, cut the acrylic using a cutter according to the pattern.

2. Unite the acrylic

After cutting, then join each side using acrylic glue. You can also use glass glue to hold it together. However, it is better to use acrylic glue because when it is dry, acrylic glue can turn into acrylic material, so that the joints can be completely closed and do not leak.

3. Duct tape the joints

After bonding with glue, then put duct tape on each connection. The tape serves to hold the acrylic during the glue drying process.

4. Dry the glue and remove the duct tape

Once the glue is completely dry, remove the tape stuck to the acrylic tank.

5. Trial

Test it out by filling the tank with water. You can fill the water around ¼ from the aquarium, wait a few moments and if it doesn’t leak it means you have successfully made an aquarium out of acrylic.

If it turns out that there are still leaking parts, you must immediately remove the water and add more glue to the leaking parts then wait for the glue to dry completely and do the test again.

6. Start decorating

Once the aquarium has been created and hasn’t leaked, it’s time to do the decorations. You can make decorations as beautiful as you want. Install the water pipe, filter, and fill enough water. Then put the fish in the aquarium, and enjoy its beauty.

Now how to make an aquarium from glass and acrylic is complete. You just have to enjoy your favorite fish live there. Don’t forget to always clean the aquarium and change the water regularly to keep it clean, healthy and nice to look at.

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How To Install a Wall Shelf Without a Drill, You Can Follow This Tricks

How To Install a Wall Shelf Without a Drill, You Can Follow This Tricks

At home, surely you have quite a lot of things that you can’t just put away. These items should be stored so that the house doesn’t look cluttered. Shelves are one of the most effective storage places. But not only effective, shelves can also be an interior option to beautify your home.

Currently, floating shelves are the target of many people. Not only functions to store items, but also stylish . There is no harm in beautifying a house with a floating shelf , right? It’s just that to install a shelf you usually have to make a hole in the wall with a drill.

Imagine, if you rented a house like an apartment or a rented house that prohibited you from making holes in the wall. Then it is almost impossible for you to install a shelf. But take it easy, there are still ways to install shelves without wall drills that you can use.

1. Select the Wall Shelf Model Variant

There are several models of wall shelves that are much popular, including:

# Basic Wall Shelf

This type of shelf is only a base for placing things, without side protection, or without sides. Its function is more for decoration. Even if you are going to put things on it, it’s better if it’s light. Do not place fragile items on it.

Because if you hit it, it will easily fall. How to install a wall shelf is also very easy, even without a drill.

# Corner Base Wall Shelf

The shape is almost the same as the first type, but this type is to be installed in the corner of the wall. You can put more items on it. How to install this wall shelf, you can just use the adhesive.

# Basic Shelf with Right and Left Side

This shelf has sides on the right and left, so it’s quite safe to store things. The model is also quite unique and can beautify your room.

# Wall Shelf Box

This type of shelf is arguably safer than the two types of shelves above. Because it has a protector or sides and a top, as well as shelves in general. It’s just a smaller size and a more modern model. Not only stylish, but also more maximal in function.

# Shelf With Additional Drawers

The shape is only the bottom base, but with the addition of a drawer underneath. So this type is more functional. You can keep books in a drawer, but not too heavy. There are also thicker shelves with a larger volume of drawers.

# Hexagonal Wall Shelf

The shape of this shelf is a 6, as the name implies, hexagonal. This wall shelf design has many fans. Various shapes and sizes are available on the market. Some are big, and some are small. Can store goods quite well. And what is clear is that it can beautify the walls at home.

2. Put on the table

There are a few tricks so that you don’t need to use a drill to install wall cabinets. No need to call an expert either. Can be done at home by anyone. Wall shelves that are boxy and not too big can actually be placed on the table.

It can also be in a hollow in the wall if it is the right size. It is therefore important to measure the shelf carefully before buying it. So you don’t have to bother using a drill or ask an expert to install it. Still beautiful to look at, the room is pretty and neat.

If you use this method, you can put items that are quite heavy on the shelf. For example, books that are quite thick. Can also put decorations that break easily. Because there is a safe protector under the shelf, in the form of a table or wall.

3. Using 3M Adhesives

How to install a wall shelf without a drill can also use 3M adhesive, it’s just that there are a few things you should pay attention to if you decide to use adhesive:

  • Choose a light shelf. Do not choose shelves made of heavy wood, so that they do not overload the adhesive.
  • Choose a shelf size that is not too big. More suitable for shelves whose function is only as a display.
  • Don’t put down heavy things.
  • We recommend that you put items that are not broken.

The adhesive used is 3M Command Pucture Hanging Strip adhesive. If you are not familiar with how to install a wall shelf without this adhesive, here’s how:

  • This adhesive has 2 strips. First tear the strip before use.
  • Press the two sticks together until you hear a click.
  • Then remove one side of the sticker and stick it on the wall recap that you have bought.
  • After the 3M adhesive is on the shelf, open the other side of the sticker. After that, stick it on the wall. Press each part of the shelf, especially the one with the adhesive. Do it for 30 seconds to get it attached properly.
  • In order for 3M adhesive to function optimally, you can remove the shelf first. Grasp the shelf at the bottom and slowly remove it. Don’t pull the shelf hard.
  • When the shelf has come off, press the adhesive on the wall for about 30 seconds. Then wait for 1 hour before installing the wall shelf again. When installing a shelf, make sure that the adhesive on the wall and the adhesive behind the shelf are aligned. Then press it until you hear a click sound.

Ready to Install Wall Shelf? Pay Attention First

Don’t be too hasty to buy a wall shelf and install it just because it’s an attractive model. There are a few things to watch out for when you buy and install it without a drill:

1. Its function

What is the purpose for you to buy the shelf. Storing books, storing various kinds of items, or just to sweeten the room. For example, to save books, also pay attention to how many books you have. If there are many, you should choose an ordinary shelf that is placed on the floor, not a floating shelf.

For storing a wide variety of items, the best option is a shelf with several sections that have doors or drawers. So it doesn’t look too messy. Meanwhile, if it’s only for display or sweetener, you can choose based on the design you like and according to your home.

2. The size

Choose a shelf that fits the size of the room in your house. Don’t get it so big that it almost fills the room. Measure carefully the space as well as the shelves you are aiming for.

3. The model

Nowadays, many people prefer minimalist and modern models. Because this model is easier to adapt to various types of rooms.

If the shelf function is only to sweeten the room, you can more freely choose a shelf model. Ranging from ordinary squares, to triangles, hexagonal, round, and even asymmetrical or irregular models.

4. Strength, Paint, and Others

Not just because you like the model, then you don’t pay attention to the strength of the shelf. Pay attention to this too. Even though it’s just a display, you definitely want a shelf that is durable and strong enough, right?

If you buy a finished shelf, also pay attention to the color of the paint. Does it match the wall color of your house. If you like multi colors, of course you can be more free to be creative and mix and match colors.

If you have chosen a shelf, now it can be installed immediately. After all, it’s not too difficult to install your own wall shelf at home? You don’t need a drill. You also don’t need to make a hole in your favorite wall.


Similar But Not the Same! Get To Know The Difference Between an Air Purifier, an Air Humidifier And an Air Diffuser

Similar But Not the Same! Get To Know The Difference Between an Air Purifier, an Air Humidifier And an Air Diffuser

Many people think that an air purifier, an air humidifier and an air diffuser are the same three things. However, you need to know that these three objects are indeed similar, but have very striking differences.

Starting from the main function, benefits, usage, speed of evaporation, water requirements, and how to work. Due to complete ignorance of the three types of objects, many people end up buying the wrong thing because they think they are the same.

In fact, if examined more deeply, each object has a function that focuses on different things. In the following, we will review the differences between air purifier, air humidifier and air diffuser.

The main function

The most important difference between the three objects is their main function. Air Purifier has the main function of purifying and cleaning the air so that it is safe from bacteria or viruses.

Meanwhile, the air humidifier has the main function of humidifying the air and avoiding allergies. While the Air Diffuser functions to clean the air, spray fragrances, and make breathing more relaxed.


Because of their different functions, of course the benefits of these three objects are different. Following, the benefits of each of these three objects:

  • Air purifiers provide benefits such as the surrounding air to be pure, clean and free from bacteria and viruses.
  • Air humidifiers provide benefits in the form of a more regular humidity level even without fragrances and help asthma sufferers who are allergic to air temperature conditions.
  • Air diffuser provides benefits to make breathing more relaxed and inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria.


The difference between an air purifier, an air humidifier and an air diffuser can be seen from their use. Air Purifier is used in environments that have poor air quality. Air Humidifier used in air-conditioned and dry room. Meanwhile, the Air Diffuser used in the bedroom that is quite small.

Air Purifiers are only recommended in rooms with poor air quality such as rooms full of cigarette smoke. This tool will filter the air and remove the odor from the cigarette smoke. Thus, the air in the room becomes clean again.

Air Humidifier is suitable for use in air-conditioned, dry, and large enough rooms. It is better if the air humidifier is not installed in a room that is quite humid, because it will make it easier for mold to grow.

Meanwhile, the Air Diffuser is suitable for use in a small room such as a bedroom. So that the room smells good and the smell that is sprayed can last longer.

Evaporating Speed

The difference between Air Purifier, Air Humidifier and Air Diffuser can be seen from the speed of the three objects in the evaporation process. Air Purifier does not require other liquid and can clean the air in 30 minutes to 120 minutes. Air Humidifier requires a special liquid and evaporation time depends on room temperature. Meanwhile, the air diffuser also requires certain fluids and evaporation occurs faster.

The air purifier does not require other liquids because it only sucks in the surrounding air, filters it, then re-releases the air through a filter that is used to bind bacteria or viruses. Because it does not require liquid, there is no process of evaporation from liquid to gas by this tool. On average, an air purifier can clean the air for 30 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the size of the room.

Air Humidifier and Air Diffuser require liquid so that the evaporation process occurs. The time required for the evaporation process is very temperature dependent. The higher the temperature, the faster the evaporation process will occur. Air Diffuser is faster in the evaporation process than air humidifier because it has a narrower space.

Water Requirement Level

Furthermore, the difference between an Air Purifier, an Air Humidifier and an Air Diffuser can be identified through the needs of these three objects for water. To distinguish easily, Air Purifier: requires no water, Air Humidifier requires water up to 3 liters, and Air Diffuser: requires about 300 ml to 500 ml of water.

Air humidifier requires more water, even up to 3 liters because it has to keep a large enough room in a humid state. In contrast to the air diffuser which only requires a small amount of water because the room is relatively very narrow. In fact, there are some water diffuser products that don’t need water at all, but only use essential oils to scent the room.

How the Air Purifier Works

The mechanism of the Air Purifier, Air Humidifier and Air Diffuser is also very different. The way the air purifier works is by absorbing air and removing it again in a clean state. An air humidifier works to humidify the air by producing warm steam. Meanwhile, the air diffuser works by spreading essential oils into the air in the form of droplets and fine mist.

Actually, the working mechanism of the three products is quite simple according to their function. The air purifier will start working by absorbing the existing air and then removing it again in a cleaner air than before. Before being removed, the air has been filtered with a filter made by the manufacturer, so that the dirty air will be cleaner when it is removed again.

How the Air Humidifier Works

Air humidifier has 4 ways of working, namely the steam system, electronic wave system, evaporation system, and hybrid system. In more detail, here’s an explanation of how it works:

  • In a steam system, the air humidifier will work to humidify the air so that it is heated by heating the water to produce very warm steam.
  • In an electronic wave system, the air humidifier will work by breaking down the water and turning it into sufficient water vapor.
  • In the evaporation system, the air humidifier works by using a paper humidifier by using the wind to pass through a filter containing water and steam. This system is likened to drying a wet towel in a room, so that it will feel more humid in the room.
  • In a hybrid system, the air humidifier works by combining steam and evaporation systems. So, the way it works in a hybrid system is a combination of a steam system and an evaporation system.

How The Air Diffuser Works

Meanwhile, the Air Diffuser has 3 ways of working, namely the ultrasonics diffuser, the heat diffuser, and the steam diffuser. In an ultrasonic diffuser, the frequency of water and electricity is used to spread the essential oil into the air in the form of droplets and fine mist.

Heat Diffuser is a way of heating essential oils and causing them to gradually evaporate into the air. As for the steam diffuser, the Air Diffuser will work by utilizing the air flow such as a fan to blow air through the filter so that the essential oil will cross the room.

Now you know the difference between an Air Purifier, Air Humidifier and Air Diffuser? Which one is the most suitable for your needs?


Minimalist Sofa Design Ideas For a Small Living Room at Home

Minimalist Sofa Design Ideas For a Small Living Room at Home
source: pinterest

When choosing a sofa that is suitable for a small living room, usually several problems will arise. For example, the sofa size is too large to be placed in the living room. Looking for a sofa model for a small living room is indeed very difficult, especially if you have to look for the model, type, and style you want.

A minimalist sofa design can be an alternative to choosing a sofa that is suitable for a small living room. Minimalist sofa design prioritizes function rather than aesthetics, but that does not mean eliminating the aesthetic altogether. A minimalist sofa for a small living room can be another way to get around the lack of available space in a small room.

Usually, a minimalist sofa will be added with the presence of a coffee table that also has the right model and design. The use of this furniture will create a positive atmosphere into the house.

In general, minimalist sofa designs are quite simple, clean, flexible, elegant, and reflect a modern lifestyle. In the following, we recommends choosing a minimalist sofa design for a small living room or family room.

Single Minimalist Sofa

The single minimalist sofa design is one of the essential minimalist furniture that is suitable for homes with small living rooms. With a beautiful and sturdy shape, the single minimalist sofa is quite popular with the younger generation who likes comfort. In addition, this single minimalist sofa is easy to move because of its non-rigid shape.

This single minimalist sofa only allows one person to sit. So, for the living room, you need at least 2 single sofas. To put it is also quite simple, you can arrange side by side with a table in front of it.

Or arrange face to face with separated tables. In addition, you can arrange side by side by placing a table between the two sofas.

A single minimalist sofa is suitable to be combined with a coffee table, especially those that are not too large. Moreover, if the coffee table still emphasizes the natural touch of wood material, it will make the combination of furniture in the living room more elegant.

Minimalist Sofa with Side Table

This minimalist sofa with a side table design is quite cool, so it is suitable to be placed in a small living room to add warmth to the house. This minimalist sofa design is perfect for studio or 1 BR apartment units with an area between 25 to 45 square meters.

This sofa style is quite simple and elegant. You can beautify the sofa with a minimalist side table. Besides functioning as a complement, the side table serves as a place to put the items needed. The side table is not very big, so it is easy to move.

When choosing a minimalist sofa design with a side table, you must pay attention to color and layout choices. Colors that work well for this design are fairly dark colors like dark blue or brown. Furthermore, in the layout, you can place it on one side of the room, but not facing the main door. Place the side table on the left when not in use. Furthermore, when there are guests coming, you can move the table to the front of the sofa.

Minimalist Sofa with Coffee Table

This minimalist sofa design with a coffee table is equipped with soft pads so it is very comfortable to use. This sofa is specially designed so that it can be placed in a fairly small living room or family room. For a more elegant look, you can combine it with the beauty of the coffee table .

A minimalist sofa with a coffee table is a combination of furniture sets that is perfect for the living room and family room. This minimalist sofa design is devoted to two adults and one child. So, this minimalist sofa with a coffee table is suitable for those of you who are married and have a child who is still of school age.

So that you can still feel the aesthetics of the design, then you have to choose a sofa color that is in harmony with the color of the walls of the room. Next, choose a coffee table that emphasizes the color of the material, usually wood. So, you can choose a coffee table color like brown or black. You also have to pay attention to the length of the coffee table so that it doesn’t fill the room space and causes the room to become narrower.

Minimalist Sofa Shape L

The minimalist L-shape sofa design is very unique so that it makes you always feel at home sitting on it. The L-shaped minimalist sofa is designed for 2 people plus 1 person on the L section. Usually, L-shaped sofas are accompanied by soft fabrics and very soft cushions. You can use a sofa like this for the living room and family room because besides being comfortable, you will definitely save space. The L-shaped minimalist sofa is also suitable for lying down.

The L-shaped minimalist sofa will further provide aesthetics for a small living room with the addition of a minimalist table. You can choose the type of table with drawers to store certain objects. The choice of table size is the length and width that does not exceed the inner side of the two dividers or sofa handles.

For a more attractive appearance, you can put a long sofa on one of the walls of the room, but don’t face the main door of the house. Furthermore, for a small part (1 sitting) you can put it on one side. If possible place it facing the door. However, if the room doesn’t support it, you can put it on the other side, which is next to the door.

Sofa Bed

A sofa bed can not only decorate the living room, but is very flexible because it can be used as a bed, aka a bed. Sofa bed has been very popular to bring comfort in a place to live.

This minimalist sofa design is very flexible because it doesn’t have armrests. For residents of minimalist apartment units, sofa beds can be the best choice because they don’t waste a lot of space and save on furniture usage.

Minimalist Sofa with Low Armrest

Types of sofas with low armrests can also beautify the aesthetics of your living room. Especially for those of you who like a look that is not rigid and flexible, then you can choose this type of minimalist sofa. This sofa looks more minimalist and has a more youthful spirit, because its shape is not rigid. No need to worry, this sofa is very sturdy even without armrests.

Small Sofa for a Vintage Look

Vintage design is never ending and almost penetrates all types of furniture. One of them is for a minimalist sofa, available with a vintage design too. This vintage minimalist sofa slightly adapts the vintage structure and color palette. A vintage minimalist sofa design will make a small living room more homey.

Recommendations for choosing a sofa color are black, beige, or brown. For a combination with a table, you have to choose a table with a vintage design as well to make it match and harmony.

Choosing a sofa with too many details can be one of the causes for a small living room to feel more crowded. However, placing a minimalist sofa with a simple design will really help you. Not only it can make the living room feel more spacious, but the right minimalist sofa design will be useful in terms of functionality and in harmony with the concept of housing.


Keyless Smart Door Lock: For the Convenience and Security of Your Home

Keyless Smart Door Lock: For the Convenience and Security of Your Home
source: techhive

In the past, to open a door you needed a key with a shape that tends to be the same. This is what is called an analog door lock. But in a modern apartment- class residence designed with the latest technology systems today, analog door locks are no longer used. Instead, you have used a smart lock door lock with a PIN, pattern or fingerprint to open the door.

Replacement of analog door locks to smart locks is not without reason. So that this type of door is an option today for anyone who wants more secure. The design is also futuristic, plus the smart door lock also has many other advantages over analog door locks:

1. Offering Various Ways to Open Doors

To open a door using a smart lock, users can choose one way according to the features provided by the smart door lock. Generally those circulating in the market offer the following ways:

  • Unlocking the door using a card ( card unlocking ): the door lock will open using the card as the key. So whoever hold the card will have access to open the door.
  • Unlocking the door using fingerprints ( fingerprint unlocking ): the door lock will open by scanning the fingerprint that the data has been entered into the smart lock database. You can register all members of the house so that each of them can have access to it with their fingers. This method is faster and easier.
  • Unlocking doors using passwords ( password unlocking ): door access is owned by anyone who knows the pin code or password to unlock the door. This method is sometimes used as an alternative if the fingerprint scan is problematic.
  • Unlocking the door via remote control ( Remote control Unlocking ): Some smart lock vendors such as Tissor and Igloohome now allow unlocking the door through the receptionist. So if something unexpected happens so that the lock on your door cannot be opened, you can contact the receptionist to open it via remote control .
  • Unlocking the door via a smartphone: some smart door lock vendors such as Kevo smart lock and Otto smart lock allow access to control doors using a smartphone. To unlock the door, a special application that has been synchronized with the key is used.

2. Increasing home security

With the many choices of opening and locking doors provided by a smart lock, it will certainly increase various security systems. You can choose a system using a fingerprint, PIN code, or even use a remote control via a smartphone.

You can restrict access, anyone who can open the door and enter the house. For example, when you choose to use a fingerprint locking system; then only certain people whose fingerprints have been registered in the system can open the door.

3. Increase the Aesthetic Value of the House

Unlike conventional locks, smart doors lock do not have a keyhole. So to unlock it must be done digitally. This also minimizes the occurrence of crime, and beautifies the aesthetics of the door of the house.

As previously mentioned, smart door lock also has an elegant modern design and of course futuristic. Thus it will add to the aesthetic value of your dream home.

4. Can Create “Personal Space”

There are times when you want to be alone, nothing interferes with. By utilizing the feature of limiting access rights on the smart lock, you can have privacy in your home without anyone else entering.

When you activate the privacy feature on the smart door lock of your home or room, the door cannot be opened. The door will remain locked even if it is opened by someone who has the access code for the door lock. This feature will only stop working when you turn it off.

5. Has an Alarm System

Unlike conventional door locks, door smart locks are equipped with a variety of additional safety features. One of them is an alarm system that will alert the residents of the house if there is an error in inputting the password or forcing the door lock.

When the door is damaged, for example, an alarm will sound or give a signal. Thus, residents can immediately be alert and ready to take action. Some smart locks will also give an alarm when there is a significant increase in temperature in the house.

The sound generated by the alarm is generally quite loud. So that it will easily attract attention. Not only the attention of the people in the house, but also the attention of local residents.

6. No Need to Worry About Lost or Left Behind Keys

Those of you who are forgetful will definitely like the benefits of using this smart door lock. When using a conventional lock, you have to take good care of the key to your door. If you forget to bring, or even lose it, then you will not be able to open the door of your house.

By using smart doors lock this will never happen again. Because to unlock the door you only need your fingers. You only need to scan your fingerprint or enter the door opening pin. Looks fun enough is it?!

6. No Need to Fuss Checking the Door

The advantage of using this smart door lock will also make those of you who are forgetful feel happy. Sometimes we forget, whether we have locked the door of the house or not when we are about to go outside or travelling.

If you remember to check it out while you are still at the door, it won’t be too much of a hassle. The problem is sometimes when we are busy or in a hurry, we forget to check the door. As a result you have to come back again to make sure the door already locked or not. How troublesome.

However, you will not experience this again if you use a smart lock door. Because the lock will automatically lock. And if you want to reopen the door to the house that has been closed, you have to re-enter the PIN code or scan your fingerprint again.

7. Use More Freely

Another advantage of the smartlock is the flexibility in its use. You can manage who has access to unlock the door of the house. Unlike conventional locks which require you to move the key or make a duplicate so that other people have access to open the door.

You can arrange for all members of your family to have login access. If you want, you can also set it so that only you have login access. With you can minimize the occurrence of crimes due to losing keys, etc.

From a commercial perspective, the use of smart doors lock allows management to be able to provide tenants with access to unlock the property for a certain period of time. This can be done easily via remote control. No need to worry about key circulating, or key reprogramming.

Disadvantages of Smart Lock Door

The use of smart door lock is indeed very easy, it also provides security and comfort that conventional locks do not have. However, there are some drawbacks to smart doors lock that you need to consider before using them.

1. Adaptation to the Use of Advanced Technology

Smart door lock apply advanced technology, and the use of modern equipment like this is not always easy for everyone. Discuss it with all family members before deciding on the installation. Especially if there are family members who are quite old. Actually it’s not difficult to learn how to use smart lock, it’s just that not everyone wants to learn it.

2. The Price is Relatively Expensive

The price of a smart lock door lock is much more expensive than the price of a conventional door lock. The more sophisticated the features provided by the smart lock, the more expensive the price will be.

For installation, it should also be done by professionals, because installation errors can result in malfunction of this tool. This installation also requires additional costs that you need to consider before deciding to use a smart lock door.

So, ready to use this smart lock door ? Of course you have to consider the pros and cons first. Most importantly, always prioritize safety in your home, as well as ease in using all furniture.


List Of Household Electronic Devices That You Should Buy To Make Life Simplier And Also Easier

List Of Household Electronic Devices That You Should Buy To Make Life Simplier And Also Easier
source: electronichouse

Owning your first residence or when you are moved out to a new house, there are definitely many needs that you must fulfill. Starting from furniture, such as beds, wardrobes, dining tables, sofas, and many more. Not to mention the various electronic devices. There are lot of things that you must buy !

It is undeniable that the need for household electronics is quite cost a lot. But it can’t be helped, because electronic devices are important. Can make daily activities easier, especially for those of you who are often busy with various household activities or working every day.

It’s not everything you should buy, because it will cost you a lot of money but also need a place to store. Not to mention that if they are not used often, these household electronic devices are very likely to be damaged. It would be better if you only had what was really important. For example:

Household Electronics

1. Refrigerator

Either you are the type who likes to cook yourself at home, or prefer to buy food outside to make it more practical. The refrigerator is very important to be available in your home. For those who like to cook, its function is clear to store a variety of fresh food ingredients. Vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, to some herbs.

For those of you who like to buy food outside or via delivery order, the refrigerator is also useful for storing leftovers. Some ready-to-eat foods will also last a long time in the refrigerator. For example bread, cereal, and milk. So, having a refrigerator is very essential.

Now when you buy this one household electronic device, make sure you choose one that is durable and has the capacity as needed. The problem is the refrigerator usually requires a large electricity intake, so it is very wasteful if you buy a large refrigerator while you only live alone. Choose a small, practical and simple and economical.

2. Rice Cooker

This household electronic device is almost impossible for you to leave. Rice cooker really makes your life easier. Just put in clean rice, add water according to the amount, and cook using electricity. Done. Very simple and must-have for every household.

Not just for rice, rice cookers can also be used to cook porridge or steam. For example potatoes, cassava, yams, and even some simple cakes.

3. Blender

Especially for those of you who like to cook, having a blender at home is very important. With a blender, we can grind cooking spices easily. Tired of grinding spices? There’s no need anymore. The blender will do all the heavy lifting. Cooking has become much easier. The taste is almost certainly owned by every household.

4. Juicer

If you and people at home regularly drink juice, even consume it daily, you should have a juicer. Blender and juicer need to be differentiated if you consume them frequently. Because the blender is more often used for cooking spices and also for mashing meat.

Of course you don’t want the smell of cooking spices in your juice or smoothie, do you? You might lose your taste for juice because of an unnecessary aroma. Therefore, you should have these two electronic devices if you often cook and drink juices.

5. Dispenser

Because water is an absolute necessity in everyday life, having a dispenser at home is also very important. There are various dispensers that you can choose from. Starting from a portable dispenser or a small table dispenser. There is also a gallon dispenser on top. The simplest is the bottom gallon dispenser.

You don’t need to lift heavy gallons. So you can replace the gallon yourself if it runs out. The thing to remember in choosing a dispenser with a gallon below is to choose one with a safe, protected hose.

6. Microwave

This electronic device is not really important for some people. However, if you are the very busy type and don’t have much time to cook, a microwave can be very reliable.

With a microwave, you can bake or just heat food very simply. Preparing a quick breakfast for family members can really help if you use the microwave.

7. Oven

Actually, some functions of the oven can also be obtained from the microwave. However, if you like baking cakes, of course the results will be better if you use the oven. Some pasta-based foods such as lasagna, baked macaroni, etc. can also be made in the oven.

Happy family with delicious food is indeed important. So, if you like to cook, having an oven is certainly important and makes life simpler.

8. Air Fryer

The cooking tool that is currently being hit has a lot of advantages. Safe to use because it does not use oil, healthier because it produces foods that are low in fat. In addition, the air fryer is also simple and easy to use and clean. Anyone can use it.

The air fryer is also multipurpose. Not only for frying, but also for steaming and baking. Life is healthier and simpler? Definitely.

9. Machine Wash

Therefore, having a washing machine is very important. The washing machines with the front drum are currently the easiest to live in. The laundry dries immediately, regardless of the dry season or the rainy season. But if your funds are limited, having an upper opening washing machine is also very helpful for your daily life.

10. Iron

The clothes are clean, definitely need ironing too, right. Especially if it’s clothes are going to worn outside by you, like going to school or going to work. Choose an iron with a non-stick plate. If you like to use additional steam, it is heavier and more expensive. Don’t forget to choose the one whose cable is securely protected.

If you have a lot of clothes with soft materials and need more attention like silk, you can also use a steamer. Smoothing clothes with a steamer is indeed easier and less tiring as when ironing. But the price is certainly more expensive and the electric power required is also more.

11. Air Conditioner (AC)

With air conditioning, guaranteed to be more comfortable. Especially if you just had a baby. In order to sleep comfortably and the baby is not fussy, the air in the house must be kept cool.

12. Vacuum Cleaner

This electronic device is important, especially if the floor of the house is carpeted. Dust on carpets is usually difficult to remove, but it will be easier to use a vacuum cleaner. The air in the house will definitely be cleaner, right. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean ordinary floors.

In addition to floors and carpets, there are also vacuum cleaners that are smaller in size. It is very practical to use for cleaning sofas, beds, blankets, etc. A house with minimal dust and cleaner air, is definitely more comfortable for you and other family members.

Tips for Buying Electronic Equipment

Having a line of electronic devices at home is indeed important. Moreover, its function can make daily activities easier. However, there are a number of things that must be considered when buying an electronic device.

1. Learn Electronic Device Functions

Know for sure, what is the function of the electronic device that you are going to buy. Don’t have two electronic devices that have the same function. Apart from being a waste of money, it can also take up space at home.

2. Don’t Buy Just Because of the Trend

Just like fashion and gadgets, electronic devices also come and go. Some of them are often a trend. Consider first, whether you need that tool at home. Don’t just buy because everyone around you buys the tool.

3. Choose Energy Efficient

Minimizing expenses every month is definitely important, right? Choose electronic devices that use low power. Don’t forget to also adjust the power capabilities in your home. Do not exceed it, because it becomes unused.

4. Choose from Trusted Brands

Buying an electronic device is closely related to safety at home, because it uses electricity. So it is very important to pay attention to safety standards. Choose an electronic device from a trusted brand to make it more secure.

It doesn’t have to be expensive brands or imports from abroad. There are many brands that are good and meet the standards. So, which household electronic device will you buy for the first time to complete your home?

Tips & Trick

Tips To Take Care of a Refrigerator That You Should Do

Tips To Take Care of a Refrigerator That You Should Do
source: houselogic

One of the household appliances that must be available at home is a refrigerator. This one tool has a very important role, especially for storing food and vegetables so they last a long time. Unfortunately, we often find a refrigerator that breaks down quickly.

Even though if cared for properly, the refrigerator can be long lasting and durable. It can even last up to 19 years. Of course how to care for the refrigerator must be correct. Should not be careless. There are rules for cleaning and managing the electricity.

How to Maintain the Correct Refrigerator

So how about taking care of the refrigerator that you have been doing so far, is that correct? Here’s the guide:

1. Put The Refrigerator In a Cool Place

First about laying, avoid putting the refrigerator in a hot place, next to the stove, for example. The heat coming out of the stove will mix with the cold of the refrigerator. This can cause the refrigerator to break down quickly.

We recommend that you place the refrigerator in the dining room, away from objects that give off heat. Putting the refrigerator in a hot place, also requires the refrigerator to work hard. Of course the electricity used is also increasingly wasteful.

2. Do Not Store Hot Water In The Refrigerator

It is the same as the stove that emits heat. Hot water is also not good if you store it directly in the refrigerator. The heat can make the refrigerator quickly damaged.

It’s best to wait until the water is cool enough, at least at room temperature. And then you can stored in the refrigerator. For those of you who have this one habit, you should more careful.

3. Fill The Refrigerator Sufficiently

Each refrigerator has its own capacity. Do not overfill the refrigerator to its capacity. Fill with food and drink to taste.

If it is too heavy, it can make the refrigerator container cracked, even broken. For example, the shelf or drawer. Heavy drinking bottles or bowls can also cause cracks.

4. Refrigerator Must Always Be Closed

If the refrigerator is too full, sometimes the door won’t close tightly. This should be avoided. Always keep the refrigerator tightly closed so as not to waste electricity.

In addition, the quality of the food in it will be well preserved. The food inside will not be contaminated with air or any dirt from the outside.

5. Provide Space Between The Refrigerator And The Wall

Behind the refrigerator is a condenser that emits heat. So that this heat can come out properly, then give space between the refrigerator and the wall.

Position the refrigerator about 15 to 20 cm away from the wall. In this way, the air circulation will run smoothly. The refrigerator can also work better.

6. Set The Refrigerator Temperature According To Its Contents

If you have food items such as fish and chicken in the refrigerator, it’s best to lower the temperature so that it is cooler. The goal is to avoid these food ingredients becoming spoiled.

But if there are only fruit or vegetables, for example, the temperature may be increased. So that it doesn’t get too cold. This not only makes electricity more efficient, but also maintains the quality of fruits and vegetables.

7. Avoid Using The Refrigerator When The Power Goes Out

When the power goes out, especially for a long time, the refrigerator does not cool down. Avoid opening and closing the refrigerator too often. Because this will make the air from outside enter into the refrigerator.

Some foods spoil quickly because of this. When the power fails, food can last for 24 hours if left closed in the refrigerator.

8. Mandatory Unplug When The Power Goes Out

It is highly recommended to unplug the refrigerator when the power goes out. After turning it back on, wait for 5 minutes, then plug the cable back in.

This is done so that the compressor is reset to the initial position. Non-resetting electricity can cause the refrigerator to break down more quickly. But this does not apply to power outages for a long time.

9. Clean The Inside of The Refrigerator

To be durable, of course, the refrigerator must be cleaned periodically. Can be 3 months or 6 months, depending on the cleanliness of each refrigerator.

Be sure to unplug before cleaning. Then take out all the contents of the refrigerator, while sorting it, who knows if there is expired food.

Remove all components inside the refrigerator, clean it with spins and soap. Clean the inside thoroughly with a homemade cleanser. Can use apple cider vinegar mixed with water. Avoid chemical liquids as they can leave odors that the food will absorb later.

10. Clean The Outside of The Refrigerator

The next way to care for the refrigerator is to clean the outside of the refrigerator. Clean the door and side body with a sponge and cleaning fluid until it is clean so that it looks good. For the outside, you can use ordinary chemical cleaning fluids.

11. Clean The Freezer

To clean the freezer, you can use a toothbrush. Mainly for cleaning frost or frozen food spill stains. Brush it gently. If it’s hard to get rid of, try using white toothpaste.

Avoid using tools to clean frosts and stubborn stains. Moreover, sharp objects. This can cause scratches and even cracks in the freezer.

12. Clean the Condenser on the Back of the Refrigerator

The dirt that has accumulated from the dust must be lodged in the back of the refrigerator over time. Therefore, make sure to clean it regularly too.

If it is free from dust, then the heat that comes out of the condenser will not be obstructed. The refrigerator works better. Conversely, if left for too long, dirt and dust can build up in the condenser.

13. Don’t Leave the Refrigerator Empty

Just as a refrigerator is too full, an empty refrigerator is no good either. The refrigerator continues to cool according to the set temperature. If the refrigerator is empty, it will make an extra effort to maintain the temperature. This can be wasteful of electricity.

Therefore, if there is no food stored in the refrigerator, you should unplug the refrigerator. If you want to keep it lit, keep bottles filled with drinking water. So that the refrigerator does not work too hard, it will save electricity.

14. Know the Shelf Life of Food and Beverages

Avoid storing food or drinks in the refrigerator for too long. Stale food creates odors that other foods can absorb. In addition to making other food conditions less enjoyable, the refrigerator will also smell.

Know the shelf life of food. Fish usually lasts only 1-2 days, while chicken meat is 4-5 days. Fruits and vegetables can last 3-4 days, eggs about 2 weeks. While cheese is usually around 1 month.

15. Avoid Setting the Refrigerator Temperature Too Low

Often this happens when making ice cubes. In order to make it fast, the temperature is lowered to very low. Or when storing ice cream in the freezer. A temperature that is set too low will make the refrigerator go the extra mile. This can waste electricity. If done too often it can also damage the refrigerator.

Refrigerators are fragile electronic items. Because it takes several ways to care for the refrigerator so that it can last a long time, even though it is as good as any brand of refrigerator you have. Good luck with the tips above.


Vacuum Cleaner Robot, House Cleaning Activity Will Be Faster And Hassle-Free!

Vacuum Cleaner Robot, House Cleaning Activity Will Be Faster And Hassle-Free!
source: dailysabah

Cleaning the house becomes an activity that is sometimes troublesome and tiring. Not surprisingly, some people leave this task to household assistants. However, using household assistants services recently has actually made the monthly budget swell.

Not without reason, the services of maids or household assistants also require large costs.

Apart from expensive cost, sometimes there are also homeowners who do not want their privacy to be disturbed if a household assistant lives in their house.

Wow, if that’s the case, we need the right and efficient solution for cleaning the house. Don’t worry, in this fast and practical modern era, you can rely on the Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner As A Solution For Cleaning The House

The vacuum cleaner is a device that really helps with household chores as a substitute for a broom. With this tool you don’t have to bother carrying dirt and herding it on a dustpan.

A vacuum cleaner is a device that uses an air pump system and how it works by sucking dust and dirt on floors and carpets. In fact, this tool already has a “ Wet and Dry ” function, which can suck on dry or wet floor surfaces.

However, when using it you have to go around all the rooms with this machine. In fact, you also have to do other things. Not to mention the shape that is not flexible and quite difficult to reach certain areas such as under sofas, tables, chairs, cabinets, and so on. So, even though it can really help your work that is no longer using household assistants, a vacuum cleaner is still not effective enough because it still requires additional energy.

Switch to Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner is an innovation that can work on its own without needing to be directed and is equipped with several sophisticated features. In some designs, this home cleaning robot has a brush on both sides that can rotate to grab dust adhering to the sides and corners of the room.

If the vacuum cleaner can only suck dust, the robot vacuum cleaner has three functions at once, namely sweeping, sucking, and mopping. In fact, now there are those that provide five functions at once, namely sweeping, sucking, brushing, mopping, and drying.

Because it is programmed independently and on a scheduled basis, the robot is also equipped with anti-fall and anti-crash features. With these two features, this tool will not hit walls or furniture and will not fall when it encounters stairs.

The robot vacuum cleaner has a sleek and compact design, so it can easily fit under a sofa, table, chair, or bed. Thus, all the dirt can be totally bulldozed and nothing is overlooked. In fact, to all corners of the room and around the legs of the furniture which are difficult and very troublesome to clean.

Along with the development of technology, this home cleaning robot is increasingly innovative and modern and is able to provide the best solution for homework. It is not impossible, if this device will later become a basic necessity every day.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features

The vacuum cleaner robot is very interesting to use because of its presence, which is equipped with several features that make it easy to use. Following, some of these features.

  • Smart navigation sensor that supports smart self-work.
  • The Stair Avoidance Detector feature which functions so that the vacuum cleaner robot will rotate to avoid stairs so that it does not fall and risk damage.
  • Virtual wall feature that will send infrared and order the robot not to pass through the room you want to clean.

How to Use a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This tool is very efficient and very easy to operate. To use it, all you have to do is press the power button, and watch how it sweeps and sucks dust along the floor automatically.

When the work has been completed or the battery will run out, Robot vacuum cleaner will return to his home ( docking station ). When the connectors on the robot and the docking touch, the engine will automatically shut down and perform auto-charging .


Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the best solution for those of you who no longer use ART services. This tool is very easy to use with the advantages of the features used. The advantages include:

  • Can sweep and mop floors at one time
  • Will automatically work even if no one is home.
  • It is a smart device, because it only takes one tap
  • Give more free time
  • No need for cables milling about
  • Equipped with advanced features such as virtual wall and virtual stair so you don’t hit the wall and fall down the stairs.
  • Can clean hidden areas such as under sofas, cabinets, shelves, and so on.


Every tool that is made is not always superior with all of its features. Likewise with the robot vacuum cleaner. Although this tool is fairly sophisticated, it still has some drawbacks. Here are the drawbacks of this tool.

  • Has a small storage, unlike ordinary vacuum cleaners that have a large enough storage tool.
  • Less flexible because it can only work indoors.
  • Cannot reach dust and dirt that land on the top corner of the wall like a spider web because it cannot be lifted up like a normal vacuum cleaner.
  • Cannot climb stairs

The vacuum cleaner and the robot vacuum cleaner have the same function even though they are very different. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a vacuum cleaner can be lifted to clean cobwebs on a wall surface whereas a robot vacuum cleaner cannot. On the other hand, a robot vacuum cleaner can clean the floor under the sofa, whereas a normal vacuum cleaner cannot.

Even though this tool is the latest generation of vacuum cleaners, there are still many people who still decide to use this tool for various reasons. All according to individual tastes and decisions. However, the presence of these two tools is a solution for those who are afraid and do not believe in household assistants services.