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This 10 Ornamental Plants on Workbench That Will Give A Positive Aura

This 10 Ornamental Plants on Workbench That Will Give A Positive Aura
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Working in an office for long hours will definitely make anyone bored. Productivity also decreased. Especially if you see the pile of work that seems endless. It must be tired and bored and it makes the mind feel hot.

Luckily there are many ways to overcome it. One of them is by placing ornamental plants on your desk. Believe it or not, in fact, some plants are proven to have a positive effect that doesn’t just decorate the work table, but also gives a positive aura and a sense of enthusiasm in the mind.

1. Monstera

For you plant lovers, this one plant is certainly familiar, right? Monstera is often a dream in some rooms because it can survive even indoors and doesn’t wither easily.

In addition, this plant, which is often used in Scandinavian-themed decorations, also has a unique leaf shape. The perforated leaves make this plant look so attractive.

Even though it has a fairly large size, this work desk ornamental plant is still sweet to be placed in the corner of the office room. You also don’t need to water this plant every day because this plant can live just by placing it in a glass pot filled with water.

2. Cactus

Cactus, the thorny plant that is synonymous with the desert, is one of the plants that can soothe your tired eyes looking at a computer screen. You don’t need to put down large cacti, now there are many mini cacti that don’t even have thorns so they are very safe.

Besides that, cactus plants are also very beautiful and will sweeten your desk. Even though this plant is a plant that does not wither easily and does not require difficult care, you still have to water it occasionally. Don’t forget to occasionally bring this work table ornamental plant to a place that is exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Succulent

This tiny plant can also be found on many desks. Not only because of its beautiful shape but also because succulent plants are believed to provide good luck for their owners.

This plant is similar to a cactus. So it does not require special care such as regular watering or fertilizer. The benefits of this plant are extraordinary, it is even able to release oxygen into your workspace.

Usually, this plant is placed on a table near the entrance to the office in the belief that it can bring luck and success to the company.

4. Chrysanthemum

Plants that are often found in several herbal medicines do have extraordinary benefits. Not only does it provide benefits after being processed, but chrysanthemum flowers also provide many benefits if planted and placed on your desk.

In a study conducted by NASA, the chrysanthemum was ranked first on the list of best pollutant filter plants. As it is known, the level of pollutants in closed rooms is much higher than in open spaces because there is no change in air circulation.

5. Aloe vera

Plants that can increase the productivity of working in the offices are aloe vera plants. This plant is proven to be able to filter dirty air.

Place aloe vera in the corner of your office or on your desk if it’s small. If you see brown or black spots on aloe vera leaves, then that is a sign that your office space has a very high level of pollutants.

6. Snake Plant

Not only aloe vera, the mother-in-law tongue plant or commonly known as the snake plant is also very useful in absorbing high levels of pollutants in the workspace.

This plant does not require special care because it can grow easily anywhere. The snake plant is able to absorb benzene, formalin, xylene, and trichloroethylene.

7. Fortune bamboo

As the name implies, fortune bamboo is believed to be able to bring good luck or bring fortune to its owner. Unlike bamboo in general, fortune bamboo actually has a flexible stem so you can create its shape. Fortune bamboo is a type of ornamental plant that is widely used in home interiors that emphasize feng shui.

Bamboo originating from Africa is very good at cleaning the air in the room so that work productivity will increase. Clean air will make the brain’s performance more optimal. The enthusiasm for the activity will always be present in the workspace. So, you don’t need to hesitate to make this an ornamental plant on your desk, huh!

8. Aglaonema

Aglaonema is one of the home decoration plants that we very often encounter. Plants with wide leaves are indeed easy to plant and care for as well as providing excellent benefits.

There are many types of aglaonema plants, some are red, green, and a combination of the two, so it is very suitable to beautify the room. You can choose which one suits your taste.

9. Ferns

Ferns are one of the plants that can clean the air and make the room humid. Plants that are similar to fish bones are able to filter indoor pollutants so that the air becomes cleaner. Nothing wrong with the many who choose this plant to become an ornamental plant on the work table.

10. Spider plant

This plant, which has long, slender leaves, is also very effective in cleaning the air in a closed room. Not only very powerful, but this plant also does not require special care. So it is very suitable for you to put it in the workspace.

Those are some ornamental plants on the work table that can increase our productivity at work. In addition to making the room more beautiful, the clean air that is produced also makes us healthier and more enthusiastic about doing activities.


12 Minimalist Furniture That Suitable for Studio Apartments

12 Minimalist Furniture That Suitable for Studio Apartments
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Living in a studio apartment requires intelligence in managing a narrow space so that it can accommodate all the furniture needed. Because the size is not large, the necessary furniture must also prioritize its benefits. Here are 12 minimalist pieces of furniture that are suitable for you if you live in a studio apartment.

1. A bed that has a drawer

Use a bed that has drawers when deciding to live in a studio apartment. This will help you later when there are more clothes and space to add to your wardrobe is very limited.

You can use the drawer to store clothes and shoes, even books or other items. So besides functioning as a bed it can also be a place for storing clothes.

2. The Table Hanging on the Wall

The idea of ​​using this furniture is enough to minimize the use of the space you need to put the table. If previously you used a table that is commonly placed on the floor, then try this innovation which is guaranteed not to be much different but has more beneficial value.

You can make a table hanging on the wall as a desk for studying. So on it, you can put notebooks, books, files, and other study or office needs. This furniture is one that you must have.

3. Custom Shelf

The use of custom shelves as furniture in apartments also helps a lot, you know. You can store various furniture, magazines, books, and knick-knacks on this shelf. You can also arrange various displays more freely on it, such as lamps and flower vases.

4. Vertical dresser

Compared to using a large wardrobe that takes up a lot of space, you better choose a vertical dresser. The space needed for this furniture is also not too much, so it is perfect for a studio apartment. You just need to arrange the clothes into the dresser.

5. Folding Sofa

Did you know that the folding sofa has many functional values? Its main function is indeed as a sofa to relax while watching movies, but on other occasions, you can also transform it into a comfortable bed.

Therefore, when choosing a sofa, make sure the material you choose is comfortable to use. In addition, you can also adjust the tilt, adjusting it as needed to feel more relaxed.

6. Small Dining Table

You can choose a small dining table with a stool and a folding table leaf. Place this dining table in the corner of the room so that it doesn’t take up too much space. This option is truly minimalistic and puts more emphasis on function.

So you only need to take out the stool when you want to eat. In addition, choose a table that has drawers so that you can use it as a place to store cutlery such as napkins and so on.

7. Folding Chairs

Folding chairs can also help you if you suddenly need an extra chair in the apartment. Because if you use an ordinary chair, you will also need more space, while the conditions are inadequate. So folding chairs are the most suitable choice.

When used, you can keep things like the television remote in the pocket next to the chair. Meanwhile, if you are not needed you can fold it and store this chair under the bed or in the cupboard. It is intended that its existence is not visible and does not interfere.

8. Ottoman  with Multiple Functions

Living in a studio apartment does require good consideration when choosing furniture. One of the minimalist pieces of furniture that also has great value is the ottoman. Therefore, choose an ottoman that has multiple functions.

For example, the ottoman is equipped with a storage area, so you can use it to store blankets, pillows, or even books. You can also choose an ottoman which doubles as a coffee table or dining table.

9. Corner Hangers

One of the drawbacks of using a vertical dresser is that clothes cannot be hung. But take it easy, you can outsmart it by using a corner hanger instead.

You can arrange this hanger in a vertical row so that less space is taken up. In order to further minimize space, install this hanger in the corner of the room such as near the bed or near the door.


Moving to a Studio Apartment? Try Using These 10 Furniture

Moving to a Studio Apartment? Try Using These 10 Furniture
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Living in an apartment is the choice of single millennials who try their luck in big cities. Apart from its strategic location and the various facilities it has, the more affordable rental prices for studio apartments also make it a wise choice.

Unfortunately, studio apartment space is very limited. Therefore, you have to work around this by only putting in certain items. Here are 10 pieces of furniture that you must present in a studio apartment so that your residence remains comfortable.

1. Vertical or Horizontal Stacking Rack

Using stacked shelves that can be arranged vertically or horizontally is a wiser choice than using large shelves or cabinets. Because in addition to reducing the cramped impression, you can also arrange the shelf in a separate room and make it double as a bench or storage table.

2. Stacked Chairs

A studio apartment does not allow a large sofa to be filled. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a chair. You can work around this by using chairs that can be stacked in the corner of the room.

So when your friends come and need them, you just have to pull the chairs one by one. Another way, you can also use a chair that functions double.

3. Large mirror in the middle of the room

A large mirror will give a large impression in a narrow room. Therefore, it is the right choice to bring a large mirror when moving to a studio apartment.

You can hang the mirror in the middle of your apartment room, to give the impression of a spacious and brighter room. Or position it across from the window, to maximize the reflection of light from outside.

If you don’t like a large mirror, you can also use 3 smaller mirrors. Arrange the three mirrors lined up on the wall of the room. You can get a similarly broad and light feel this way.

4. Small size armchairs

Armchairs are indeed more comfortable to use in a chair without arms. However, the size of the armchair that tends to be large will fill the space of your studio apartment. So it will be faster if you use armless chairs to fill the apartment space.

Even so, you can still get around the armchair to be present in the residence, namely by looking for a small size with an attractive design.

5. Hidden Storage

The limited space in a studio apartment makes you unable to have a lot of storage area. However, items that are not neatly arranged in the storage area will make your apartment space look cluttered easily.

Using smaller storage spaces such as boxes or baskets placed on the floor is sometimes not a pretty sight. The solution, you can create a hidden storage area.

For example, a storage rack behind the door or under the bed. Hidden storage places like this will help keep your apartment looking tidy, but didn’t add to the stuffy atmosphere. Minimalist impression.

6. Multifunctional Furniture

The use of the right furniture is the right solution for those of you who live in studio apartments that have limited space. Only use furniture that is necessary, and try to use furniture that has multiple functions. That way you will still have the furniture you need, but also didn’t take up your apartment space.

You can use multifunctional furniture such as:

  • The ottoman chair, which you can use as an extra sofa or chair, or also turn into a coffee table.
  • Sofa table, which can serve as a dining table or be converted into a work table.
  • A sofa equipped with a shelf.
  • Bench, which can function as a dining chair, coffee table, or cabinet.

7. Bookshelf

Bookshelves are usually small in size and come in many shapes and colors. In addition, usually, bookshelves have an attractive design, so that it will add an artistic nuance to the studio apartment space. And of course, it can make your apartment have a neat storage area and didn’t take up space.

You can use the shelf as a room divider, or keep it attached to the wall. You can use it as a breakfast table, or a sofa table. Or you can also use it as a work area, by storing your laptop and printer on the shelf.

8. Maximum lighting

Bright light can also help your space look spacious and away from being gloomy. For that, you need to maximize the lighting in your apartment.

One effective trick you can apply is to place a lamp behind the bed. In addition, you can also use lights as an element of decoration, which makes the apartment space artistic or romantic.

9. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are shelves attached to the wall. Utilizing the wall area is the right choice to maximize the use of your apartment space.

You can attach several rows of shelves in the corner of the wall, and use them as a storage area for books and several small and light items. Shelves like this will give a minimalist impression of the studio apartment space you live in.

10. Bright Paint

Bright paint colors can give the impression of “away” when viewed so that it can create a bigger and wider impression in the room. On the other hand, a dark paint color will give the impression of “approaching” so that the room will even have a small impression.

Bright colors will also create a cheerful impression, unlike dark colors which give off a gloomy impression. Therefore, choose bright colors to apply to your apartment space. Also, adjust the color you choose with the furniture you have. We recommend choosing bright, neutral colors.

So, those are some items that you should bring when moving to a studio apartment. At a minimum, you need the items above so that the impression of the apartment you live in is still comfortable.


Maximize a Small Room with 7 Bunk Bed Options

Maximize a Small Room with 7 Bunk Bed Options
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Have a bedroom that is not too large but can be used to rest even though the number is more than one person? So the bunk bed is an option to answer that question. The multilevel design makes it take up less space when placed in a small room. The impression of space and relief will be felt even though the room is small in size.

Not only for visiting families, but you can also apply bunk beds to your child’s room. Of course, it’s a bit troublesome to make additional rooms if your house is not too big. Therefore you can get around with bunk beds if you already have more than one child.

Here are tips for choosing a bunk bed

1. Adjust the bunk bed with room conditions

Even though the space used is large or small, you better calculate the floor area and ceiling height of the room first. The height of the bunk bed is also measured so that the upper bunk bed has a distance from the ceiling height. In addition, the floor area is measured so that later you can determine the type of mattress for your bunk bed, whether choosing a single or double mattress type.

2. Adjust the bed with the theme of the room

If you have given this small room a theme, then you can adjust the appearance of the bunk bed to make it look more attractive. For example, the design of this small room has a minimalist theme, then use a bunk bed that has a minimalist design, such as a bunk bed made of wood. The use of color is also very influential so that your room looks more colorful and less monotonous.

3. Choose a bunk bed with the best material

Use a material that is strong and durable considering the human weight is quite heavy. Usually, the material used is wood or iron. For wood, there are two types, namely solid and laminate.

Solid wood which is usually used for bunk beds uses wood such as teak, mahogany, pine, and others. Solid wood has a soft grain and rough knots on the surface of the wood so it can give a warm feeling in the room.

Meanwhile, laminated wood has a slightly lower quality than natural solid wood. However, usually laminated wood is attached to particleboard, a type of rubberwood so that it is not easily warped or damaged. Besides that, laminate wood is very easy to clean.

4. Try to choose a sturdy ladder and bunk beds with protectors

Safety factors must also be considered, such as the side protection frame, as well as the head and toe cap protection frame. This is so that you don’t fall while you are sleeping. Try to choose a height for the frame starting from 25 cm. Also, make sure that the protective frame uses a sturdy material so that it can hold your body.

Do not forget to also pay attention to the stairs leading to the upper bunk bed. Look for a ladder that is not too far apart, with a stable footing and handrail. This is to keep someone who wants to climb the upper bunk from falling.

You can make some of the bunk bed designs below for your limited size room.

1. Bunk bed not parallel to the wardrobe

This multifunctional bunk bed is made not close together. The lower bunk bed is attached to the wardrobe and has a storage drawer underneath. At the top of the wardrobe is made an upper bunk bed which will cover part of the lower bunk bed.

2. Minimalist bunk bed

The design of this bunk bed is quite simple because it uses a wooden frame that has been given white. With decorations and furniture using dark blue colors, the artistic minimalist impression looks so strong in this room. In addition, the impression that makes the eyes comfortable will make you feel at home for a long time in the room.

3. Three Level Bunk Bed

The bunk bed design also looks simple because it uses a wooden frame that has been given a beige color. If the usual bunk bed is made only up to two levels, then this bed is made up to three levels. It is quite high, but it can be applied if the distance between the floor and the ceiling of the house is still adequate.

4. Bunk bed with extra bed

This bed also looks classic but aesthetic because it uses materials from wood that have been painted. Made on two levels, the lower bunk has free space that can be used to put an extra bed. This bed is ready to accommodate 3 people who want to rest.

4. The bed is made to hang

This bedroom design is very simple. Only use a cot (spring box) that is sturdy and attached to the wall. On the wall is given an empty space that is used to put items. Likewise, with the upper level, the only access is the stairs that are used to get to the bed.

5. Bunk bed with elegant minimalist design

This bunk bed has a minimalist design that looks natural yet elegant. This can be seen in the use of wood that has been plastered and uses white paint. This bed looks more classic because it is placed on the floor using wood. The area of ​​each tier is so spacious that this bunk bed looks very high. There is even free space that can be used to put items or decorations. In order not to be monotonous, furniture such as beds or carpets uses a combination of green and blue.

6. Bunk Beds with Hanging Straps

This bunk bed design is suitable for those of you who have an adventurous spirit, like calm nuances, and prioritize aesthetic values. To present the concept of a hanging rope like this, make sure you use a strong rope like a thick rope and don’t forget to also adjust it to the size of the bed. Now to make it look even slicker, you can add a bean bag, hammock, or pillow chair.

7. Monochrome Bunk Beds with Efficient Ladder

One more thing that you need to pay attention to if you want to present a bunk bed, namely pay attention to the shape of the hanging ladder. Because this is quite disturbing for everyone who needs to climb the stairs first to get to the top. Now you can apply the climbing-friendly ladder concept, here. Moreover, blending with the combination of black and white, a la monochrome, that spoils the eyes, is guaranteed to make the atmosphere more comfortable.


12 Room Dividers Ideas for Small and Comfortable Living

12 Room Dividers Ideas for Small and Comfortable Living
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Small dwellings are synonymous with narrow and limited space, so they must be arranged so that they are well divided. You need to know that using walls will only make the room feel even more cramped and stuffy. Well, the best alternative is to use a multi-functional room divider to distribute several rooms. This time, we have 12 room divider ideas that are really useful for beautifying your home.

Various Room Divider Ideas

1. Curtain or Cloth

Curtains or fabrics are the most widely used room divider ideas because they are very simple but still attractive. One of the reasons is because this material is very easy to find and obtain anywhere. Besides that, the fabric curtain material is also easy to install, so you don’t need to spend extra energy.

The use of curtains as a room divider can help you to create a room that is quite private in another room. Another benefit of the curtain is that it can also be used to act as a divider between the bed and the storage area for clothes, the bathroom, or the child’s bed.

2. Folding divider

You may find the curtains or fabric material less conducive to use as a divider. No need to worry, wood material can also be a fairly easy alternative to obtain and even the plus point is that wood has a more attractive and cool appearance. One example is the folding divider.

In addition, you can also adjust the model of this folding divider with the concept of the room in your residence. You can use this folding divider when you need it. So when it’s not in use, you can fold it and save it.

3. Horizontally Arranged Wood Dividers

In addition to folding dividers, there is another room dividing idea using the wood material. Interestingly, you can even make this room divider yourself. The method is simple, you just need to install the wooden blocks horizontally. Apart from functioning as a divider, this idea can also make your room look even more unique and cool.

4. Industrial insulation

Don’t hesitate to apply the concept in your workplace as a room divider idea. If you work at an industrial company or really like industrial-style designs, try this one insulating idea which is guaranteed to give a factory impression to your home.

This industrial divider uses material from iron which can be shaped according to your wishes. For example, you want to arrange them horizontally and vertically, resulting in an iron border with a checkered shape. This idea will make the divider in your living room more clearly visible.

5. Bookshelf

You can also use the furniture in your home as an idea for a room divider! For example, you have a bookshelf, then try to make it as a divider. This idea will also make the boundaries of the two different zones in the room more clearly visible.

The rows of books arranged on this shelf will also give a special impression of your room concept. In addition to bookshelves, you can also use other furniture such as sofas, cabinets, or cabinets that are not too high.

6. Plant Shelf

This one-room dividing idea may sound quite weird and has not been applied too much. But this idea is actually not much different from using a bookshelf, because it is also multifunctional. Where the plant shelf not only functions as it should but is also used for other functions.

To implement this one idea, you can use a room divider like a plant holder which is commonly called a plant shelf. Apart from functioning as a place to arrange plants and as a room divider, this shelf will also give a beautiful, fresh, and natural impression in your home.

7. Insulation from Glass Material

If you are bored with wood or iron material, you can also use glass material to insulate your room. One example is using frosted glass as insulation.

It would be even better if you patent the position of this frosted glass or in other words, it is fixed permanently on the ceiling to the floor so that it does not move.

8. Take advantage of natural materials

You can also use room dividing ideas in the form of natural materials as a divider in your room. Especially if you like anti-mainstream things and all kinds of unique items. If you had time to discuss plant pots for room dividers, there are other natural materials that you can use such as decorative waterfalls, natural stones, and others.

This room divider using natural materials will also give the impression that your room is not stiff and creates a comfortable atmosphere. In addition, this divider can also be a decoration that makes your home more beautiful.

9. Aquarium

Or if you have thought of an ornamental waterfall as a room divider, why not try the aquarium appearance? In fact, you can also use it as an idea for a room divider that is multifunctional and successfully beautifies the room at home.

You can apply the use of an aquarium as a room divider if you want to separate the living room and family room, for example. So whether you are sitting in the living room or in the family room, everyone can enjoy the view of ornamental fish in the aquarium.

10. Paper divider

Who says paper can’t be a room dividing idea? Even materials that are often used as materials for crafts can also be made in such a way as to produce a unique room divider.

An example of a simple idea about a paper-based room divider is paper that is cut into pieces following a certain pattern, for example, a round pattern, then the pattern is connected and glued on the wire. Lastly, you just hang it from the ceiling.

11. Mosquito nets to separate large areas

If there is a large enough space in your small house, a mosquito net can be the right space dividing idea. You can choose open or closed mosquito nets, both are okay. Take advantage of wooden beams on the ceiling to hang the mosquito nets. This appearance is indeed almost similar to the curtain material as a separator, but with this wide fabric, it will increasingly display a natural impression.

12. You can also combine wood and glass as a room divider

Living in a limited space doesn’t mean you can’t present a cool and attractive workspace. You can take a certain space, for example, the living room. Just leave a little area for the workspace in the living room, then separate it using a combined wood and glass divider. That way you will have a living room that is integrated with the workspace at the same time.

Those are some room divider ideas that are suitable for your small residence. Do you have any other ideas?

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Make Your House Cool, Do You Want To Choose Wall Air Conditioning or Portable Air Conditioning?

Make Your House Cool, Do You Want To Choose Wall Air Conditioning or Portable Air Conditioning?
source: thesoothingair

For families who have babies or toddlers, of course, having air conditioning can be a complement to the comfort of the children. Well, on the market today it is easy to find two variants of the popular AC model. Namely, wall air conditioners and portable air conditioners.

Even though they both offer a cool and warm feeling in the room of the house, they are worth considering from a functional side. AC itself stands for Air Conditioner in the room.

Wall air conditioner, as the name implies, is affixed to the surface of the upper wall of the room with a permanent location. Meanwhile, portable AC is generally a type of sitting air conditioner that can be moved as needed.

Before buying an air conditioner that suits your needs, let’s first identify the difference between wall air conditioning and portable air conditioning below.

Characteristics of wall air conditioners

Wall air conditioners are often found in offices, bedrooms, minimarkets, and so on. Many people choose wall air conditioners because they can provide a long-lasting function and cooler airflow throughout the room.

Wall air conditioners also have less noise pollution because of that, suitable if placed on the wall of a child’s bed, baby, toddler, or main room.

Advantages of Wall AC

For more details, let’s explore one by one, the advantages of wall air conditioners are as follows:

1. Minimal Noise Pollution

Wall air conditioners offer smoother, less noisy engine sounds. In fact, the sound of wall air conditioners can be considered as ‘white noise’ which makes babies fall asleep even more.

By using wall air conditioners, the occupants of the room can sleep or rest more quietly and comfortably because there is minimal engine noise pollution.

2. High Durability

When compared between the difference between wall air conditioners and portable air conditioners, it can be seen clearly in terms of functional durability. Wall air conditioners generally last longer, are more durable, and are not complicated in terms of maintenance.

This is because the wall air conditioner is only placed against the wall surface permanently. And only turned on when needed. So that the wall air conditioner will last longer because it has never been moved like a portable air conditioner which is more at risk of being dropped or damaged.

3. Efficient Electricity Consumption

Currently, there are many wall air conditioners that offer features for electric power efficiency. Wall air conditioners use very little electrical power, especially the first time they are turned on.

After the operation runs, and the room temperature begins to stabilize, the electric power will be even more economical. For those of you who are often worried about power surges at home because you use AC, you can rely on wall air conditioners instead of portable air conditioners.

Weakness Wall AC

Apart from their advantages, wall air conditioners also seem to have several drawbacks. Among others:

1. Can only be placed in one location

Placing wall air conditioners, in general, can only be in one particular location permanently and cannot be moved at will. This is why there are some people who sometimes place the wall air conditioner right in the middle of the room so that the cool air temperature can spread throughout the house or office.

2. Difficult Installation and Need Expert Support

When you first buy an air conditioner, you have to spend to install or install wall air conditioning in the room. The reason is, wall air conditioners have a fairly complicated installation process and require special wall air conditioners or experts.

Not to mention, there are several compartments and supporting equipment that must be installed outdoors. In fact, not infrequently, a small hole must be made by dismantling the walls of the house. Well, of course, this will take several days for the wall air conditioner to be used properly

3. Expensive Budget

When compared to portable air conditioners, wall air conditioners do have a higher price. However, it is worth the functionality and long durability it has to offer.

Portable Air Conditioner Characteristics

Are you interested in having a portable air conditioner? From a functional and budget perspective, portable air conditioners might deserve to be your target. Especially, if you want to always feel comfortable and cool in different rooms.

Portable air conditioners can be easily carried or used in any room occupied by residents. Whether it’s in the bedroom, TV room, study room, and so on.

At first glance, a portable air conditioner is like a sitting fan that can be moved as needed.

The advantages of portable air conditioning

As a consideration before buying a portable air conditioner, let’s first consider the advantages of portable air conditioners below.

1. Easy to move and compact in size

As the name implies, portable air conditioners are indeed easier to carry or move with a compact size.

This high flexibility of portable air conditioners makes many people like and choose it for air conditioning.

2. Without installation process

Using a portable AC is very easy. Simply plug it into electricity, and turn it on, portable AC can be used. Almost the same as other household electronic devices. Such as TV, refrigerator, fan, etc.

3. Save budget

With a more compact shape and size, portable air conditioners are certainly lighter in your pocket. Portable AC prices, which are relatively more affordable than wall air conditioners, are an alternative choice if you want your house to be cooler without spending a large budget.

Weaknesses of Portable AC

The following are some of the weaknesses of portable air conditioners that you need to look at.

1. Make a sound

The weakness of portable air conditioners that users often complain about is the sound that is quite loud and noisy. This is generally due to the portable AC compressor that is integrated or build-in with other compartments.

2. High Risk of Damage

Because it is easy to carry and move according to user needs, it is not uncommon for portable air conditioners to break down quickly. Not to mention, when hit, fall, or damage due to other flexible mobility.

3. Wasteful of Electricity Consumption

Anyone who wants to use portable air conditioning must also prepare for an increase in monthly electricity bills. This is because portable AC power consumption tends to be higher, especially when it is first turned on.

In fact, the use of portable air conditioners can reach at least 300 watts during its operation.

Which is ideal, a wall air conditioner or a portable air conditioner?

Basically, no one can determine for sure which is the best of wall air conditioners or portable air conditioners.

Everything depends on the needs and functionality that the user wants. If you want to buy air conditioning that is flexible and cheap, portable air conditioners can be the best choice.

However, if you want to use the air conditioning that lasts for years, wall air conditioners are worth investing in.


Unique & Creative, Minimalist Bookshelf Design Ideas for Modern Living

Unique & Creative, Minimalist Bookshelf Design Ideas for Modern Living
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In the modern era like now, almost every residence applies a minimalist concept. No exception, home furnishing design ideas such as minimalist bookshelves.

The space is very minimalist and limited, making residents of the house must be smart in arranging furniture to organize books to keep them neat. How do you make a minimalist bookshelf look modern and beautiful together in the interior of the room?

Preparing a space that is designed in limited land requires precision in choosing furniture such as the right minimalist bookshelf.

With the selection of the right minimalist bookshelf, it will greatly support the harmony of the space theme in your home.

Even though it seems easy, bringing together the concept of space and minimalist bookshelves can be a challenge! Moreover, if you really prioritize modern and functional concepts and themes.

Therefore, there is no need to waste a lot of time, let’s check the list of interesting ideas for minimalist bookshelves that you can follow for your reading room at home.

1. Bookshelf 4 Levels of Wood Shades

Starting from the list of minimalist bookshelf design ideas, this time there is an elegant and simple four-level bookcase. You can even make your own at home with a few pairs of metal painted black.

Then, pair it with chipboard boards of elegant brown wood tones for a book holder or flower vase.

Not only compact, but this four-level bookcase also looks modern and fits in most narrow spaces.

The shelf used is particle board, while the frame or shelf post is made of sturdy and high-resilient iron.

The bookshelf that is at the very bottom has an X-crossed crossbar structure to strengthen the back and add to the stability of the minimalist bookshelf structure, which is even stronger.

2. Z-Shelf Bookshelf

Furthermore, for those of you who are looking for a minimalist bookshelf but look unique and beautiful, the Z-Shelf Bookshelf can be the ideal choice.

This bookcase is an amazing combination of rectangular shapes that look great together. The entire bookshelf carries the concept of black nuances with subtle, neutral touches and is easy to match with various wall paint colors.

Z-Shelf Bookcase is made of particle board which is durable and environmentally friendly. Each shelf is also quite large, can contain about 5 – 10 books.

In addition, they are easy to remove or reassemble as needed and are very easy to clean.

3. Minimalist modern style

If this one is more towards a modern style with innovations to simplify other furniture at home. Bookshelves that appear to be in the insertion between the storage spaces of these cabinets are pretty much applied nowadays. Because besides being useful, it looks very simple but attractive.

You can make a bookshelf with a layer of wood planks when you start making a cupboard. Leave some space to make a wooden bookcase with a rectangular shape.

Apart from being a wardrobe, this furniture also functions as an attractive room divider. The size is minimalist and elegant to be displayed in the middle of the living room or even in the corner of the dining room.

Shelf boards are made of fiberboard which is stable and strong to withstand heavier loads of books or furniture. At the same time, it is more durable. Then if you want to present even more sophisticated innovations, you can also put a long wooden board under the shelf to make a reading table.

4. Ladder Bookcase

At first glance, this minimalist bookshelf almost resembles a ladder. That is why this bookshelf can be an alternative option if you want to store books vertically and save space in the room.

Crafted with a charming matte black metal frame and wooden shelving.

The shape is made in a simple geometric manner so that it looks cleaner, saves space, and is minimalist. The open design gives the impression of a tidier and more modern look.

The bookshelf’s frame is made of sturdy steel metal, while the planks are made of wood grain which is more durable and of high quality.

At the bottom of the metal frame can be padded to prevent scratches on the floor, walls, or at the end of the bookshelf itself.

Another advantage of this ladder-shaped bookcase is that it is compact, and can save space. Suitable for use in a narrow room or even attached directly to the wall.

5. Industrial Bookshelves

Especially for a room that is really narrow and limited, this minimalist industrial-style bookcase will certainly be ideal.

Designed with a simple industrial concept, this bookshelf is perfect for a minimalist home.

Combined with elements of wooden planks, and metal hoops. In terms of construction, the wooden planks are made of fiberboard, wood grain PVC and the frame is made of steel which makes it very durable and strong.

6. Bookshelf As Well As A Lounge

This minimalist bookshelf idea definitely plays a big role in decorating a relaxing room in your home. The reason is, this concept does not only present a bookshelf, but also a place to sit where you can read a book while relaxing.

This bookcase also has a variety of unique shapes, plus a shape that adapts to a comfortable sitting position while relaxing. Don’t forget to put a cushion or pillow to make the sitting position more comfortable.

7. Minimalist Wall Shelf Neatly Arranged

Especially for those of you who have small rooms such as apartments, flats, or minimalist rented houses, this bookcase is perfect for beautifying your room.

The reason is, you can stick it on the wall surface. In addition, this wall shelf can also be designed according to your needs and preferences.

For those of you who like a minimalist look, you can apply a separate box-shaped bookshelf with a neat arrangement. Try to present a bookshelf made of wood so that the minimalist concept is even stronger. The wood color that is created will make a small room look sweeter.

In addition to putting books, you can still place ornamental plants to enhance the interior atmosphere of the room.

Each shelf is made of durable wood and can hold objects weighing up to 20 kg. However, it is best if you only display books as needed between 5 – 7 books so that this wall shelf is more durable.

8. Create the area under the stairs to become a bookshelf 

It is a common problem, where the area under the household is only used as storage space for unused items and is just ignored. Even though you can, conjure this area into an eye-catching minimalist bookshelf. As a result, your room is far from being stuffy and empty.

Interestingly, you don’t need to add more furniture to become a bookshelf. The minimalist concept by saving space, you should pay attention to so that occupancy is more comfortable.

The conclusion

Combining the concept of furniture with the room is indeed not easy and often becomes a challenge. However, with the concept of the right mix of minimalist bookshelves, now you can harmonize the interior atmosphere of a small room so that it looks spacious and neat.

Hopefully, some of the minimalist bookshelf design ideas above can help you find the best bookshelf. Happy hunting!

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Tips for Maximizing Minimalist Garage Design

Tips for Maximizing Minimalist Garage Design
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A vehicle parking space or garage has now become a necessity in every home. Not a few housing in urban areas require home owners to have a garage in order to create a safe and nice environment.

The reason is that some people park their vehicles on the side of the road, thus disturbing the traffic of other road users. Shouldn’t it be that every resident of the housing obeys and respects each other’s rights?

In addition to disturbing road users, parking a vehicle on the side of the road also tends to be at risk of criminal activity. There have been many cases of vehicle theft and vehicle accessories that have occurred, due to parking carelessly or not in the garage.

Well, if you have a minimalist type of house, it is sometimes difficult to build a minimalist garage design. However, you don’t need to worry, here are some suggestions regarding minimalist garage designs that you can read for inspiration.

Tips for applying a minimalist garage design

1. Using a Galvalum Canopy

Having a minimalist home concept in urban areas requires you to be more creative in maximizing narrow land.

No need to bother building or renovating new room and room schemes. Because, you can use the yard or yard in front of the house for parking.

At least, the vehicle has entered the property area and does not take up the shoulder of a residential public road.

You can use a shade or canopy made of galvalum material. Currently, galvalum material is already very much on the market. Galvalum material has many advantages, including light, strong, weather resistant, durable and relatively affordable price than wood.

In fact, the installation of a galvalum canopy is also not too long, in a matter of days. So, you can make your dream minimalist garage design come true in no time.

2. Semi Open Minimalist Garage Design

Furthermore, a minimalist garage design that you can apply is without doors or semi-open.

On the side and back you can place a bulkhead to protect the car from all three sides. However, there is no need for a rolling door at the front or entrance.

That way, you can be faster and more practical when you get your car out of the garage or when you park it again.

To make it look more modern, you can paint the dividers on the three sides of the garage in neutral colors such as black, white, or use a wall decorated with natural stone.

3. Aligning the contours of the land

If you have a residence located on contoured or terraced land, you can try this minimalist garage design.

In order for the garage to remain functional, as much as possible try to keep the design in harmony with the overall concept of the house.

For example, by combining some of the same elements with the exterior of the house. Either that, adding elements of wood, iron, and concrete.

4. Minimalist Garage Design Using A Wooden Fence

Adding a wooden fence element to a minimalist garage design will make the garage look more elegant and ethnic.

Wooden garage fences can be folded or sliding models as needed. Also mix with shades of color to match the front facade of the house. Thus, the environment becomes more unified.

5. Wearing Glass Sticker / Sandblast

Sandblast glass or glass stickers are generally used to block interior views so that the effect looks opaque.

Of course, for the safety of the vehicle garage, the sandblast glass effect will be of great help. In addition, in terms of aesthetics it also supports the minimalist garage design concept.

You can choose a layer of glass sticker or sandblast glass because it is relatively more impact resistant and easy to maintain or clean.

6. Basement Garage

Don’t have the land to make your garage for several of your vehicles at once? Why not make it underground?

Yes, currently limited land in a minimalist residence makes many people rack their brains so that they can still fulfill their lifestyle. Especially, for those who have high mobility and want to secure their vehicle in the garage.

The garage in the basement is very safe, you can use the automatic upward sliding door design so that whenever the vehicle accesses and enters, the door will open and close automatically.

7. Installing the Cabinet in the Garage

Another tip for maximizing a minimalist garage design is to keep all items neat and organized. You can build a cabinet to store various automotive equipment or concurrently double storage.

This cupboard or cabinet can be affixed to the wall up to the edge of the ceiling. So that every inch of a minimalist garage design can be used to store items to make them more organized.

8. Hanging Items on the Wall

Garage walls can also be a great idea to maximize a minimalist garage design. You can hang items on the wall with hooks or holders, nails, and so on. This will make your garage appear tidier and more concise.

9. Magnetic board

If you are the type of person who often forgets to put small items such as nuts, bolts, nails, etc. So, the magnetic board will greatly simplify your repair business.

When repairing a vehicle or maybe working on something in the garage, all you have to do is attach a nut, bolt or nail to the magnetic board. You can also use magnetic boards to organize small items that are easily lost in the garage.

10. Installing open wooden shelves

Sometimes the garage is not only used to secure vehicles. Rather, it doubles as a warehouse or storage area for temporarily unused tools or items.

One idea to make the most of a minimalist garage design is to install open walled shelves with wooden strips. You can also place various items in large containers or large plastic containers that can be moved easily.

8. Attach the pegboard and hooks

Always use minimalist garage wall space to maximize space. You should know that relying on the floor to put objects or tools in the garage will make it look messy, full and chaotic.

So, save the automotive tools in the pegboard place so that the minimalist garage design looks spacious and neat.

9. Tie and store the cable in a special place

You can roll the unused cables and place them in a special container. Place this cord in a location that is not easily accessible to children. Because you have cables lying on the floor of the garage, it will make the garage look cluttered and possibly endanger your safety by tripping or scratching it.

Don’t hesitate to use your creativity so that a minimalist garage design can save space while adjusting your personal taste.

Apart from following the tips above, try experimenting with other ‘ out of the box ‘ ideas .

Think of other ways or things you can do to maximize the minimalist garage design while still appearing in harmony and blending with the overall concept of the house.

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No Need To Remodeling, Just Use This 11 Tips to Expand Your Apartment!

No Need To Remodeling, Just Use This 11 Tips to Expand Your Apartment!
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In big cities, studio-type apartments are still the main choice. Not only affordable for those who have just barely enough money, but this type of apartment is also suitable for those of you who live alone. However, some problems arise when you have to divide the limited space for all your activities at home. With this limited space, you need to be smart in dealing with the rest of the space, such as applying tips on expanding the apartment that fits your unit’s space.

The reason is, not all residents are able to organize the room properly. As a result, the apartment is stuffy and uncomfortable to live in. Luckily, you can apply the following 11 tips to expand the version of the apartment.

Tips for Expanding Apartments

Some of the actions you can take start from zoning, giving boundaries, applying the right wall paint to disposing of unused items.

1. Make a zoning plan area or division of the room

Before dismantling the studio apartment room, make a clear first plan. Do the division of the room or zoning areas, which ones are for resting places and which ones are for relaxing.

The zoning Area should be made simple and not too much space. You can also combine two room functions into one, for example, the kitchen and dining room or living room and TV room.

2. Determine the choice of massive room divider or open space

After planning the zoning area, decide on the type of apartment if you want to make a massive barrier or have an open space style. If possible, it is better to make an open space because it will look wider without a massive barrier in the form of a wall.

Or you can also use massive walls but not full to the ceiling, so they don’t seem closed, full and narrow. There are many choices of room divider ideas.

3. Selection of wall paint colors

Even though color and size are different things, in fact, the choice of wall paint color really influences the impression of the room and even the psychology of the occupants. And of course, the choice of paint is included in the tips for expanding the apartment that you must pay attention to.

The wall paint should be bright in color to give it a clean and spacious impression, like a combination of white and cream. While dark colors are recommended for the use of only one or two sides of the wall.

4. Application of Colors and Materials to Ceiling and Ceramics

In addition to walls, ceilings also give influence and impression on the room, it’s better to use bright colors. Bright colors will give the impression of being spacious, clean, and comfortable. Then, the color and floor material are also important to pay attention to.

Use materials that are not easily dirty and colors that are not too dark. For example, white ceramics or other bright and plain colors, ceramics with lively motifs can be placed in one corner or a certain room.

Or you can also use wooden floors, which are more comfortable and easy to clean.

5. Selection of simple and functional furniture

We recommend that you avoid using too much furniture because it will give the impression of being crowded and the room looks cramped. Choose furniture that is simple, flat, and doesn’t have too many carvings so it doesn’t seem heavy.

In addition, pay attention also in terms of function, use multifunctional furniture. The choice of furniture color is also very important, white and brown domination colors will give a clean impression and when placed in the room will not damage the spacious impression of the room.

6. Multipurpose shelf will be very helpful

This is what is needed most in every home. There is no end to the goods, especially when it comes to booking collections, photo albums, and so on.

If you have collectibles, it’s better to take advantage of one corner of the room for multipurpose shelves. Make a shelf that can be filled with lots of items, don’t use small racks because later you will definitely need additional shelves.

Just make a large shelf or one that has many floors but in one corner of the room. So it won’t disturb other areas.

7. Adjust the position of the furniture in the corner of the room

The position or location of the furniture can also have an influence on the impression of the size or space of the room. Tips for expanding the apartment are to place furniture towards the corner of the room so that in the middle of the room it looks empty and spacious.

For example, a sofa is placed against the corner of the room, then the TV is attached to the wall next to it.

8. Take advantage of the magic storage idea

The magic storage idea can be done by everyone, think if there is any unused space and start using it as storage. For example, like a bedroom that has under the bed.

So far, there is no use under the bed, but it can be used to store items that are not used very often.

9. Use of a large or wide mirror

One of the most powerful apartments expansion tips to give the room a broad impression is to use a large or wide mirror.

Just one mirror has a big effect. Place it on one side of the apartment wall, either in a vertical or horizontal position. The mirror will reflect the room so that it looks wider.

10. Use a basket/bucket instead of hanging clothes

Hanging clothes usually cannot be avoided, because often they will still be reused. Like a jacket, which is impossible to wear directly into the laundry.

But you can use a basket or a basket as a place to store clothes or jackets that you want to wear again. So it looks neater than hanging in a corner or behind a door

11. Discard or Donate Unused Items

If the items in the apartment start to get a lot and full, it’s better to sort out the unused items and donate them. Besides making the room look wider, this also trains the social mentality to always care for others

Those are 11 tips for expanding an apartment that of course, you can apply without major renovations. Don’t forget to pay attention to the cleanliness of the room so that it is comfortable to live in.


Want to Create a Modern Minimalist Home Fence? Here Are 12 Best-Fit Materials

Want to Create a Modern Minimalist Home Fence? Here Are 12 Best-Fit Materials
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Making material planning for home design is indeed not an easy thing, including fencing matters. Even though the residential concept you choose is modern minimalist, that doesn’t mean you only focus on the function side. You should also pay attention to materials for a modern minimalist home fence.

The exterior appearance of the fence can be a reflection of the house building in it. And that, it’s good if you determine in advance what type of material you will use for your home fence. Here are the best choices:

1. Galvanized Hollow Iron

This type of iron is the most widely used material for modern minimalist home fences. Apart from being relatively cheap, galvanized hollow iron is also anti-rust, so its durability is guaranteed. Even though the appearance is no different from ordinary iron.

Since the material is commonplace, galvanized hollow iron fences can be combined with any minimalist home style. Especially dwellings on a narrow land, where the fence is directly connected to the garage.

2. Carved Iron

Who would have thought that you could conjure up a minimalist home to make it look more luxurious and elegant? The alternative is to design the fence in such a way and also choose the right material. For example, by using carved iron.

You can try iron with various types of patterns such as flowers and abstracts. It would be great if your fence has a towering height, although not too wide.

3. The wall

Don’t believe the walls always seem stiff. As long as you are able to turn it more alive, walls can also be attractive fences for your minimal home. Don’t forget to combine it with wood or iron material.

As with iron, wall material is actually also suitable for any minimalist home style. The land used doesn’t have to be a lot, depending on how you outsmart it.

4. Ironwood

If you have a house that tends to be closed in front of it either because of a large yard or indeed you apply such a concept, ironwood can be a suitable material for fences.

Not only that, a house that carries a modern minimalist concept with a classic touch is also suitable. You can combine ironwood with an iron frame, for example, to emphasize its modern minimalist impression.

5. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most attractive modern minimalist home fence materials to use. There are lots of fence models with bamboo material that you can apply at home.

You can install it vertically or horizontally. The touch of green plants outside the fence or inside will further emphasize the natural impression of your home.

6. Natural Stone

The next material that you can choose to become a fence is natural stone. This one option is a bit different from other types of fences, but trust me that natural stone will make your fence look more attractive.

This fence with natural stone material is suitable for minimalist homes that apply the concept of geometry. This means that the impression of building spaces such as boxes and cubes is emphasized more in the house. The more perfect if the house has a masculine ‘face’.

7. Bricks

Bricks can also be a unique and eye-catching idea as a fence material. If you have a large yard, this idea can be a good alternative. Your home will look more beautiful with a modern and natural touch.

You need to know that a brick fence should be applied to houses that have large yards. The reason is you still have to combine it with other ingredients. In addition, maintenance must also be monitored so that moss is not overgrown.

8. Synthetic Wood

Your house yard is not very wide, so you are busy thinking about a suitable fence? Take it easy, you can try a fence made of synthetic wood which is a mixture of fiber and natural fibers.

The advantage of this modern minimalist home fence from this material is its solid texture, making it difficult to weather. It will be more harmonious if your residence is symmetrical and looks plain.

9. Teakwood

Teak wood is still in a good position to be used as a fence. You can arrange them horizontally to make them look neater. The touch of the surrounding trees will also reinforce the natural impression of your home.

You don’t have to have a yard with various types of plants to use a teak fence. Any style home looks good with this one material. especially if your dwelling doesn’t have a lot of ventilation, then this material will make it fresher.

10. Ceramics

Using ceramic materials for the house fence will not look excessive as long as you can arrange it properly and carefully. Usually, the house that matches this one fence is a really simple house, so it looks more masculine.

Especially if the color concept used is basic colors such as black and white. Surely the appearance of your modern minimalist home fence will impress.

11. Plastic Fiber

The use of fiber plastic as a fence material is a wise alternative for those of you who live in suburban areas. This material can help to prevent various animals or dust from entering your home freely.

This fence design is more suitable if your house has two floors with the height of the fence that rises slightly upwards.

12. Mirabeau wood

You must know that Mirabeau wood is one type of wood that is waterproof, so it is suitable as a fence material. Like other wooden fences, this type of wood should also be paired with a house that carries a natural concept. So the interior of the house is indeed dominated by wood, green plants, or water.

Choosing a modern minimalist home fence material will never be separated from several points. Whether it’s a concept or an available budget. So, adjusting it to your taste and budget is one of the solutions that you must consider.